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Only the realization of energy saving and consumption reduction is the right way out


“Energy saving, consumption reduction” has become a global focus and hot topic, for this reason, all walks of life are constantly toward in the direction of environmental protection, as a highly corrupt flour enterprises, one way to avoid being eliminated by times change, it is necessary to pursuing new and change, therefore, in the expanded use of Raymond mill also want to the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection, in order to save energy and reduce pollution as the goal, only this is raymond mill pulverizing equipment such as the right way.
As a leading enterprise in the industry of pulverizing machines, Shanghai SBM has set an example by stepping up research and development in terms of energy saving and environmental protection of the equipment of ramon pulverizing machines, and constantly improving the performance characteristics of the equipment to make it more efficient, environmental protection and low consumption. Shanghai SBM Raymond mill is how to achieve energy saving and low consumption, the detailed approach is as follows:
1, choose the appropriate power of the motor
The power consumption in the process of ramon mill is mainly caused by the motor, so choosing the right power is more conducive to the realization of energy saving work of ramon mill.
2. Select suitable materials for grinding
Raymond mill work treatment is also a certain requirements of the mill, the (material requirements: mohs hardness is less than 9.3 on the Richter scale, humidity below 6% of inflammable and explosive ore material), so the user selects the Raymond mill processing material, must strictly observe the material moisture, viscosity, etc., so as to avoid the equipment in the process of grinding energy consumption too fast, save energy loss.
3. Use auxiliary dust collecting equipment
Good airframe seal design, coupled with the addition of additional auxiliary dust collection equipment, effective dust removal can reach 99.9% above, and then can well assist the Raymond mill to achieve green production.
In a word, in this new situation, the new era, energy-saving green has been the only way to the future development of powder industry, Shanghai shandao heavy industry will invest more energy, financial resources, to bring quality, efficient, energy-saving powder equipment for the majority of users.

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How much is the vertical grinding equipment for processing talc


Talcum powder is a basic raw material with a large amount in fragrant powder. It spreads evenly, has good smoothness, and has a certain gloss. The talc powder suitable for fragrant powder must be white, odorless, and have a soft and smooth feel, and its fineness must be at least *% to pass through the sieve mesh of *** mesh, the finer the better. Talc has excellent physical and chemical properties such as lubricity, anti-adhesion, flow aid, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulation, high melting point, chemical inertness, good hiding power, softness, good gloss, strong adsorption, etc. Its crystal structure is layered, so it has the tendency to easily split into scales and special lubricity. If the content of ** is high, its insulation will be reduced. Talc is soft, with a Mohs hardness coefficient of ** and a slippery feel. The {001} cleavage is very complete, and it is easy to crack into thin slices. The natural rest angle is small (* ° ~ * °), extremely unstable, and surrounding rocks It is silicified and talcized magnesite, magnesite, lean ore, or dolomite marble. Except for a few moderately stable, it is generally unstable. Joints and cracks develop. The physical and mechanical properties of ore and surrounding rock affect the mining process Is great.
How much is the vertical roller mill equipment for processing talc powder and how much is a set of talc powder processing equipment? With the continuous promotion of the needs in the industrial field, the performance of vertical mill grinding equipment has been significantly changed, making talc powder, limestone powder, etc. The scope of application of minerals has also been greatly expanded. The application of talc in industry and other fields generally appears in a powder state, that is, talc. Therefore, in the selection of talc processing equipment, the vertical mill Choice is crucial. Nowadays, the domestic mining machinery mill industry has gone through an extensive development stage relying on the advantages of cheap labor and sacrificing the environment. It has gradually become an international low-carbon economic development trend, the rapid development of the industrial milling equipment industry market, and the country. Increased requirements for resource utilization, energy saving, environmental protection, and consumption reduction, and high-tech industrial milling equipment will usher in opportunities for development.
As a manufacturer specializing in the production of mills, SBM Heavy Machinery has always been guided by customer needs and provides users with professional and reliable industrial milling equipment. SBM heavy-duty vertical mill mill products have been tested by the market and enjoy a high reputation among users. The products have uniform fineness of finished products, high sieving rate, low loss of wearing parts, large output, environmental protection and no pollution. Advantages can meet the different needs of the milling industry.

