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Winter Raymond mill installation and maintenance

In the cold winter, the installation of the large raymond mill takes a little longer than in the summer, because it takes a while to complete the solidification of the cement after the foundation is finished.
Winter Raymond mill maintenance matters:
1. First, the winter grinding roller assembly and other parts of the fuel should be replaced with winter special butter, so that the butter is not easy to freeze in the cold winter.
2. Secondly, it can be preheated for 5 minutes when starting up, and then started to feed. Turn on the analyzer first when you turn it on, then turn on the fan and finally turn on the host.
3, in the winter wind is relatively large, the outdoor dust-proof cloth bag of Raymond mill must be tight, do not loose, the bag is beaten once a day, keep breathable. The bag is airtight and the Raymond mill has no production. Raymond grinding uses the principle of hanging roller rolling and air separation to smash the material, so the use of wind is very important. The law of nature is that the heat rises and contracts. At this time, the screws of the Raymond mill can be tightened again. The flange of the flange must check whether the seal is qualified or not, and ensure that there is no leakage.
In addition, some users will ask that the output of Raymond mill will be higher than usual. Is it the principle of heat expansion and contraction, and the material in winter is more brittle and easier to process?
Some materials are easier to process in winter than in summer, so the output will be high, and the yield is not obvious for most materials. Winter Raymond mill boot maintenance has more attention than the summer, especially the Raymond mill in the outdoor processing materials users should pay attention to the maintenance of Raymond mill, butter is best used in winter, the general butter winter is not Easy to get in, the roller assembly will wear more.

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