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Tips and strategies for purchasing overpressure trapezium mill equipment


The overpressure type mill is a kind of trapezium mill. Firstly, the stone material is mixed by the screw equipment in the equipment, and then the soil in the stone guess is mixed with water and discharged from the flow port on the equipment. The stone material is gradually selected by the action of the screw device, and is discharged from the discharge port at the top, and then the cleaning and picking action of the sand stone material is realized.
If you want to purchase a more excellent over-pressure trapezium mill equipment, then you have to carefully purchase, but because we are not very familiar with these equipment, so introduce some about the purchase of overpressure ladder type A small method of grinding machine, under the premise of ensuring quality and output value, select equipment with lower cost.

First, when purchasing the overpressure trapezium mill, it is more common to question the customers from the aspects of the multi-step trapezium mill. For example, the functions and features of the overpressure trapezium mill equipment, Quality, quotation, after-sales service, etc. are questions. However, many customers in the purchase of overpressure MTM trapezium mill products, many customers do not know what to ask when they face the manufacturers, care for some embarrassment, wait until the time is missed, only to think of a lot of questions have not asked, Regarding this situation, it is recommended that customers write it on this book. Although it is a bit earthy, it is good for you. Second, how to grasp the quotation of overpressure trapezium mill equipment? About this question, we have to shop around, in dealing with a plan, it is more than just the quality of the three products, but also the price. Liancai is our ideal dizziness. Third, the higher the price of the overpressure trapezium mill is to judge the quality of the sand washing machine. This is an unwise move, and it is the location of most customers. Fourth, on how to determine the function of the overpressure trapezium mill, this situation should be determined according to the output value of the crop. We need to analyze the specific conditions to select a suitable stone washing equipment. It is not always possible to listen to their sales staff saying that such a good customer chooses the type, and the customer needs to have the backbone. Fifth, on how to determine the quality of the trapezium mill, the first thing we have to do is to shop around, the second is to listen to word of mouth, and ultimately to see their after-sales service.

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Structural principle of Raymond mill slagging function


The slagging function of Raymond Mill means that Raymond Mill can discharge harder slag out of the grinding chamber, which can improve the quality of the powder or extract the finished product.
Raymond Mill’s slagging function is mainly used in the following industries:
First, the separation of hard impurities, at this time the dregs are waste products, if ground into the powder, it will increase the impurities of the powder, reducing the purity and quality of the powder. For example, in the charcoal industry, in the process of anaerobic firing, charcoal will use different wood materials, which will be doped with impurities such as earth, quartz, pebbles and so on. Charcoal or hemp charcoal is mainly used for mosquito coils or gunpowder, fireworks, etc., burning is their ultimate value, but if there are impurities, especially fireworks or wires, it will greatly reduce its burning performance. This is the function of slagging. Raymond mill’s slagging can remove limited stones and impurities out of the grinding chamber, improving the purity of the charcoal powder.
Second, aluminum ash and aluminum slag separation, zinc ash and zinc slag separation, copper ash and copper slag separation, these collectively referred to as smelting waste slag there is a large amount of metal, but these metals can not be directly smelted, there are a lot of soil and sand, according to different tastes, These wastes have different values. The slagging effect of Raymond mill is mainly to discharge the metal in the waste slag out of the grinding chamber, and the soil and sand are ground into powder to achieve the separation effect. The slagging function is highly efficient, and the separation is clean, and the separated metal can be directly smelted.

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Four major consequences of missing lubricants in mobile crushing stations


When the mobile crushing station is used, the role of the lubricating oil is mainly to reduce the wear, but its effect is not only the case. When the lubricating oil is missing, it will have a great impact on the equipment, mainly in four aspects: Temperature, speed, load and impact load changes, here is a detailed introduction to these four aspects.
First, temperature changes
One of the functions of lubricating oil for moving crushing stations is to control the temperature and prevent the high temperature deformation of its parts. Therefore, the lack of lubricating oil will cause changes in its temperature, and the characteristics of lubricating oil itself will change with temperature. It will change. Generally speaking, if the temperature is too low, it will become thicker. If the temperature is too high, it will become thinner. In this case, when the lubricant is used, it should be selected according to different temperatures. To choose a lubricant with a high consistency, if the weather is cold, a lubricant with a weak consistency is needed to ensure its effect on the Mobile Cone Crusher;
Second, the speed of change
For this station, the lack of lubricating oil will make the wear between the parts not relieved. If the wear is serious, it will affect the speed of its operation, and in the process of production, the faster the moving crushing station rotates, then the roller The more difficult it is to squeeze in the lubricant, which will result in poor lubrication, and the lubricant tends to agglomerate and thicken at high speeds. Therefore, low-viscosity lubricants are required for high-speed operation and high-viscosity lubricants for low speeds;
Third, the load changes
The use of high-viscosity lubricants in Construction Waste Crusher can prevent collision friction between equipment components. Low-viscosity lubricants are required if the equipment is lightly loaded, and high-viscosity lubricants are required for high loads.
Fourth, the impact of changes in impact
When the mobile crushing station is in use, its engine will generate a law of power. At this time, the equipment needs a thick lubricating oil containing an extrusion additive to prevent the friction caused by the oil film from rupturing;
This paper mainly introduces the four major consequences of the lack of lubricating oil in the mobile crushing station, mainly the changes in temperature, speed, load and impact load, and analyzes the problem of what kind of lubricating oil to use in different situations. It is said that the lubricating oil plays a great role, so the choice must be in accordance with the production requirements.

