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Archyvas: Gruodis, 2018

Main structure of composite hammerhead crusher


The composite Stone Crusher divides the hammer head into two parts, the hammer handle and the hammer end. The hammer handle and the hammer end are made of different materials. First, the hammer handle or the hammer end is prefabricated with a material, and then the pre-manufactured hammer shank or hammer end is placed in the mold to cast another liquid metal for casting. A portion of the hammer is prefabricated and then cast to form another portion of the hammer. The prefabricated hammer handle is generally made of carbon steel. The commonly used carbon steel is ZG35 and ZG45. It can also be directly bent into a hammer handle by using the steel profile, and then the hammer end is cast. The hammer end material is generally made of high chromium cast iron. Another method is to pre-manufacture the hammer end and post-cast the hammer handle.
The material selection of the hammer handle and the Crusher Machine, one combination is the material selection of the hammer handle, ordinary carbon steel such as ZG25, ZG45, the hammer end is made of high chromium cast iron; the other combination is the hammer handle is high manganese steel, the hammer end is high manganese steel. The mother is inlaid with a hard alloy block. 2, two-liquid bimetal composite casting hammer two-liquid bimetal composite casting method is to first cast a certain thickness of the first metal liquid into the mold, while pouring molten high-temperature protective agent to prevent the height of the joint is certain The second molten metal is poured after the time interval. High chromium cast iron + high manganese steel adopts the whole lost foam vacuum suction casting process. The steel structure which is cleaned and dried by dilute hydrochloric acid is placed in the prepared EPS pattern. The material is Q235A, the shape is box-shaped structure, one end is open, and the casting is required to be high. When chrome cast iron is not melted through, first cast high chromium cast iron and then cast high manganese steel.

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An irreplaceable sand making machine in the mind of the user: a new sand making machine


In the mining industry, many users choose to use a new sand making machine to process sand and gravel materials. It has the characteristics of large output, high cost performance, and simple equipment maintenance. In daily operation, there are three sand making machine methods, and Xiaobian carefully introduces them.
1. Impact sand making. Instant impact sand making is the material that is subjected to instantaneous impact force to make sand. This type of sand making equipment is mainly a impact crusher or an impact sand making machine. Its main features are high sand making efficiency, large sand making ratio and low energy consumption.
2, 劈 type sand. The shovel sanding method is to place the material between a flat surface of the sand making equipment and a working plane with sharp edges. When the working plane with sharp edges is pressed against the material, the material will be along the direction of the pressure line of action due to the splitting plane. The tensile stress reaches or exceeds the tensile strength of the material and is cleaved. This type of sand making equipment is mainly a cone sand making machine or a hammer type sand making machine.
3. Press-type sand making. The material is placed between the two working faces of the sand making machine. After the pressure is applied, the material is sanded due to the compressive stress reaching the compressive strength. This method is generally suitable for the sand making bulk material. This type of sand making equipment is mainly a roller type sand making machine.
The above three methods of sand making are used in the mining industry, but which one to use depends on the equipment. SBM specializes in the production of sand making equipment. No matter what materials and production, we have equipment models to meet. If you need it, you can come to our factory for consultation and purchase. We will give you a satisfactory answer!

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Sand machine wear block business to analyze the use of the impeller


Our sand-making machine wear-resistant block business specializes in the production of large-scale Sand Making Machine wear-resistant blocks (scraping head) at home and abroad, throwing heads, sand-making machine throwing heads, and adopting specific characteristics for the high-speed impact of sand making machine stone materials. Formulation and process to ensure the impact resistance of the product, the wear resistance of the product is maximized. The service life of each alloy can reach 40-150 hours depending on the stone and alloy grade.
The sand machine impeller is mounted on the shaft head at the upper end of the main bearing, and the purpose of transferring the button pitch is achieved by the conical sleeve and the key connection. The material enters the center of the impeller at the high speed by the feeder at the upper part of the impeller. The cloth cone at the center of the impeller will The material is evenly distributed to each of the launching channels of the impeller, and the material rotates with the centrifugal force of the impeller. The impeller accelerates the material out of the exit of the launching channel, and the material has a velocity that is ejected and the material lining in the vortex breaking chamber is strongly natural. Impact collision, the exit flow of the launching channel has wear-resistant block protection equipment, and the replacement is convenient. The impeller, the cone cap and the wear block have the upper and lower flow channel plates of the diverting material, and at the same time protect the impeller from the impact wear of the material.
Before the equipment stops running, it should be noted that the feeding should be stopped before stopping the discharging equipment. The feeding should be kept uniform and the specifications of the materials should strictly comply with the requirements. Otherwise, the impeller can be easily worn. When we use the product, we still have to Pay attention to the maintenance of the impeller and let our Sand Making Machine use longer.

