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Ultrafine mill switch machine order

On the whole, the Ultrafine mill of the boot sequence: hoist - crusher - analysis machine - fan - host - feeder;
The shutdown sequence is: Feeder - Host - Blower - Analyzer. However, in the process, some knowledge or attention.
Pre-boot preparation:
Before starting the Ultrafine mill, check that all access doors are closed tightly, adjust the steering of the fan and the spindle, and the exhaust valve should be in full open position. After starting the host, should immediately add (should first add small particles, plus the normal material expected material) and then open the air volume of the valve, to ensure that the feed port is not outside the premise of dust should be closed small exhaust valve. Then adjust the finished fineness. With jaw and hoist series should be checked before the crusher jaw plate gap is consistent with the size of the feed size, adjust the analyzer speed should be similar to the finished product size requirements.
In the operation of Ultrafine mill should pay attention to the matter:
Ultrafine mill in the normal work are not allowed to refuel, to ensure the safety of production, Ultrafine mill in any part of the abnormal noise, or sudden increase in load should immediately stop inspection, troubleshooting, in order to avoid major accidents. And then continue to boot when the mill must be removed more than material, not just when the current is too large, the impact of start. In addition, the hoist transport material to the silo must be, first stop the crusher and then stop lifting, this should be the amount of storage and change.

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