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How to configure the sand and gravel production line to improve efficiency


The combination of the flow of sand and gravel production lines is to break the inefficiency of the production of a single device. However, the power of the entire production line will also have certain influencing factors. Dealing with these problems will make the entire sand making machine truly complete the advantages of the production line.
1, the purchase of sand and gravel production line equipment must have a certain wear resistance, to achieve a higher cost performance.
2. Reasonable planning of the process of sand and gravel production line, how to take materials and discharge. Cut down the time and take care of the overall situation.
3, the correct equipment for the sand making equipment, the production line is the work of pulling the whole body. Incorrect equipment for any device in between will have a negative impact on the entire production line. It is also possible to cause damage to personnel safety.

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What are the common stone crushers?


The stone crusher is a device specially used for crushing large stones into stones. Common stone crushers include jaw crushers, hammer crushers, impact crushers, impact crushers and so on. These stone crusher are widely used in stone crushing and stone processing, each with its own advantages. Under different production requirements, different crushers can be selected.
The jaw crusher is also called the tiger’s mouth, because it is a crusher that simulates the two-inch movement of the animal to complete the material crushing operation. The equipment can be regarded as the equipment used in the crushing of stone materials, because the large stone first needs to be coarsely broken by the jaw crusher, the crushing ratio is large, the efficiency is high, the structure is simple, and the crushing compressive strength is below 320Mpa. Stone material has great advantages in stone crushing.
The hammer crusher is a section of crushing crusher that directly crushes materials with a large particle size of 600-1800 mm to 25 or less. Generally used as secondary crushing, mainly relying on impact energy to complete the material crushing operation, the equipment is suitable for medium-hard materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal and other materials in the medium and fine crushing operations.
The impact crusher appears much later than the smashing. It is the main fine-breaking equipment, and the new crusher designed on the basis of smashing. Counter-breaking can handle materials with a length of 100-500 mm or less, and the compressive strength can reach 350 MPa, which has the advantages of large crushing ratio and cubic particles after crushing. It can simplify the crushing process and make the three-stage crushing into two sections or a section of broken.
The impact crusher is generally called a sand making machine and plays an irreplaceable role in various fine ore crushing equipment. It is an effective, practical and reliable stone crusher. The equipment is suitable for artificial sand making of stone pebble, pebbles, limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite. It has the advantages of shaping function, cubic shape and high bulk density. It is essential for the production of mechanical sand. device.

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Counter-type sand making machine adopts water seal dustproof device


Dust-proof device: In order to prevent dust from entering the friction surface of the bowl-shaped bearing bush of the counter-type sand making machine and the size of the silver ball, the counter-type sand making machine adopts a water-proof dust-proof device. An annular groove is arranged on the bowl-shaped bearing frame of the counter-type sand making machine, the circulating water is passed through the groove, the cone is welded on the lower part of the moving cone body; the baffle (dust ring) is used, and the counter-type sand making machine is working. The dustproof baffle is inserted into the circulating water to keep the dust out. The dust entering the water is washed away by the cycle.
Feeding device: Uniform feeding is important for improving the output of the counter-type sand making machine, ensuring the uniformity of the particle size of the counter-type sand making machine and reducing the wear and damage of the counter-type sand making machine. The feeding device of the counter-type sand making machine mainly consists of a feeding funnel, a feeding box, a curved steel plate and a distribution plate. The function of the ore feeding device is to ensure that the ore fed into the counter-type sand making machine is smoothly and evenly distributed in the crushing chamber around the moving cone. To this end, the position of the counter blasting machine to the hopper, the height of the inlet to the distribution plate, and the size of the curved steel plate from the edge of the inlet should be selected.

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How to use the crusher correctly?


