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Archyvas: Liepa, 2019

The difference between the crushing method of sand making machine “stone stone” and “stone hitting iron”


The sand making machine is one of the standing machinery for stone crushing and sand making machine. It provides a large number of high-quality sand for high-standard sand, railway, paving, construction, water conservancy and hydropower projects. The equipment mainly uses the hammer body mounted on the rotor running at high speed to crush the material and accelerate the crushing operation of the material by the mutual friction between the materials. There are two ways to break the sand making machine: “stone hitting stone” and “stone hitting iron”. What difference do they have?
1. Stone-rock–installation of upper and lower striking guards on the wall of the crushing machine of the sand making machine, so that the ore material accelerates when the material is accelerated, and the lining layer formed around the material is impacted, rubbed or material and material It breaks at high speed and does not directly contact the metal of the equipment. This way reduces the wear and tear of the parts and prolongs the service life. “Stone stone” is suitable for medium and hard abrasive materials, such as basalt, and the finished product has good grain size, but the powder content is slightly more, which is more suitable for shaping ore materials.
2, stone hit iron - different from “stone hit stone”, the sand making machine in the crushing chamber wall will be replaced by the lower guard plate into a weekly shield, the ore material is directly impacted on the weekly guard plate when the picking wheel is accelerated and thrown The crusher and the crusher collide with the material in the crushing chamber under continuous impact, and the ore material is broken more fully by impact, friction and grinding, and the finished material has smaller particle size. “Stone iron” is suitable for materials with low abrasiveness below medium hardness, such as limestone, etc., and the crushing efficiency is also high. However, due to the impact crushing, the peripheral guard plate is high in grinding, the cost of the wear parts is relatively high, and the finished product shape is slightly poor, which is more suitable for sand making.
The different differences in the way of crushing are important factors that influence the choice of the user. Different user requirements also affect the choice of the crushing method of the sand making machine. Only the right one is right.

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Characteristics of construction waste crawler type mobile crusher


Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry construction waste crusher has excellent performance. It adopts Cummins diesel engine with low fuel consumption, low noise and reliable performance. It provides a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly power source. The engine can be equipped with a military low-temperature preheating starter to make the equipment easy to start in a low temperature environment of -25°C. The all-steel ship-shaped structural chassis has the characteristics of high strength, low grounding ratio and low pressure, and has good adaptability to mountains and wetlands. High torque travel motor with high driving force and high reliability. The walking system adopts full-power variable open hydraulic system with excellent performance and high reliability. It can fully utilize the power of the engine. The main hydraulic components (pumps, valves, etc.) use Japanese imported components to provide reliable power protection for the walking system. The imported servo pilot operating system is light in operation and accurate in control, enabling infinitely variable speed walking. Efficient and mature crushing and screening equipment, compact structure and stable performance. The screening equipment adopts a 20° inclination angle, and the screening is efficient and reliable. Hybrid pressure energy device, dual power intelligent transfer switch, can make full use of local power resources, save operating costs, and reduce CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions. Once the power is interrupted or undervoltage, the diesel generator is automatically switched to ensure continuous operation of the equipment. Crusher manufacturer Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry provides customers with high quality crushing station equipment!

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What is an efficient sand making machine? What are the advantages?


With the increasing demand for sand and gravel in construction sands, cement plant sands, railway construction, garden renovation, etc., the sandstones used in these industries are different due to their own hardness and size. There are also certain changes to the requirements of the sand making machine. This has the appearance of various kinds of sand making equipment that we often have, such as the common type of impact sand making machine, river pebble sand making machine, etc. Can better meet the needs of the market, Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry has launched a high-efficiency sand making machine, its appearance has quickly won the praise and trust of customers!
High-efficiency sand making machine is a relatively advanced sand making machine. The main advanced means that its various parts are processed and manufactured by introducing foreign advanced technology. Its many advantages are the comprehensive hammer of Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry. Type, the strength of the impact crusher, after repeated trials, a new sand making machine researched by the company’s experts, its advantage is reliable operation, mainly reflected in its dual oil pump design, in normal use Only one oil pump works. Only when the pressure and flow rate fail to reach the set value, the second unit works, or when the first oil pump fails, the second unit automatically turns on to ensure the normal operation of the host. Secondly, it reduces maintenance. It is made of materials with high wear resistance on the materials used for wearing parts. It also has an easy-to-maintain hydraulic opening device, which will repair and replace the parts inside the crushing chamber. Convenient and fast, reducing downtime, saving time and effort. Finally, it can automatically adjust the size of the discharge port according to the user’s demand for product size, so as to meet the needs of different users.

