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What are the cleaning methods for Raymond mill components?

In the production process of raymond mill, its regular cleaning is an important part of maintenance. Reasonable cleaning can improve the use time of accessories, thus reducing wear and improving equipment production efficiency. However, the cleaning methods, methods and methods of equipment are very important. So, what are the cleaning methods for Raymond mill components?
First of all, before cleaning the parts, you need to know the individual parts, the type of parts, and which cleaning method to use, and pay attention to clean the general parts. At the same time, the cleaning requirements of precision parts are high. Pay attention to the way and strength of cleaning, and use soft and suitable tools to avoid damage during the cleaning process.
Secondly, the choice of detergent should be anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. The cleaning agent should not contain any corrosiveness. Before cleaning, it is necessary to consider the material of the parts, select the appropriate cleaning products, and carry out corresponding anti-corrosion measures for the cleaned parts. . Raymond mill accessories are made of steel. In a humid environment, it is prone to oxidative reaction and rust. Therefore, the cleaned parts need to be dried.
Once again, when cleaning the parts, the raymond mill should pay attention to light handling, avoid collision and scratches in the finishing, and order the same type of parts. This discharge can reduce the ease of installation in the later stage. At the same time, special tools need to be cleaned up with special tools.
Then, during the cleaning process, it is important to pay attention to the personal safety of the operators and the protective measures. The premise of cleaning is to protect the physical and mental problems of the personnel, and to properly treat the cleaned wastewater and waste to avoid the surrounding environment. Make an impact.

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