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What problems do Raymond mills easily encounter in the early stage?


After the user purchases the raymond mill, it needs a period of wear and tear after the installation is successful. During this period, the various parts of the equipment are more coordinated, and during this period of debugging, some problems can be found and solved in time to ensure the equipment Work went smoothly. So what problems do Raymond mills easily encounter in the early stage?
First of all, because of the newly processed parts of the Raymond mill, there are deviations in geometry and fit dimensions. When initially used, they are affected by loads such as shock and vibration, as well as heat and deformation, and the wear of equipment components Quickly, loosen the original fastened parts.
Secondly, due to factors such as processing, assembling and adjusting of Raymond mill parts, the friction surface is relatively rough, the contact area of ​​the mating surface is small, and the pressure condition of the surface is uneven. Therefore, it is easy to cause component wear during the running-in period, resulting in faster component wear.
Thirdly, due to the looseness of the components of the Raymond mill, the vibration and the heating of the equipment, the sealing surface of the equipment and the pipe joints will leak.
Then, because the new users did not know enough about the internal structure and performance of the Raymond mill, it caused operational errors during the production process and caused failures, and in some cases, the equipment was scrapped.
Finally, the above is about some problems encountered in the initial use of Raymond mill. Shanghai SBM Co., Ltd. has been specializing in Raymond mill for many years. Its equipment models are all affordable, good quality, and are welcomed by the customers around. At the same time, if the user encounters a problem that cannot be solved by himself during the production process, he can ask professional personnel to solve it, and not blindly deal with it.

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SBM heavy machine: better moisture range for vertical mill feed


How to determine the optimal water content range of the vertical roller mill feed is an important measure to improve the grinding efficiency, and its range depends on the following factors:
1. When the fluidity of the material is good, the moisture content of the material can be appropriately increased. After adding fly ash, with the increase of fluidity, the requirement of slag moisture content can be slightly expanded.
2. When the material is stored for too long, even if the water content is the same, the viscosity of the grinding paste is high. Some ten-year-old tailings ponds will grind paste, even if the water reaches 0.8% paste
3. The smaller the caster opening in the seal diaphragm section of the vertical mill, the easier it is to block, and the water content of the material is appropriately increased by increasing the caster opening
4. The vertical mill has large air volume, high wind speed, high internal temperature of the mill, and the moisture content of the material can be increased accordingly.
In short, the enterprise should find a good humidity range and control it within the range according to the slag vertical mill type, material, and grinding process.

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Who is fighting with the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding and ultra-fine grinding machine?


In recent years, with the development of science and technology, China’s ultra-fine powder technology has not been the same, and non-mineral resources are increasingly entering all walks of life, three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding, ultrafine mill machine and other super The emergence of fine powder processing equipment has brought a major change to the mining machinery industry and promoted the development of ultra-fine powder processing technology in China.
For the customers, they are confused about the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding and ultra-fine grinding machine. The main thing is to listen to the manufacturer’s explanations to understand the processing materials, technology and other information of the equipment. So is the processing of ore material in the end three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding or ultra-fine grinding machine more suitable?
According to the development of SBM’s mining machinery manufacturing for decades, as a high-performance equipment manufacturer, each product has been widely used in many industries, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, mining, pigments and other industries. In fact, whether it is a three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding or ultra-fine grinding machine, its development determines the rational development and comprehensive utilization of non-metallic minerals to a certain extent.
Faced with the fierce competition in the mining machinery industry, SBM has organized a professional technical team to deduce the grinding equipment processing technology and its improvement in the requirements of the general ultra-fine powder, especially in the country to encourage and support the independent development of China’s mining industry. Not only the raw materials, production process and technology content of the milling equipment have been greatly improved. Moreover, SBM independently developed a new type of three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding and ultra-fine grinding equipment.
In the future research and development of grinding equipment, SBM will adopt a new second-order staggered three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding. The relative number of the fifth-stage grinding rolls in the upper layer is small, which is beneficial to the large-grain material entering the grinding ring passage, and the quality of the grinding roller is relatively large. The centrifugal force generated by the grinding roller is large, the main working principle is impact crushing, suitable for coarse breaking; the lower order has an average distribution of 10 grinding rolls, and the relative number of grinding rolls is relatively large, which can appropriately increase the grinding probability of small particles and increase the yield. The volume and quality of the grinding roller are relatively small, mainly used for rolling and grinding, which is suitable for fine breaking. Look forward to our new products coming out fresh.

