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SBM talks about the daily maintenance of VSI’s new sand making machine

VSI’s new sand making machine, also known as VSI impact sand making machine, is the current advanced artificial sand stone shaping equipment. Maintenance and maintenance is for the sand machine equipment to work better and delay the service life. So what issues should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the new VSI sand making machine? Below we will introduce you in detail.
(1) Check the wearing parts and peripheral guards of the impeller for firmness, reliability and wear.
(2) Check if the connecting screw between the motor frame and the main body is tight, whether the contact surface is firm and flat, whether the motor wheel and the main wheel are on the same line, and whether the tension of the transmission belt needs to be adjusted.
(3) Clean the accumulated material in the sand making machine for each shift so as to keep abreast of all the conditions inside the machine cavity.
(4) Before starting the machine, you must check the operation status of the lubrication station and the oil supply situation (lubrication station refueling 35# bearing oil, 46# mechanical lubricating oil, 46# wear-resistant hydraulic oil), check whether the bearing cylinder oil seal lacks lubricating grease.
(5) Check if the main components of the electric control cabinet are working properly (voltage, insurance, AC contactor, relay, programmable controller, main switch, indicator light).
(6) Clean the filter once a month and replace the lubricant once every six months.
(7) Whether the main engine runs smoothly. Is there any abnormality in the motor current overload?

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