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Suggestions for maintenance of construction waste counterattack


The construction waste counter-attack is mainly composed of construction waste crusher, rotor, hammer head, counter-attack liner and sieve plate. It can crush the material once, simplify the processing technology and reduce the total cost of the user in the operation. The market is very popular. In the process of counter-attacking construction waste, we need to carry out frequent maintenance and maintenance, so as to ensure that the equipment creates higher value for us. The following is the construction waste of the Shibang Industrial Technology Group. Some suggestions made, I hope to help the user’s production.
1, before the operation
Check all bolts broken by construction waste to see if there is any looseness; check if there are any debris in the crushing chamber, if there is any debris, please remove it in time; check whether the belt of the transmission and motor is broken and the layer is Phenomenon; look at the junction box of the motor and its grounding device are not connected, to ensure that the protection of the transmission device is complete and intact; after all the above inspections, it is confirmed that all the components of the counter-attack are intact before starting the operation.
2, in the operation
If the construction waste crusher is suddenly stopped during the operation, the real reason for the shutdown is not checked, and the equipment cannot be forced to start; if the counter-break is in the process of operation, if there is an abnormal knock or vibration, stop. Work, check the cause of the above phenomenon, in the process of troubleshooting, to avoid starting, so as to avoid accidents.
3, after the homework
After the construction waste is broken, the debris in the crushing chamber is cleaned to reduce the wear on the equipment. After the operation, the lubricating oil is cleaned and the bearings are cleaned regularly to ensure the flexibility of the bearing. Sex, improve equipment efficiency and increase production.

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Factors affecting the capacity of construction waste crusher and improvement measures


Construction waste crusher, the indispensable sand making equipment in the artificial sand production process, occupies an important position in the entire sand production line. Because its production capacity directly determines the output of the production line, it is necessary to make the production line reach a large The improvement of the capacity of construction waste crusher is particularly prominent. Here, the following will be a brief explanation of the factors affecting the capacity of construction waste crushers and the four steps of capacity increase, as follows:
I. Factors affecting the capacity of construction waste crushers
In general, there are many factors affecting the production capacity of construction waste crushers, such as the lithology, hardness, moisture content of the materials, etc. Let us introduce them in detail.
1. Hardness of the material: The harder the material, the more difficult it is to make sand, and the more severe the wear on the sand making equipment. The speed of sand making is slower, of course, the production of sand will decrease;
2. The content of fine powder in the material: the higher the content of fine powder in the material, the greater the impact on the work of the construction waste crusher, because the adhesion of these fine powders will affect the transportation;
3. Viscosity of material: The greater the viscosity of the slurry, the coarser the particle size of the overflow product, the smaller the sedimentation velocity of the ore particles in the slurry, which will cause the sand efficiency of the construction waste to be reduced.
The greater the viscosity of the material, the easier it is to adhere. For materials with high viscosity, they will adhere to the inner wall of the sand making chamber in the construction waste crusher. If it cannot be cleaned in time, the working efficiency of the construction waste crusher will be seriously affected, and the normal operation of the sand making equipment will be severely affected.
4. Humidity of material: When the moisture contained in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere in the construction waste crusher, and it is easy to be blocked during the feeding process, resulting in a reduction in the sand making capacity of the sand making mechanism.
Second, ways to improve the capacity of construction waste crushers
Step: Strictly control the humidity of the material: The construction waste crusher should strictly control the humidity of the material when the material is selected. If the humidity of the selected material is too large, the sunshine or air drying method can be used to reduce the percentage of moisture in the material.
Step 2: Strictly control the sand content in the material: For materials with a high content of fine powder, the sieve should be sieved one time in advance. The fine powder should be filtered out from the material as much as possible to avoid affecting the normal operation of the sand making machine.
The third step: strictly control the hardness of the material: the greater the hardness, the more difficult the construction waste crusher works, and the more serious the wear on the construction waste crusher. The construction waste crusher has low production capacity, so this requires us to be cautious in the choice of materials.
Step 4: Strengthen the routine maintenance of the construction waste crusher.