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Wide application of steel slag treated by steel slag


Since there are so many steel slag formations in the industry, how do you deal with these steel slags? Vertical mill processing steel slag as an excellent production process, what is the value of vertical grinding and grinding steel slag? Steel slag vertical roller mill drives the grinding disc through the reducer The material falls from the feed port to the center of the grinding disc through the feeder, and the hot air enters the mill from the air inlet. As the grinding disc rotates, the material moves to the edge of the grinding disc under the action of centrifugal force. When it passes through the annular groove on the grinding disc, it is crushed by the grinding roller and crushed. After the crushing, the material is brought up by the high-speed airflow of the wind ring at the edge of the grinding disc, and the large particles fall directly to the grinding disc. After re-grinding, when the material in the airflow passes through the upper classifier, under the action of the rotating rotor, the coarse powder falls from the cone to the grinding disc and is re-grinded. The qualified fine powder is ground together with the airflow and collected by the dust collecting device. The product, containing moisture, is dried during contact with the hot gas stream, and can meet the requirements of different humidity materials by adjusting the hot air temperature. By adjusting the classifier, the thickness required for different products can be achieved.
1. Steel slag is used in cement production. Steel slag is a material containing silicate and iron aluminate mineral phase calcined at high temperature. It has similar chemical composition to cement clinker and has hydraulic activity, so it has gelling properties. Waste slag should partially replace or completely replace Portland cement, which is expensive to manufacture and expensive. China’s research on steel slag cement is at the international leading level. The steel slag cements currently produced mainly include steel slag slag cement, steel slag slag Portland cement, steel slag zeolite cement and steel slag ordinary cement. The production of steel slag cement generally follows the following process:
2. The physical and mechanical properties of steel slag used in road engineering steel slag depends on the treatment process. Generally, the steel slag with slow cooling treatment has large specific gravity, high hardness, anti-wear and low water absorption. It is a good aggregate for road construction and is stored for one year. The above steel slag, due to partial decomposition, the grading of the mixed steel slag is close to the asphalt concrete aggregate grading requirements. The mixed steel slag is directly used as the asphalt concrete aggregate, and the batching operation is convenient and simple. The steel slag is used as a road foundation, and not only can the steel slag be used in a large amount, but also a large amount of ground steel slag can be saved.
3. Steel slag is used in agricultural steel slag containing a large amount of calcium oxide and magnesium oxide, which can be used to improve acidic soil. Other trace elements can also increase the yield of crops. Especially if the content of P205 is above 5%, it can be used as phosphate fertilizer. There is no exact and scientific conclusion on the application research of steel slag in agriculture. The experimental research on soil type and crop species representative surface is not enough, especially the effect of steel slag fertilizer on soil structure after large application, and the trace element in steel slag Fruit transfer, fertilizer aftereffect and adaptability to soil also require long-term experimental observation, and experience is accumulated to promote the application according to local conditions.
Steel slag is used as smelting flux converter slag and flat furnace slag with high calcium oxide content. It also contains manganese oxide and iron oxide. It can not only replace limestone, but also recover useful metals. For example, steel slag is used as solvent for sintering. Steel slag has vertical grinding. The following advantages:
A. It can improve the gas transport property of the material layer, accelerate the vertical sintering speed, and achieve the purpose of strengthening sintering;
B. It can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase reduction rate, and reduce weathering rate:
C. Reduce the cost of sintering. Practice has proved that steel slag is good for smelting flux and will not affect the quality of sinter and pig iron.

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How to solve the problem of deoxidation during stainless steel casting?