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River pebble sand making machine is convenient and quick to replace wearing parts


When it comes to the users of the river pebble sand making machine, it is a strange problem to replace the wearing parts. It is very troublesome to replace the parts when replacing the parts. Many manufacturers come to see the equipment production efficiency. Very satisfied is not satisfied with this replacement parts, and later through the communication with the customer can not design a more convenient replacement parts of the machine.
After a thorough investigation and experiment, we have developed a one-button hydraulic unpacking river pebble sand making machine. This machine not only replaces the accessories, but also is more suitable for preventing material blockage.
So simple to say about the superior aspects of the open-box river pebble sand making machine, our users are a constant source of inquiries, how is our river pebble sand making machine out of the box, open box type river pebble sand making machine is convenient Where is the new type of river pebble sand making machine in the price changes, there are many users have already placed orders to our company, our company is now working day and night to work overtime for our users to open a new box The river pebble sand making machine reduces the burden for users in order to allow users to put into production more quickly.

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For the processing application of limestone mill


Limestone mill is a very wide range of materials used in various industries. The application of industrial development in different industries in China has a corresponding range. Each ore material can be processed very well after processing. However, if limestone is to be applied to various industries, it needs to be processed by ore processing equipment. We have corresponding analysis for the processing application of limestone mill because its application fields are relatively fine. Such as building materials, paints, etc., these are places where limestone can be applied.
After the analysis of the application requirements of the limestone mill and the corresponding manufacture of the equipment, the grinding equipment of various capacities is used to pave the way for the production of limestone, because not every industry has the same application for limestone, so its processing The equipment is also different, the limestone mill is used by more and more industry manufacturers in the market, its advantages are slowly being discovered by everyone, and various applications are slowly growing invisibly. come out.
Nowadays, it is in the hot weather in summer. Every ore processing equipment needs to be cooled and heat-proofed when it is used, especially the grinding mill machine. Because limestone is exposed to sunlight, it is very likely that the temperature will rise, and when it is processed accordingly, There is also a certain influence inside the equipment. Everyone knows that if the internal temperature of the equipment is too high, it may have a certain impact on our production efficiency. Although it does not mean that the impact is large or small, it is for our production efficiency. A very big drawback.
Therefore, the limestone mill should pay special attention to the heatstroke prevention work when it is used in the summer. In order to improve the production efficiency of our equipment, please pay attention to each aspect and check it regularly to ensure the normal production efficiency of our equipment.

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200 mesh processing clay equipment vertical grinding mill


Vertical mill grinding machine is widely used in the production of non-metallic minerals, and is also a common processing clay equipment. Customers who grind 200 mesh clay powder can recommend the processing clay equipment produced by any manufacturer. SBM has rich experience in the production of clay, and provides clay customers with more professional clay powder grinding machine to meet customers’ 200 mesh. The production demand of clay powder, and the price of SBM clay vertical roller mill is reasonable, the working principle is more scientific, and it is supported by customers.
As a professional manufacturer of processing clay equipment, SBM has always created benefits for each powder project with excellent quality and perfect after-sales service. SBM team has rich experience in machining and manufacturing, and also has a more perfect after-sales service system. The region has established offices and service centers to create significant market benefits for each customer in a faster, more efficient and more desirable way. So, what kind of grinding equipment is used to process clay powder? SBM recommends using a new vertical mill to achieve greater capacity. SBM is a professional mill manufacturer and believes it will contribute more to the further development of the clay powder market.
The Grinding Mill is an excellent equipment for SBM to be upgraded on the basis of the traditional mill. The performance index is greatly improved, and the production capacity of the equipment can be increased by more than 40%, and the unit power consumption cost can be saved by 30%. The new plum blossom frame and the pendulum grinding roller device have more reasonable design structure. The dust collector of the mill is equipped with a pulse dust collector, and the dust collection efficiency can reach 9%. It should be said that it is an ideal equipment for clay powder processing.
As the excellent equipment of SBM, what is the price of such a clay vertical mill? In fact, as a professional manufacturer, SBM can customize the selection configuration scheme for customers and formulate a more reasonable price of clay vertical mill. Help each enterprise to increase production and income, and achieve greater profits and value.

