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How to stop the infringement of urban construction waste on Zhengzhou

According to reliable news confirmed that Xingyang Southwest Ring Expressway Yao Gang section of a bridge due to construction waste extrusion cracks, due to the masses to report, the Public Security Bureau and the town of Yu Long have been involved in the investigation. To the scene, after the identification of relevant experts, to confirm the cause of the break is due to construction waste. At present, the road has been adopted “single auxiliary double line” access strategy.
At the scene, the construction of garbage accumulation of mountains, cement piers have been overwhelmed, was full of 20 meters high Construction waste crushing production line. The investigation, most of these garbage from the nearby village transformation and real estate development projects generated by the concrete blocks and other waste.
The Xiaobian verification, Zhengzhou urban construction waste caused by the troubles, has not only confined to the road difficult things, the residents living and the urban environment has a profound impact. So, how to stop the urban construction waste against Zhengzhou, so that Zhengzhou into a broader space for development? Here, it is recommended that SBM machinery research and development of large-scale environmental protection machinery - construction waste mobile crushing station.
In 2008, construction waste crusher equipment in the country cut a striking figure, they received the CCTV technology channel concerns. As a result, the column group specifically came to SBM machinery for live shooting. After years of development, SBM machinery production of construction waste crusher equipment, whether in the processing technology, or in the addition of environmental protection devices, have been to international standards. As a result, SBM machinery and Henan Shengtian environmental cooperation, specifically for Zhengzhou construction waste crushing, the move also set up a province in the province of green waste recycling demonstration base. Despite so much effort, but Zhengzhou construction waste is still so rampant, why is the reason?
It is understood that many of the relocatees concerned about the issue of garbage transport costs, due to high transport costs, rather than transported to a professional waste disposal plant, and choose the nearby land to solve. But SBM mechanical research and development of mobile crushing station, can solve the transport problem, this machine can achieve on-site operations, and can be processed into recycled aggregate, recycled brick and other environmentally friendly construction materials. Just think, if the popularity of Henan Province, this can turn waste into treasure of the machine, then more than Zhengzhou, the future process of urbanization will go to a better tomorrow.

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