1. In the Stainless steel casting smelting reduction stage, firstly manganese (electrolytic manganese sheet 99.7, national standard) and DNA ferrosilicon, the early DNA can reach 65% - 80% of the oxygen in most molten steel.
2. For those stubborn oxygen, the initial deoxygenation process is already weak, and the temperature and deoxidation capacity determine that the initial deoxidizer has completed the task. So who will kill the remaining oxygen?
The answer is: the final deoxygenation process! The final deoxidizer is generally a composite deoxidizer with two or more components. A lot of practice shows that when the composite deoxidizer contains various elements in molten steel, not only the operation and responsibility, but also The important thing is that they are also crowded, rather than single-handedly, which can significantly improve the deoxidation efficiency itself. Therefore, the composite deoxidizer product is designed, how to think about 1 + 1 = 3 is a very important design element, composite deoxidizer, and of course There are other important indicators that seem insignificant but are essential. For example, the theory of aluminum deoxidation is particularly good, but the problem is that aluminum has a small proportion of severe combustion losses, what should we do? Now we know that the maximum deoxidation efficiency can be achieved by adding bulk aluminum in a large container, in a caisson Aluminum is added and a feed wire is added to the aluminum wire. The deoxidizing capacity of aluminum itself is undisputed, and the insertion of liquid steel bottom becomes a key issue. Of course, aluminum deoxidation of Stainless steel casting will also bring alumina insoluble particles. In addition, the deoxidation aging time of aluminum is very short, so stainless steel is highly decontaminated with aluminum during casting.

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Detailed explanation of Zhejiang Hammer Crusher Chuck Solution


The sandstone factory in summer is the real peak of the summer heat. Under such weather conditions, the frequency of failure of crusher equipment is much higher, mostly because the weather is too hot, causing the high temperature operation of the crusher equipment plus the crusher equipment. The inspection of the maintenance personnel was not in place. Today, the solution for the hammer hammer chuck of Zhejiang Hammer Crusher is solved!
The cause of the vibration caused by the hammer crusher is generally the occurrence of cracks on the foundation, the loosening of the anchor bolts, the wear of the bearings, and the breakage of individual hammerheads to cause the crusher to lose balance and generate vibration. The maintenance personnel checked the above problems: although there were cracks in the basic part, the anchor bolts were not loose or broken. The two rolling bearings have no internal and outer ring phenomena, and the clearances are 0.6mm and 0.18mmmm respectively. Although the clearance is large, it is impossible to cause such a large vibration. The weight of the hammerhead is in accordance with the requirements of the specification. The hammer of the crusher is slightly worn and uniform, and there is no broken hammer. All of the above cases are excluded. For further inspection, during the process of turning the rotor, it is checked whether the hammer of the crusher is stuck in the hammer plate and cannot work, thereby causing a change in the radius of gyration, and the rotor loses the dynamic balance and causes vibration. The reason for the card hammer is due to the wear of the hammer plate. Due to the wear of the hammer disc, the error width of the hammer head is not equal, so the crusher is seriously out of balance, causing severe vibration during operation.
In order to prevent the hammer of the Hammer Crusher from being caught in the hammer plate, a steel plate of 40 mm × 40 mm thickness of 20 mm is first processed, and then four steel plates are welded at the position of each hammer head. It must be noted that the hammer of the crusher cannot be restrained in the direction of rotation of the hammer, and there is a certain room for movement, basically ensuring that the inner arc of the hammer of the crusher is tangent to the outer circle of the hammer of the crusher, thus ensuring The hammer head is not stuck, and it can ensure that the crusher hammer has a certain buffer during the crushing process, reducing the impact on the crusher equipment.