Industrial use
First, the Stone Crusher should be cleaned. If there are some residual impurities inside the crusher, it will affect the normal use of the crusher. Generally, it can be cleaned with ordinary water, but after cleaning, pay attention to the anti-rust work inside the crusher.
Second, turn on the power and let the machine run for a while. If you do not perform the pre-operation, it is very likely that the machine will suddenly suffer a violent collision, causing bad results.
Third, put the items that need to be broken into the crusher. general
Fourth, it is only necessary to collect the finished product with some things behind the mouth of the impurity. It is important to note that sometimes the finished product is powdery and needs to be collected with special tools, such as powder-absorbing machines. This will ensure that the powdered results are well collected and will not pollute the environment.
Fifth, it should be noted that do not try to insert some metal that cannot be broken into the Crushing Plant, which will cause damage to the crusher. And do not put the body parts into the crusher, it will also cause casualties.
According to the above method, the crusher can be used correctly. Proper use of the crusher will bring convenience to industrial production. If used improperly, it will also cause serious losses to people’s production and life.

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What should I pay attention to when buying shale crushers and mills?


Shale, a type of sedimentary rock with complex composition, but with thin sheets or thin layered joints, mainly composed of clay deposits formed by pressure and temperature, but mixed with quartz and feldspar. Debris and other chemicals.
Shale’s tiny particles, which are hardened by clay material, are easily broken up and easily split into distinct rock formations. A type of clay rock. Complex in composition, in addition to clay minerals, it also contains many detrital minerals and authigenic minerals. It has a sheet or lamella layer. Hit with a hard object and break into pieces. It is formed by compaction, dehydration and recrystallization of clay material. The ability of shale to resist weathering is weak, and in the terrain, low mountains and valleys are often formed by erosion. The shale is impervious to water and often becomes a water barrier in the distribution of groundwater.
There are many applications of shale in various industries in the market. Unprocessed small shale can be used as a paving road for buildings, not only to beautify the environment, but also to promote the economic development of our country, but this is only a shale effect. A small part, and a large part of the shale can be applied in the construction industry, and these shale needs to be crushed accordingly, which is what we often say.
Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of ore processing equipment. When there is demand for shale processing in the market, we have put the experimental cone crusher into the market and let the market use it accordingly, and the effect is very Well, the shale shredder that specializes in processing shale works best.
When customers buy crushers and mills, most of them are the most concerned about the quality, output and price of the finished products of their equipment. When they buy, most of them will ask people who have used this equipment. Look at how the equipment is used, productivity, production costs, production, etc. are often asked. For these problems, we can understand Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry, because after all, this is related to the efficiency of our production and processing, you do not have to worry about the number of times our SBM heavy industry Stone Crushing Plants and mills are applied by customers in the market. Quite a lot, every customer has praised us after using it, saying that the sand produced by our crusher has uniform particle size and large output, no flakes and miscellaneous materials, and the powder passing rate of the mill reaches 99%, so You don’t have to worry, or you can come to our company for survey, I believe you will be satisfied.

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What are the advantages of the mobile crushing machine sand production line?