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Why does the jaw crusher gear have vibration problems?


The jaw crusher is a common mechanical equipment for the Stone Crusher. The jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and can be used for the crushing of many different ores. The jaw crusher is used for the crushing and processing equipment of ore, so it is used. There may be some problems in the process, and the user is reminded to pay attention to the abnormal vibration of the tooth plate which occurs during the use of the jaw crusher.
The tooth plate structure of the jaw crusher is located at the edge of the movable jaw of the jaw crusher. After a series of debugging, we found that the jaw of the crusher is moving back and forth in the movement of the movable jaw. Operation, abnormal vibration of the tooth plate, SBM here and everyone talk about how to solve the vibration problem of the jaw crusher tooth plate.
In the process of crushing ore, the Crusher Machine of the jaw crusher is loose or completely detached, and the lining plate hits the tooth plate, causing the tooth plate to lose balance and abnormal vibration; the fixing bolt of the tooth plate connecting the movable jaw Looseness of the tooth plate caused by looseness or bolt breakage during operation, and the loose tooth plate and other components in the crushing cavity collide with each other to increase the jitter frequency.
In order to prevent the jaw crusher from being crushed in the jaw crusher production, it must be fully lubricated; when the jaw crusher is used for crushing ore processing, it is necessary to regularly check whether the jaw plate is worn or not. It is necessary to replace the e-board in time.

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Sand making machine use


Sand machine use matters:
1. When the sand making machine is working for 400 hours, it should be added with proper amount of grease. When the work reaches 2000 hours, the spindle assembly should be opened to clean the bearing. If it is working until 7200 hours, it will be replaced. The bearing is gone.
2. The sand making machine should pay attention to routine maintenance. It is necessary to let the sand making machine get sufficient downtime on a regular basis, and regularly observe the internal wear of the sand making machine. If there is wear, it should be replaced or repaired in time. Also note that during the normal working process of the sand making machine, the observation must not be opened to avoid dangerous accidents.
3. The tension of the transmission triangle tape should be adjusted appropriately to ensure that the triangular tape should be grouped and matched, so that the length of each group is as uniform as possible. Should be adjusted, the difference between the two motor currents does not exceed 15A.
4. In the course of work, because the SBM Crusher Equipment belongs to high-speed operation equipment, special attention should be paid to safety. The staff should be away from the equipment. If you need to repair the machine, you need to power off before you can operate.

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Mobile crushing station makes urban environment no longer damaged by construction waste


At present, the country is in the peak period of urbanization development and new rural construction. The renovation and demolition of urban villages are in full swing. As our cities develop rapidly, construction waste is also increasing. For a long time, the treatment of construction waste mainly adopts the method of accumulation or landfill, which undoubtedly occupies a large amount of land resources, and at the same time, destroys the urban environment and affects the image of the city. From another point of view, if the construction waste can be turned into a treasure, it not only solves the problem of disposal of construction waste, but also has great significance for protecting the environment and conserving resources.
The emergence of the Mobile Crusher Plant is fulfilling this desire. After the construction waste is crushed by the mobile crushing station, it can be reused in the production of cement, gravel aggregate and other building materials, and the mobility of the mobile crushing station is more convenient. Work, saving transportation costs.
Tire moving crushing station product features:
1. The installation form of the integrated unit equipment eliminates the complicated installation of the infrastructure of the separate components and reduces the material and working hours.
2. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of the station.
3. It is able to carry out the on-site crushing of the first line of the material, eliminating the intermediate link of the material being transported off the site and then breaking, greatly reducing the transportation cost of the material.
4. It has strong adaptability and flexible configuration. It can be operated independently by a single unit, or it can be flexibly composed of system-configured units. It can be combined into a coarse crushing and fine crushing two-stage crushing and screening system and a coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing three-stage crushing sieve. Sub-systems, or combined into other systems based on site conditions.
5. The integrated series of Construction Waste Crusher can be used independently. It can also provide more flexible process configuration for the customer’s material type and product requirements in the process, and meet various requirements such as mobile crushing and moving screening. Organization and logistics transfer are more direct and effective, and the cost is maximized.
6. The crushing station is equipped with a diesel engine with excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise and excellent performance.

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