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How to make energy saving and environmental protection for impact sand making machine


How is the impact sand making machine energy-saving and environmentally friendly? The rapid development of the economy, various industries are constantly improving, especially the development of the sand making equipment industry has been a very good progress, and with the concept of energy saving, environmental protection, low carbon production and life gradually accepted by the majority of society, sand making Equipment is also developing towards environmental protection, so how is the impact sand making machine energy-saving and environmentally friendly?
How is the impact sand making machine energy-saving and environmentally friendly?
With the development of national infrastructure, the demand for aggregates of sand and gravel is increasing continuously, which makes the natural sand continuously decrease. The development of mechanical sand drives the development of sand making equipment, and wants to achieve energy saving and environmental protection. The sand machine not only needs to continuously innovate technology, but also needs to achieve high-yield, low-consumption and zero-pollution production targets. After years of continuous development and innovation, the high-quality impact sand making machine produced has a good advantage, and its discharge granularity is small and shape. Uniform, the quality of sand and gravel aggregates is remarkable, and the changes in the market meet the constant needs of customers in the market. It is an environmentally-friendly equipment with high efficiency, energy saving, fine crushing and coarse grinding, which improves production efficiency and brings more customers. Economic benefits.

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Pay attention to the factors affecting the production granularity when using Raymond mill equipment


Raymond Mill is a kind of milling machine, which is used in the processing of fine powder. Proper use of Raymond mills can increase productivity, and incorrect methods of operation can cause damage to equipment. For the mill, how to reduce the wear of the machine and improve the service life of the mill is a very important issue. Take the Raymond mill, when using raymond mill equipment, in addition to ensuring the operation method of its equipment, we must pay attention to its production granularity. The following is a brief introduction to the major factors affecting the production granularity:
1. The rotation speed of the main engine. When the rotation speed of the Raymond mill is too high or too low, the fine powder will enter the discharge port earlier and affect the fineness of the powder material. The rotational speed of the Raymond mill can be adjusted by adjusting the engine current.
2. The speed of the blower. For materials with light weight, if the blowing speed is too high, particles that do not meet the requirements will also be blown into the dust collector. In contrast, for large particles, if the wind speed is too small, it will affect the discharge of the material, and the wind speed affected by the rotational speed of the blower is considered to be one of the important factors.
3. The extent of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. When the raymond mill is working, the grinding roller and the grinding ring will not contact each other. The wear of the mill, the wear of the roller and the ring will also increase. If the material is not fully ground, the fineness of the material will be affected. And the amount of coarse particles will also increase.
4. Analyze the turbine blades of the machine. The analyzer is equipped with a large number of turbine blades, which are distributed inside the sun shape, and these blades will be used for a period of time, which will directly affect the efficiency of the analyzer after the powder separation. The coarse powder enters the powder collector through the analyzer, which is an important reason for the too much coarse powder content in the finished product.

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What are the specifications of the construction waste crusher?


Construction waste crusher is a commonly used construction waste crusher in the field of mining machinery. There are many types of construction waste crusher models on the market. Many consumers do not understand the equipment and it is difficult to choose a good model. The Surban Industrial Technology Group will give a brief introduction to the selection basis and common specifications of the construction waste crusher.
Different types of construction waste crushers have different parameters, structures and performances. Therefore, it is necessary to master some equipment selection criteria in order to purchase suitable crushing equipment.
1, according to the nature of the material
Each type of construction waste crusher has different materials and application scopes. Therefore, users need to conduct a comprehensive investigation and analysis on the hardness, structure and humidity of the construction waste to be crushed when selecting the model, and the processing site. Conduct an inspection to select the appropriate model.
2, according to equipment performance
Different types of construction waste crusher have different emphasis on performance. For example, the large-scale construction waste crusher will have higher output and higher efficiency, but the power is larger, and the small-type construction waste crusher Although the output and efficiency are low, the power is small and the running cost is low.
3, according to equipment prices
It takes a lot of money to purchase a construction waste crusher, so the price has become the focus of users when purchasing the equipment. Users need to purchase equipment with good quality and low price, and need to have strengths for multiple manufacturers. Investigate, production capacity, equipment quality, etc., and in conjunction with their own financial situation, select the appropriate construction waste crusher specifications and models at the appropriate manufacturers.