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What are the reasons that affect the failure of Raymond mill gears?


What are the reasons that affect the failure of Raymond mill gears?
First, the special working environment of Raymond mill, in the production process, the gear transmission environment is relatively harsh, after being affected by dust particles, it is easy to cause serious gear pollution. And if the lubricating oil in the gear transmission part is not added in time, it is easy to cause the gear transmission of the equipment to fail.

Second, after the gear transmission is operated for a period of time, the axes of the pinion and the classifying drum are not parallel, resulting in local engagement of the gears. Moreover, the gear is unevenly stressed during the whole production process, which easily causes the gear shaft to bend. In addition, the gear transmission material is not uniform, and particles, entrainments, and the like are apt to exist, and the surface stress is excessively large, causing a broken tooth.
Third, there is stress on the Raymond mill gear. When the gear enters the meshing, the surface is prone to crack under the excessive stress. Moreover, during the operation of the gear, the high pressure generated by the contact pressure enters the crack at a very high speed, and at the same time, the crack of the gear cover closes the crack, so that the oil pressure in the crack is further improved.
Fourth, in the transmission, the load on the pair of single teeth of the gear is greatly prolonged, which is also the reason for the rapid wear of the gear. At the same time, some impurities and floating matter in the air enter between the meshing faces of the gears, causing wear.

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Application of mobile crushing station in open pit mining industry


Most of the users of open pit mines are power plants, and the coal supply requirements for power plants are less than 200 mm.
Most small and medium-sized open-pit coal mines do not have Portable Crusher Plant. The particle size of coal does not meet the requirements, which directly affects the economic benefits of coal mines. The establishment of a fixed crushing station not only has a one-time investment, but also increases the secondary reversal link, which increases production costs. It also affects the economic benefits of coal mines. Open-pit coal mines have top-down rock layers, including cemented gravel layers and Jurassic strata, medium sand holes and fine sandstones. The rock mass is dense, hard, and uniform in structure. Moreover, under the condition of crushing, different types of rock and soil have different vibration responses to the fracture. Since the coal-bearing stratum is a homogeneous rock mass, the ability to accept the propagation of detonation waves is related to the nature of the rock mass. The harder the rock, the higher the density, and the greater the wave velocity, so the crushing technique of the *** method should be adopted.

Due to the special nature of open pit mining and limited technology, open pit coal mining has been restricted. With the improvement of mechanical equipment technology, Construction waste crusher are widely used in road and bridge construction, urban construction, metallurgy, energy, and other departments to break , screening and other operations, especially suitable for use in open pit mining.
It has low fuel consumption, low noise and reliable performance, providing a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly power source. The engine can be equipped with a military low-temperature preheating starter that allows the unit to be easily started in a low temperature environment of -25°C.
The operating system uses the imported servo pilot operating system, which is light and easy to control, and can achieve infinite walking speed. The successful development of this equipment has greatly accelerated the speed of open-pit mining and injected a new vitality into the mining industry.

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How to avoid sand machine plugging material?


The hot summer has come, the recent days have been a continuous high temperature in summer, many users to our response to the sand making machine block material problem. After field inspection, xinlian heavy industry found that the key reason for blocking material of sand making machine was hidden by traditional sand making machine. How to avoid blocking material of sand making machine? Shanghai ZENITH xiaobian to share with you a little knowledge.
In the process of sand making machine production, there may be of high moisture materials into the impeller rotor then contains moisture material broken into small block, such broken material with appropriate viscosity, when a small piece of material with viscosity is to stick together with wall between crushing cavity and wear-resistant parts, resulting in the phenomenon of wall material. Or the broken material contains a large viscous thin soil, so that the material is stuck into a block in the broken cavity, causing plugging material. It may also be because the sand machine into the material mouth is too small, the size of the broken material is too large, resulting in blockage.
Shanghai ZENITH believes that to solve the problem, the material needs to be screened and dehydrated before being crushed, which can reduce the viscosity. Choose the sand making machine to choose the appropriate model, so as to avoid unreasonable size. And according to the instructions on the manual to operate, so as not to cause some damage to the equipment.
Shanghai ZENITH specializes in sand making machine. If you have any questions about sand making machine, please contact our online customer service staff. We will give you a satisfactory answer according to your needs.

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