What are the advantages of the mobile crushing machine sand production line? The mobile crushing station is compact, reasonable in design and small in floor space. Save money by eliminating the need to install a foundation. It can move freely and can extend with the deepening of materials, reducing the transportation cost of traditional materials. Adopting PLC automatic control system, the degree of automation is high, one can operate, and remote operation is also possible. In line with the national requirements for environmental protection, the installation of dust removal and noise reduction devices, green production, no pollution. The mobile sand making machine is a product of high technology, with many technical inputs, and the production cost is less than that of the fixed sand making production line, and the cost is more favorable and reasonable. For small sandstone plants with limited funds and small engineering volume, it is more suitable to purchase mobile sand production lines. In recent years, the shortage of natural sand resources, the shortage of sand, and the difficult background of sand, the mechanism sand gradually occupied the heel in the market and laid a market position. Numerous sand and gravel plants have also seen business opportunities have been invested in the production of machine sand, forming a user investment fever. For the new mobile sand production line, does the small sand stone factory dare to try to buy it?
We all know that aggregates of sand and gravel are important building materials, but as natural sandstone resources are nearly exhausted by human beings, they are seriously detrimental to the balance of ecological environment. In order to protect the environment, the state strictly controlled the exploitation of natural sand and strengthened the management of sand mining in the river. As a result, the price of sand and gravel in various places skyrocketed and the market supply was insufficient. The raw material of the mechanism sand production line is sufficient. The mechanism sand produced by the technology can effectively make up for the shortage of sand and gravel aggregates in the market. Investing in a mechanism sand production line to seize market opportunities, are you still hesitating?
According to the user’s production situation and site, we can create the most suitable solution design, model equipment configuration, quotation budget estimation and other services for users to make a detailed reference. In addition to the current severe environmental situation, our sand production line equipment is also equipped with a dust removal device, and the external spray device can effectively control the spread of dust. The system is produced by the military and can produce zero discharge of sewage, and it will not cause pollution to the local ecological environment. The green development and healthy development model are also in line with the current national development strategy.
Sand Making Machine Workshop As a mining equipment manufacturer with many years of production experience, our factory has been committed to research and development of sandstone aggregate crushing equipment with high standard and high performance and good environmental performance. At present, the company’s main products include mobile crushing station, construction waste crushing station, jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, feeding mechanism sand production line and other series of gravel equipment, which can meet the different grades of aggregates for different users. With the requirements, it can meet the production requirements of building stone and machine sand.

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What is the quality of the mechanism sand produced by the sand making machine?


We all know that the sand making machine is used to produce sand for construction. The quality of the mechanical sand produced by the sand making machine directly affects the quality and price of the product. Then, what is the quality of the mechanical sand produced by the sand making machine?
To produce machine-made sand, it is impossible to rely on a sand-making machine. What is needed is a sand-making production line to complete the production of machine-made sand. Then, the quality of the mechanism sand is related to the equipment of the whole sand-making production line. Only when all the equipment of the entire sand production line meets the requirements can we produce the required mechanism sand.
The machine-made sand production line is composed of a combination of a vibrating feeder, a crusher, a sand making machine, a vibrating screen and a tape conveyor. Among them, the crusher, sand making machine and vibrating screen determine the quality of the mechanism sand.
The raw material is first crushed by a crusher into a sand that can be used for the sand making mechanism, and then crushed and sanded by a sand making machine. Finally, the required particle size is selected through a screening device to obtain the desired mechanism sand.
Characteristics of machine sand:
Although the solid performance of the machine-made sand is slightly worse than that of the river sand, it still meets the standard superior product index, and there is no problem in the use of ordinary concrete.
In the process of engineering construction, sand and gravel as an important part of concrete structural materials, its quality has a significant impact on the quality and durability of the entire project. Under the premise of meeting the performance index of sand, the economical and feasible scheme is adopted, which not only meets the construction quality requirements, but also effectively controls the production cost. Therefore, in areas where natural sand resources are scarce, it is not only feasible to use the mechanism sand construction. Its comprehensive benefits are also significant. At the same time, in the use of machine sand, it is also possible to carry out research and experiments on the discipline of building materials, accumulate experience and lay the foundation for the development of the discipline.

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Investment direction of sand making machine equipment


With the increasing use of sand making machine in various industries, it has gradually become an essential sand making equipment in the sand making industry. Throughout the current sand making machine market, there are more and more manufacturers, and there are more and more models and types. The sand making machine manufacturers are also facing great competition. However, the sand making machine is a good helper for artificial sand making. It is an irreplaceable sand making equipment. In order to make the development of sand making machines more and more widely, sand mill manufacturers should start from the aspects of sand making machine equipment, then they can win in the competition and then win development. The price of the sand making machine is not the only weight for the survival and development of the manufacturer. Sometimes it is too much to meet the needs of customers and start from the price of the sand making machine. Instead, it will be counterproductive and cause irreparable damage to the industry and enterprises.
The application of sand making machines at home and abroad is increasing every year. This is the trend of social and economic development. It also shows that the VSI sand making machine has brought benefits to the society, so that its application will be more extensive. At present, many sand making machine manufacturers are looking for a new development direction, looking at the development situation of various industries, no doubt the sand making industry is the future development of sand making machines. In the world, the sand making machine industry is a fast-growing industry with strong capabilities. The rapid development of the industry and the continuous breakthrough of various development achievements have promoted the development of the sand making machine industry to a greater extent. The future development direction of sand machine manufacturers.

