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What are the reasons for the ultra-fine air duct clogging?

In the past few years, because the market demand continues to improve, milling industry continues to develop, so the requirements of the milling machine is also getting higher and higher. Mill manufacturers in order to meet the development needs of the industry, its performance has been improved, and every two innovations and improvements are the majority of users recognized and praised. Which is particularly evident in the performance of ultrafine mill, in the milling industry, much user praise. When the user correctly and rationally use it for grinding operations, in the two different use of time, almost no failure, by the user’s trust.
In the grinding machine on the grinding of materials production operations, because the feed is a massive material, the material is powder material, so often there may be two failures. Perhaps these problems are very slight, but not timely use the right way to solve, it may produce a larger or more complex issues. So it is necessary to promptly solve any large or small problems that occur in the production process. Which is the air duct of the two problems is not big, but the consequences are very serious, the following two of us to see what causes the milling equipment to transport the finished product of the air duct obstruction of the two cases, and for these reasons , There is no reasonable precautionary measures, and a more important solution. Here we choose ultra-fine grinding as an example to elaborate, so that you have two specific impressions and solutions, hoping to read this article, you have some help.
When the use of ultrafine mill of the bulk material for grinding, the bulk material through the grinding roller and grinding ring crushing and grinding, will become a powder material. And then through the fan for powder selection, selected powder material will enter the transmission pipeline, and then compare the discharge from the discharge port. The phenomenon of clogging mentioned here is that the fan duct is clogged, and the consequence is that the wind force becomes smaller and the efficiency of the powder is seriously reduced. If the equipment is continuously fed, the equipment will be burdened with a large load, and then the overload , Resulting in downtime, or damage to the machine or other auxiliary equipment, such as electric control cabinet, although the problem is not big, but the consequences are still quite serious.

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