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Efficient work ability and energy saving features make mobile construction waste crusher a rookie


With the continuous innovation of crusher technology, generation after generation of crushers have made an indelible contribution to the sandstone industry in different periods. The development of science and technology has prompted people to constantly pursue higher levels of manufacturing, coupled with the current declining situation of natural sand, the mobile construction waste crusher turned out. Efficient operation and energy-saving features make this price-competitive crusher a newcomer to the crushing industry.
Mobile construction waste crusher performance
1. Strong working ability: The design of deep cavity rotor is adopted to increase the throughput of materials per unit time and improve the working capacity.
2, the quality of the finished sandstone: stone crushing stone, stone hitting iron two crushing principles combined, so that the particle surface is evenly stressed, the finished sandstone particles are full of high quality, high utilization.
3, the equipment is strong and durable: the fuselage is cast from the superior steel, with wear-resistant, pressure-resistant characteristics, extending the life of the machine.
4, mechanical maintenance is convenient: simple structural design, hydraulic opening device, workers can easily observe and maintain the machine, energy saving time.
5, energy saving and environmental protection: strengthen the tightness of the crushing chamber, built-in dust removal device to prevent dust from clogging the crushing cavity, the environment at the job site can be improved.
Mobile construction waste crusher price
As a rookie in the crusher, the price will not be particularly cheap. After all, this machine has experienced the tempering of time, and it has been the hard work of technical experts for many years. The specific price of mobile construction waste crusher also depends on what model you choose and which brand to buy. Different models and different manufacturers will have a lot of price difference. Shanghai SBM Industrial Technology Group is a mobile construction waste crusher that is produced and sold by an old company specializing in the production of crushers. It not only has good performance but also reasonable price. You can click on the online consultation to get SBM Industrial Technology Group mobile construction waste crusher. The price.
SBM Industrial Technology Group’s mobile construction waste crusher has good performance and competitive price. You should not hesitate to take the lead and put it into use, which will definitely make you full of profits.

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Raymond grinding knowledge - lubricants and “life”


When we use Raymond mill to grind the powder, we need to regularly add grease to the raymond mill bearing parts. Because in the process of Raymond grinding, not only the friction between the material and the main shaft, but also the frictional resistance of the joint parts of the parts, the main function of the lubricating oil is to reduce the frictional resistance between the parts. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, the friction of the main shaft will increase, and the temperature will rise too high, which will cause thermal deformation. In this case, combined with a large number of practices, it is found that the temperature rise of the bearing using the oil and gas lubricant can be reduced by 5-8 ° C and the grease lubrication by 9-16 ° C compared with the use of oil mist lubrication. As the value increases, the effect of cooling will be more pronounced. Oil and gas lubrication technology has been effectively applied to the super high speed Raymond grinding spindle and achieved good results. Ultra-fine Raymond machine is also a kind of Raymond mill. The difference between it and ordinary Raymond machine is that the fineness of grinding is very different, and its application range is wide. Common kaolin, limestone, coal and stone Etc., as well as calcite, barite, iron oxide red, iron oxide green, aluminum hydroxide, pigment, bentonite, etc., can use ultra-fine Raymond machine for ultra-fine powder processing.
After learning about the importance of lubricants to Raymond Timo, let’s take a look at the reasons that affect the life of Raymond mills.
The reasons for affecting the life of raymond mill are as follows: 1. Due to improper installation or poor material, the large and small blades often fall off or break during the operation of the classifier. When the small blades fall off or break, the fineness of the finished product becomes thicker. This situation should be stopped and the small fan blades should be updated. 2. The sleeve liner of Raymond mill is easy to wear due to the impact of materials for a long time. If the replacement is not timely, the inner sleeve will wear and form a hole. It can be seen that there are two main factors that determine the service life of the Raymond mill. One is the quality of the Raymond mill manufacturing process, and the other is the installation process, that is, the installation quality. With the economic loss caused by the damage of Raymond mill, the installation quality is particularly important, and even determines the service life of Raymond mill.

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Experts guide the maintenance of ultrafine mill powder equipment


