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Routine maintenance and maintenance of SBM Construction Waste Crusher

In order to ensure that Construction Waste Crusher is often in good technical condition, ready to run, reduce the failure rate, improve the construction grinder intact rate, utilization, reduce the construction of grinder wear, to extend the life of Construction Waste Crusher, Disposal and maintenance costs to ensure safe production, should be on a regular basis for the daily maintenance and maintenance of Construction Waste Crusher.
First level maintenance: universal cleaning, fastening and lubrication operations, and in part to adjust the operation, maintenance of Construction Waste Crusher good technical condition.
Two maintenance: including all the contents of a maintenance, to check, adjust as the center, to keep the Construction Waste Crusher the assembly, the organization, the parts have good work performance.
Run-in maintenance: the new machine and overhaul the completion of Construction Waste Crusher after the end of the run-in period must be run-in maintenance, the main content is cleaning, tightening, adjustment and replacement of lubricants.
 Seasonal maintenance: the main content is to replace the applicable season of lubricants, fuel, to take anti-freeze measures to increase the anti-freeze facilities.

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