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What are the cleaning methods for Raymond mill components?


In the production process of raymond mill, its regular cleaning is an important part of maintenance. Reasonable cleaning can improve the use time of accessories, thus reducing wear and improving equipment production efficiency. However, the cleaning methods, methods and methods of equipment are very important. So, what are the cleaning methods for Raymond mill components?
First of all, before cleaning the parts, you need to know the individual parts, the type of parts, and which cleaning method to use, and pay attention to clean the general parts. At the same time, the cleaning requirements of precision parts are high. Pay attention to the way and strength of cleaning, and use soft and suitable tools to avoid damage during the cleaning process.
Secondly, the choice of detergent should be anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. The cleaning agent should not contain any corrosiveness. Before cleaning, it is necessary to consider the material of the parts, select the appropriate cleaning products, and carry out corresponding anti-corrosion measures for the cleaned parts. . Raymond mill accessories are made of steel. In a humid environment, it is prone to oxidative reaction and rust. Therefore, the cleaned parts need to be dried.
Once again, when cleaning the parts, the raymond mill should pay attention to light handling, avoid collision and scratches in the finishing, and order the same type of parts. This discharge can reduce the ease of installation in the later stage. At the same time, special tools need to be cleaned up with special tools.
Then, during the cleaning process, it is important to pay attention to the personal safety of the operators and the protective measures. The premise of cleaning is to protect the physical and mental problems of the personnel, and to properly treat the cleaned wastewater and waste to avoid the surrounding environment. Make an impact.

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Ultra-fine crystalline silicon micropowder production line equipment vertical roller mill selection


Silicon micropowder is a product of quartz production and processing. According to different production process requirements, the type of silicon micropowder is very different. Crystalline silicon micropowder is one of the types of silicon micropowders, which has high application value in the market. It can improve application performance by processing with advanced production line equipment. The vertical roller mill is a high-efficiency milling equipment that can process high-quality silicon micro-powder to meet the needs of the growing market.
At present, the average particle size of the ultrafine silicon micropowder applied on the copper clad plate is 2-3 micrometers. As the substrate material develops toward the ultrathinning direction, the filler is required to have a smaller particle size and better heat dissipation. In the future, copper-clad laminates will use ultra-fine fillers with an average particle size of about 0.5-1 μm. Crystalline silicon micropowders will be widely used due to their good thermal conductivity, which will be the dispersion of fillers in the resin and ensure the smoothness of the gluing process. It is likely that crystalline silicon micropowder will be used in combination with spherical powder. The development of science and technology makes the application requirements of crystalline silicon micropowder higher and higher, and the selection of suitable production line equipment can meet the efficient development of the silicon micropowder industry and bring good market benefits.
Different silicon micropowder production and processing requirements are also very different for the configuration of the production line equipment. The SBM Heavy Duty Vertical Mill is a flexible line of production line equipment that can be tailored to meet the production needs of the company. vertical roller mill is a combination of crushing, drying, grinding and conveying. The process is simple, the system equipment is small, the structure is compact, and the floor space is small. It is only 50% of the ball mill. It can be arranged in the open air and has low construction cost. It directly reduces the investment cost of the enterprise, and the fineness of the powder can be between 325-2500 mesh, which can meet the growing market demand of ultra-fine crystalline silicon micropowder.

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How much is the price of calcium carbonate processed vertical roller mill?