Since many industries now require fine powder or even ultrafine powder as raw materials for production, many different types of ultrafine mill powder equipment have emerged. These equipments have made very fine powder or ultrafine powder production. Great contribution, but the uncertain factors in the production process have caused the failure of these equipments during use, which affects the milling production process and even affects the service life of the equipment, which brings great impact to the milling production. Obstacles, now solve this problem is generally in the daily use of the equipment to maintain and maintain the frequency of failure as much as possible, but the maintenance methods of different manufacturers are not the same, making it difficult for customers to choose who to listen to Then, we invite experts to guide the maintenance of ultra-fine mill powder equipment.
Staff: Hello, I heard that you have been working in the production industry of milling equipment for many years. Is it necessary to study the maintenance of ultra-fine grinding machines?
Expert: Hello, the research can’t be talked about, but because of the long working hours, it can be easily solved for some common problems.
Staff: You are very modest. We mainly ask you about the problems that need to be paid attention to in the maintenance of ultra-fine mill powder equipment. I hope you can give some valuable advice.
Expert: The maintenance work of the ultra-fine grinding machine is not difficult to say, just do the following work:
Point: Before starting the equipment, pay attention to the fact that there is no material in the grinding chamber to ensure the no-load start of the equipment, to prevent the equipment from starting up completely, which will cause great damage to the equipment. The long time will affect the service life of the equipment;
The second point is that the equipment must be regularly inspected, mainly to check the wear of the wear parts of the equipment, whether it needs to be replaced, and then need to regularly add lubricant to the equipment;
In addition to the above two accidents, it is necessary to pay attention to stop the feeding operation before stopping. After the ultra-fine grinding machine is shut down, the unfinished materials should be removed from the equipment. Doing this job is almost done, then you should follow the manufacturer’s advice.
Staff: Thank you for your guidance. With these valuable comments, the ultra-fine mill powder equipment will last longer and work better and make a greater contribution to the milling line.

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SBM Raymond Machine Factory reminds you to pay more attention to the high efficiency of the production environment


SBM Raymond Machine Factory has more than 20 years of production experience, and professional production equipment personnel, professional maintenance and repair equipment experts, welcome everyone to visit the factory, today SBM raymond mill factory to explain, pay more attention to the production environment will make the efficiency more high:
First of all, the temperature of the production environment should be paid more attention. When the Raymond machine is open-air production, according to the local humidity and other conditions, the production tasks should be arranged reasonably, and the Raymond mill equipment should be inspected and maintained on time, and the maintenance and maintenance work should be done. SBM feels that the Raymond mill equipment should be moved frequently, the working conditions are varied, and the load changes greatly. After each movement, the machine must be tested for a short while to check whether the equipment is normal. Too high a temperature will cause the temperature of the Raymond mill equipment to be too high and the damage to the equipment to be aggravated. When it is produced in the open air, it may rust and cause some parts to be rubbed. It needs to be inspected regularly for maintenance work. As long as the Raymond mill maintenance is in place, your equipment will last longer.
Therefore, when using the Raymond mill in our SBM Raymond machine factory, it is necessary to pay attention to the production environment, such as environmental problems such as dust and noise, and more or less dust problems. Negative pressure systems should be used as much as possible, with good sealing equipment or special sealing equipment.

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How to reduce the wear of the roller and bearing of kaolin ultrafine mill equipment and prolong the service life


The important components of the kaolin ultrafine mill equipment may be the grinding roller and the bearing, so it is necessary to pay more attention to and maintain the use in this aspect, so as not to damage the kaolin ultrafine mill equipment. Therefore, we talk about how to reduce the wear of the roller and bearing of the kaolin ultrafine mill equipment and prolong the service life.
Shanghai kaolin ultrafine mill manufacturers pointed out: In order to reduce the wear on the grinding rolls and bearings, in addition to the maintenance work, the grinding method and structure of the kaolin ultrafine mill equipment will also improve the wear of the grinding rolls and bearings. A lot of reduction, our company specializes in the production of kaolin ultrafine mill equipment for decades, has been paying much attention to the development of new mill equipment, and successfully developed hydraulic mill equipment after combining the main features of domestic and foreign mills. , using hydraulic grinding, high pressure and high strength. With the new structure, the steel ball grinding method is used. The improved mill equipment is very suitable for grinding materials with hardness below 10, especially for hard materials with high grinding yield and high fineness. There is no bearing, grinding roller or screw inside the main body of the hydraulic mill equipment, so it will not produce easy-to-wear parts, and it also solves the disadvantages of the oil leakage pollutants in the bearing chamber.
Therefore, when customers purchase kaolin ultrafine mill equipment, in addition to the quality of the grinding machine, it depends on the grinding method and internal structural characteristics of the milling machine. Is it good to reduce the grinding roller and bearing? Wear and extend the service life of kaolin ultrafine mill equipment. So it can be seen that it is not so easy to buy a good kaolin ultrafine mill equipment. The buyer needs to spend some time to slowly choose and consider. After all, the price of a mill is not low.

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