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Production and agreement of ultrafine grinding lines

Ultrafine mill assembly band almost composed of E torn machine, brazier elevator, accumulator silo, beating feeder, Ultrafine mill host, abundance classifier, cyclone beneficiary or beating dust abatement system, top burden air blower, air compressor, Electrical ascendancy systems. The actual is aboriginal torn by a conical breach into abate pieces.
Material by E torn apparatus aboriginal torn into abate pieces of material, the elevate to the actual to the silo, the silo through the cavernous agriculturalist to the actual quantitative, even into the Ultrafine mill, in the ultra-fine comminute torn The actual in the atrium is cautiously ground, and the cautiously disconnected actual is classified into the separator according to the fan flow.
The admeasurement of the particles, the acceleration is different, which will be separated. In band with the requirements of the admeasurement of the actual is auspiciously anesthetized the separator, and again into the beneficiary break and collection, afterwards the lower allotment of the beneficiary by the accomplished product. Do not accommodated the requirements of the admeasurement of the meeting, will re-fall into the Ultrafine mill apparatus for grinding, until you can through the powder, so aback and forth.
Ultrafine mill of the absolute assembly band action is closed, the cycle, the case of abrogating pressure.

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