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Why is the actual output of the mill not reaching the expected output?

Regarding the problem of the difference between the actual output of the mill and the expected output, some customers have raised questions with our factory. In this regard, the professional grinding experts in our factory have carried out reasonable analysis and improvement of various factors. The following SBM Heavy Industry will analyze the reasons for the gap between the two.
First, the impact of the nature of the material on it, the nature of the processed material has a direct impact on the output of mill. If the hardness of the material is too large, the grinding machine will increase the rolling pressure on the grinding ring in order to carry out sufficient grinding. However, the loss of the equipment will also increase, so that the actual production is too low, in one material If the humidity is too large, the material that is ground during the grinding process will stick to the equipment, causing the discharge port to clog, resulting in a decrease in production.
Secondly, the ventilation quality of the mill will also affect its production efficiency. In the actual production, when the ventilation volume can not meet the production needs, then the production will cause the ground material to be sent out of the mill in time. Repeated grinding is caused and the subsequent material cannot be sufficiently ground.
The objective factors for the error between the actual output and the expected output of the mill are beyond our control, but we will continue to study to find out the main reasons to improve the yield and the error in production. I hope that our customers will understand.
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