Calcium carbonate is widely found in nature. What kind of grinding machine is used to process calcium carbonate? What is the grinding machine used in the processing of 325 mesh calcium carbonate? The SBM heavy machine focuses on the field of calcium carbonate processing. The above-mentioned product quality and perfect after-sales service continue to supply high-quality milling equipment for the calcium carbonate powder production field. Among them, the price of calcium carbonate plant is scientific and reasonable, and the whole set of equipment runs smoothly, which is the higher efficiency of calcium carbonate. The ideal equipment for processing.
Caco3, calcium carbonate is a white solid, tasteless, odorless; has both amorphous and crystalline forms, crystalline form is columnar or rhomboid. The relative density is 2.71. It decomposes into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide at about 825 °C. The temperature of 1339 ° C, difficult to dissolve in water and alcohol. It reacts with dilute acid and emits carbon dioxide at the same time, which is exothermic; it is also soluble in ammonium chloride solution and almost insoluble in water. Calcium carbonate can be classified into heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate, and crystalline calcium carbonate depending on the method of calcium carbonate production. Calcium carbonate can be used as a filler in industries such as rubber, plastics, paper, paints and inks. It is widely used in the production of organic synthesis, metallurgy, glass and asbestos. As an excellent grinding equipment for calcium carbonate, SBM heavy machine calcium carbonate vertical roller mill is an ideal milling equipment, which can improve processing efficiency, improve finished product quality and create greater market value.
SBM heavy machine new vertical roller mill is a sophisticated grinding equipment. Processing 325 mesh calcium carbonate powder with high efficiency and low energy consumption can help enterprises create more market opportunities. The equipment covers the pendulum structure, maintenance-free grinding roller assembly, super-segmentation class machine, high-efficiency and energy-saving dust removal system, technical indicators are greatly improved, and according to customer processing information, manufacturing more scientific and rational selection configuration scheme, equipped The scientific price of calcium carbonate vertical roller mills creates a lucrative profit value for customers with the ideal resource allocation.

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Limestone desulfurization vertical roller mill price selection


As the exclusive equipment in the field of limestone desulfurization, SBM heavy machine vertical roller mill has its own high-quality features and processing characteristics. The equipment integrates drying, grinding, grading and conveying. The whole set of equipment has scientific and reasonable product design structure. Solve the problems of low productivity, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost of ordinary mills. All performances are ahead of the industry. The whole set of equipment mainly consists of main engine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper and electronic control. System, collection system and other components, scientific and rational configuration greatly reduces the comprehensive investment cost, the system is sealed, and the whole negative pressure operation can achieve dust-free overflow. It is an energy-saving and environment-friendly high-quality equipment advocated by the state to help the desulfurization field to be efficient and clean. Energy-saving production contributes to the cleansing and purification of the environment.
Limestone, as a desulfurizing agent with low cost and high application value, is very popular in the field of desulfurization of power plants. The high-quality vertical roller mill with high cost performance, high grinding efficiency and high powder extraction rate is a high-quality lime mill. The ideal choice for value. SBM heavy machine is based on the limestone desulfurization field. With a highly responsible machinery manufacturer, the company continues to push higher quality grinding systems for the industry. Among them, the limestone mill is reasonable in price, more cost-effective, and has high powder extraction efficiency. The ideal equipment that is loved by the industry.
The threshing machine commonly used for limestone and limestone is of vital importance to the desulfurization efficiency. The coal slag discharged from the boiler itself is used as the basic nucleus of the desulfurizer, and a small amount of lime is added. The water is evenly mixed to make the lime cover the surface of the cinder particles. Calcium cinder desulfurizer with large specific surface area is prepared. Since the raw material for desulfurization limestone powder is limestone ore, grinding limestone is a key link. The vertical roller mill for processing limestone is specialized in the field of desulfurization. Ideal equipment, the vertical roller mill is stable in operation, reliable in performance and cost-effective. It is the preferred equipment for limestone processing. SBM heavy machine specializes in the field of limestone desulfurization, specializing in the preparation of limestone desulfurization vertical roller mill to meet the production needs of the industry, and continuously push out high-quality grinding equipment with higher cost performance for the industry.