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Vertical roller mill is widely used in the gypsum industry and is affordable


Gypsum is a monoclinic mineral and is a hydrate whose main chemical component is calcium sulfate (CaSO4). Gypsum is a widely used industrial and building material. Can be used in cement retarder, gypsum construction products, model making, medical food additives, sulfuric acid production, paper fillers, paint fillers, etc. The microporous structure and heat dehydration of gypsum and its products make it excellent in sound insulation, heat insulation and fire resistance. Gypsum has broad market prospects. With the further development of technology, high-quality and efficient gypsum vertical roller mill has become the preferred equipment to promote efficient gypsum powder production. SBM heavy machine focuses on the field of grinding equipment manufacturing and produces high-quality gypsum vertical roller mill. The powder machine has become the preferred gypsum equipment to enhance the competitiveness of the industry. It has the cost-effective vertical roller mill price and selection scheme, and is an ideal equipment for gypsum powder production.
1. Analysis of the use of gypsum
Gypsum is a monoclinic system with high degree of cleavage and easy to split into thin slices. The gypsum is heated by heating the gypsum to 100 to 200 ° C and losing part of the crystal water to obtain hemihydrate gypsum. It is a gas-hardening gelling material with both alpha and beta forms, all of which are rhombohedral, but with different physical properties. The α-type hemihydrate gypsum crystallizes well and is solid; the β-type hemihydrate gypsum is a plate-like and cracked crystal with fine crystals and a much larger specific surface area than α-type hemihydrate gypsum. Gypsum is the main raw material for the production of gypsum cementitious materials and gypsum construction products, and also a retarder for Portland cement. It is widely used in many applications such as construction, building materials, industrial molds and art models, chemical industry and agriculture, food processing and medical beauty. As the preferred equipment for gypsum powder production, SBM heavy machine gypsum vertical roller mill is updated on the basis of traditional mill, and various technical indicators have been greatly improved and improved, which is an ideal choice for improving gypsum milling efficiency. .
2, SBM heavy machine focuses on the quality of vertical roller mill, providing powerful equipment support for gypsum
In the field of vertical roller mill manufacturing, SBM heavy machine has rich experience and advanced production technology. It can produce 80-400 mesh high-quality powder. The whole set of equipment has large output, low energy consumption, low noise and low maintenance cost, which can effectively improve unit equipment. The unit output reduces the energy consumption per unit of output. Compared with the R-type mill with the same total power, the output of the equipment is increased by more than 40% year-on-year, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by more than 30%. It is a new type of grinding that is truly energy efficient. Powder machine equipment, combined with the actual production needs of customers, the price of gypsum vertical roller mill supplied by SBM heavy machine is scientific and reasonable, the adaptability is stronger, the quality is excellent, the performance is more stable, and the exclusive powder production line solution can be provided for different customers. Welcome to call us further.

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The stability and durability of high-efficiency sand making machine parts are also important


The role of high-efficiency sand making machine in engineering projects is becoming more and more important. As the demand for sand making machines increases, construction machinery is also constantly improving. As an important part of the sand production line, the sand making machine plays an important role in the whole production process. The stability and durability of the parts are also important, so care must be taken in the production of these parts.
After the high-efficiency sand making machine is put into production, it is necessary to regularly clean up the blockage inside the product, and the blockage is excessive, which not only affects the output, but also affects the normal operation of the equipment. The wear of the wear block should also be known. If it is found to be worn, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Add grease at the right time and usually work for 400 hours. In the production process, it is a high-speed operation equipment, pay attention to safe production, if maintenance is required, it must be stopped before operation.
The sand making machine is a sand making device for artificial sand making. Depending on the extent and scope of the industry, high-efficiency sand making machines are widely used equipment, so the industry is often referred to as high-efficiency sand making machines. In fact, the sand making machine is not limited to an efficient sand making machine.
The high efficiency sand making machine is suitable for crushing and forming soft, medium hard and extremely hard materials. It is widely used in various ores, cement, refractory materials, aluminum clay clinker, corundum, glass raw materials, construction sand, stone and each metallurgical slag, especially suitable for high hardness, special hard and wear resistant materials. For example, silicon carbide, silicon carbide, sintered bauxite and beautiful sand are more effective than other types of crushers.
Lack of understanding and understanding of stone powder in high-efficiency sand making machines, blindly washing off stone powder, and bringing out many particles with a particle size larger than 75um. It wastes resources and destroys the natural grading of high-efficiency sand making machines, which is not conducive to obtaining the bulk density of aggregates.

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