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How does the ultrafine mill deal with the powder?

Powder is popular in terms of qualified grinding particles have not been screened out, and returned to the mill to continue to accept a phenomenon of grinding, powder phenomenon will lead to an increase in the amount of fine powder, grinding quality decline. The occurrence of powder phenomenon is usually associated with the material flow rate and the number of fine powder, so in the solution of powder phenomenon, we will be more targeted. Ultrafine mill in the operation also often occurred powder phenomenon, then, in the Ultrafine mill occurred when the powder phenomenon how to deal with it? Let us explore together.
1, to strengthen the grinding ventilation
Good ventilation can be timely to take away the fine powder, the effective elimination of the role of fine powder buffer. Good ventilation can also make the grinding of water vapor in time to take away, can effectively reduce the occurrence of adhesion phenomenon, but also make the sieve is not easy to block. Strengthen the ventilation inside the mill also helps to reduce the temperature of Ultrafine mill, greatly improving the production of Ultrafine mill.
2, mixed with grinding aids
Grinding aids can be effectively adsorbed on the surface of the material, so that the material is not easy to bond between. Grinding agent can also be adsorbed in the cracks between the material particles, effectively weaken the “healing effect” to speed up the flow of material within the mill to reduce the residence time of the material in the mill, can effectively reduce the occurrence of powder phenomenon.
3, the choice of liner
Ultrafine mill liner for the grinding effect plays a very big role, if the use of spiral liner or trench liner and some new type of liner can effectively reduce the occurrence of powder phenomenon, because these new lining The plates have a good selective grinding effect.

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