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SBM teaches you how to solve common faults in ultra-fine mills


In the production process, the components of the Ultrafine Mill equipment will inevitably have such failures. Only when these faults are well solved can the equipment be in good working condition, so the main point of this article is to explain the ultra-fine grinding equipment in production. In recent years, SBM has also invested a lot of research on the faults in the process of equipment work. It also made some conclusions on the problem of component failure of ultra-fine mill equipment. Let me introduce you to the following. :
First of all, for the problem of equipment components, the manufacturer’s solution is to check whether the power outlet, power cord, etc. are broken or not, and if there are any problems, it should be solved in time. Otherwise, the power supply can be used and the test machine can be used. jobs;
The second is the problem that the motor does not rotate after the device is powered on. At this time, the wheel is lightly moved by hand. If the rotation indicates that one of the starting capacitors of the device has failed;
Once again, the pressure is applied after the device is energized, and a weak current sound is emitted, indicating that the starting capacitor has a slight leakage. If the current is loud and the motor cannot be started, the starting capacitor is short-circuited;
For the fault problems and corresponding solutions in the production of Ultrafine Mill components, the above summary is clear. In the actual working process, only the maintenance of the equipment can be fine to ensure the working state of the equipment.

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Vertical roller mill grinding machine production line equipment to increase Guanyin soil market price


Guanyin soil, also known as kaolin, has an important role in the late Ming Dynasty and is the main food for people to feed their hunger. With the development of science and technology, the application value of Guanyin soil has gradually become prominent. It is an important industrial filling material at present, and the price of Guanyin soil has gradually increased steadily. As a production line equipment for fine processing of Guanyin soil, HC vertical roller mill grinding machine has the characteristics of high productivity, high efficiency and stable production performance, which can bring good market benefits to enterprises.
Guanyin soil is a clay mineral with montmorillonite as its main component. It is known as “universal stone” because it is quite stable in chemical composition and rich in minerals such as silicon, zinc, magnesium and aluminum. In the old society and the difficult period of three years, the life-saving soil used by people for survival, eating Guanyin soil can make people feel full, but can not be digested and absorbed by the human body. After eating, bloating, it is difficult to stool, a small amount of food is not fatal; Although not hungry, people still die because they are not nutritious. With the development, the value of Guanyin soil has been gradually developed and utilized. The high-quality chemical components contained in Guanyin soil can be used as important materials for ceramic production. Guanyin soil is used as raw material for making porcelain, which greatly promotes the improvement of ceramic technology level and product quality. The development of ceramics has played a major role in the transformation of the world’s ceramic technology.
The vertical roller mill grinding machine production line equipment is an excellent equipment for efficient production and processing of Guanyin soil. It can produce high-quality mineral powder, increase the price of Guanyin soil, and bring good market benefits to the production enterprises. SBM heavy machine is a large-scale vertical roller mill grinding machine manufacturer in China, mastering advanced production technology and production technology.

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New environmentally friendly coal vertical grinding equipment for improving the quality of pulverized coal


Coal is China’s main energy source, and it has always been high in production and consumption. The efficient use of this advantageous resource has a positive significance for economic development. Coal vertical roller mill is a new high-yield pulverized coal production line equipment with high quality of powdered products.
China’s coal resources are abundant. All provinces and regions except Shanghai have distribution, but the distribution is extremely uneven, with the characteristics of more north and more south. Shanxi is a large province of China’s coal resources. It has abundant coal output per year and has been widely developed in the industrial sector. In recent years, the global economy has continued to grow, and oil and natural gas prices have risen sharply, resulting in a rapid increase in global coal demand and rising prices. Domestic coal demand is strong, and the demand for coal in power, metallurgy, building materials, and chemical industries has increased substantially, and consumption has increased year by year. The coal industry has a good momentum of development. Investment in coal production line equipment returns high.
Coal vertical roller mill is a new type of milling production line equipment with energy saving and consumption reduction advantages. It is developed by using advanced production technology at home and abroad. The equipment has a three-dimensional structure and a small footprint. From the crushing, conveying and milling of raw materials to the collection, storage and packaging of finished products, it can be an independent and complete production system with strong systemicity. Compared with traditional mills, under the same production requirements, the output is higher, the fineness of fine powder is better, and it is the preferred equipment for producing high-quality pulverized coal and increasing the market price of pulverized coal.

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