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The reason why the granite ore mill suddenly crashed


In the production of granite ore mills, equipment problems occur due to prolonged grinding. Therefore, it affects the normal operation of the granite ore mill to a certain extent. In particular, the phenomenon that the equipment suddenly locks up not only affects the construction period, but also reduces the milling efficiency. Then, today Xiaobian will introduce the reason why the granite talc grinding mill suddenly crashes.
1. Before the granite ore mill is fed, the raw materials are not inspected, resulting in the entry of non-metallic substances with high hardness into the grinding chamber, resulting in the phenomenon that the grinding chamber is stuck, and the granite ore grinding machine is produced. Suddenly crashed. Therefore, before the operation, the material needs to be sieved to properly grasp the hardness of the abrasive material.
Second, when the particle size of the granite is too large, the difficulty of crushing and grinding the equipment will increase. This will extend the residence time of the granite ore mill in the grinding chamber and also increase the wear of the material on the grinding rolls and the grinding ring. Once the material is piled up on the basis of insufficient grinding, it is easy to cause the equipment to suddenly crash. For this phenomenon, we should correctly control the feed size of the material.
3. In the production of granite ore milling machine, when the operator feeds the equipment unevenly, the grinding cavity will be broken, which will lead to excessive feeding and gather in the grinding cavity to make the grinding cavity. Excessive aggregates eventually led to a sudden collapse of the granite raymond mill. Therefore, the operator should feed the equipment at a uniform speed.
Fourth, the user wants to ensure the normal operation of the granite ore mill, and regularly add and replace the lubricant during the operation. In the case of failure or contamination of the lubricating oil, the friction between the components will increase and the speed of the main engine will be slowed down, resulting in a sudden crash of the granite ore mill. Therefore, good lubricants can prevent important factors in equipment crashes.

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How to improve the working efficiency of stone sand making machine


Nowadays, consumer shopping is increasingly seeking personal experience. In the past, the salesperson’s model of pursuing intent customers has become less popular. Shanghai SBM as a mining equipment manufacturer that pays attention to users’ experience, our sales theme also tends to “you just need, I just have, and professional.” Today’s Xiaobian introduces the stone sanding machine equipment produced by the company, including its scope, advantages, types and prices. If you need it?
With the drying of natural sand, construction, road, railway, water conservancy and other industries have used artificial sand to replace natural sand. Therefore, the demand for stone sanding machines is quite large. Under this background, Shanghai SBM developed and produced A special stone sand making equipment. It can excavate most of the stones on the mountain (extra-hard), processing like limestone, bluestone, marble, etc. After all, the finished sand can be comparable to natural sand in terms of grain shape.
Shanghai SBM sand making machine is different from the typical impact sand making machine. It uses sand hammer to impact sand. It is commonly called hammer sand making machine or double rotor sand making machine. It is used in the mechanism sand production line. The customer response is also good. The advantages of this type of equipment are mainly manifested in three aspects.
1. The structure is simpler and more humane. Firstly, the casing, the hammer head, the two rotors and the sieve plate are included. The investigation door is arranged under the sand making machine, and the condition of processing the stone can be observed at any time to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment.
2. The feed size is larger. The feed size of a typical sand making machine is usually around 50 mm, and the stone sand making machine can accept a feed with a particle size of 150 mm or even 250 mm. This shows that the stone between 50mm-250mm can avoid the crushing process and reduce equipment investment.
3. The hammer of the primary working component is made of high hardness and good wear resistance. The long service life is used, which reduces the economic and time cost of replacing parts and directly improves the customer’s profit rate.

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