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Six advantages of mobile crusher and how to maintain it?

Six advantages of mobile crusher and how to maintain it?

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  • 1. Pay attention to the maintenance of the bearing; especially in the work of bearing maintenance of the mobile crusher, the injected lubricant must be a well-sealed lubricating oil; in addition, the main crushing equipment of the mobile crusher will generally adopt Jaw crusher, counter-breaking and cone breaking, etc., it is recommended that users use a forced lubrication system to prevent rusting of rotating bearings, roller bearings and all gears. Note: Bearings that require oil-filled mobile crushers include: rotating bearings, roll bearings and all gears.
  • 2. Pay attention to check whether the work of the machine is normal; whether the tires are loose or not; if there is any impact sound when the rotating gears are running.
  • 3, always pay attention to replace the worn parts of the mobile crusher to prevent greater damage to the machine, and then, should also pay attention to check the wear level of the parts.
  • 4. Pay attention to keeping the main parts and parts of the mobile crusher clean to avoid damage to the machine caused by dust and dust. In addition, in addition to the above-mentioned small details, the maintenance and repair of the mobile crusher is not independent work, but also needs to cooperate with the mechanical operation frequently. The repair and maintenance of some parts also involve the expertise of the mobile crusher. Therefore, when repairing and curing the mobile crusher, it is necessary not only to arrange regular staff scheduling, but also to arrange the professional staff with professional knowledge and professional skills for maintenance and maintenance.

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