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Sand making machine production line yard design requirements


The sand making machine is the core equipment of the mechanism sand production line, while the sand stone production line is the core equipment of the sand field (quarry). The sand and gravel factory refers to the mining, production and supply units of construction sand and building stone. It belongs to enterprises and is built on many waterways. Inland areas are mostly built on rivers and lakes, and large-scale marine sandstone mining is built according to the sea. The production process of sandstone is mainly divided into two processes, namely mining and selective grading. Its fixed locations are mostly used for storage and selected grading. A medium-sized production enterprise can produce about 100,000 tons of sand per year, and large-scale enterprises can produce annual production capacity of one million tons. Many quarries will become ponds or lakes, or landfills, when they are abandoned. Below we will detail the design principles of sand and gravel plants and stone yards:
First, the sand machine equipment yard setting principle
The gravel plant and the stone material yard refer to the large-scale storage facilities mainly based on the ore blending and mixing of raw ore, which are more common in the metallurgical, chemical, building materials and other industrial sectors. The main purpose is to solve the problem of homogenization of the raw materials and the selected raw materials, so it is also called the neutralization stockyard. In practical applications, the ore grade is neutralized, the fluctuation of the selected grade is reduced, and the beneficiation index is improved. Most of the gravel plants in the northern region are located near river courses and in the river channels in Gangu. Set the yard generally under the following conditions:
(1) The mine’s resources are insufficient. Ore must be purchased from outside, and the nature of the purchased ore and the quality of the ore are very different. It is not possible to set up a neutral material yard, and it is difficult for the mineral processing plant to produce normally;
(2) The resources of the mine are abundant, but the material composition and mechanical and physical properties of the ore vary greatly, and it is difficult to ensure the requirements of the concentrator in the mining method;
(3) Mines located in severely cold areas, due to the influence of the transportation system, cannot transport ore stone in winter, and the ore grade changes are relatively large;
(4) There are many kinds of raw materials. According to the process requirements, various raw materials must be fed into certain operations according to a certain proportion, and a neutralization stockyard is also required. Such as metallurgical plants, cement plants, building materials plants, etc.
The large-scale special neutral sand making machine has a large investment and a large area, and it is rarely used in the design of the concentrator. For a concentrator with adequate resources and little ore fluctuations, the method of expanding the volume of the intermediate ore storage in the selective plant can be used instead of the complex medium-duty yard. Small-scale ore dressing plants with small ore purchases may consider artificial neutralization methods and set up small stockyards.
Sand machine equipment stockyard form selection
The neutralization stockyard generally consists of a distribution and reclaiming system, a material pile, a conveying system, a sampling, metering and inspection system. Determine the form according to the nature of the material and the requirements of production.
(1) Storage time of the stockyard: Determine according to the type of stone material, the required neutralization effect, the transportation conditions, and the buffer capacity required. Generally 7 to 10d, depending on the size.
(2) Stacking method: According to different process sand production line process requirements, the stacking method can be divided into herringbone layered stacking method, wave-shaped partitioning method, herringbone and wave-shaped composite stacking method, long strip pile Material method, etc.
The herringbone layered stacking method has a simple cloth distribution method, has no special requirements for cloth equipment, and is suitable for fine-grained materials; the wavy-shaped partitioned material stacking method has complicated fabrics and strict requirements on the stockpiling equipment, but has less segregation phenomenon and is suitable for bulk materials. The other method is somewhere in between. Due to the complexity of the cloth method, only when the demand for neutralization is high is considered.

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What are the characteristics of calcite mill


What is calcite? What is heavy calcium carbonate?
Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, the most common of which is natural calcium carbonate. Therefore, calcite is a widely distributed mineral. Calcite crystals have a variety of shapes. Their aggregates can be clusters of crystals, granular, lumpy, fibrous, bell-shaped, earthy, and so on. A lot of square fragments can be obtained by hitting calcite, hence the name calcite. The grinding of calcite into powder is a heavy calcium carbonate powder because a large amount of calcium carbonate is heavy calcium carbonate. The heavy calcium powder is used in artificial stone, artificial floor tiles, natural rubber, synthetic rubber, paint, plastics, composite new calcium. Plastics, cables, paper, toothpaste, cosmetics, glass, pharmaceuticals, paints, inks, cables, electrical insulation, food, textiles, feed, adhesives, sealants, asphalt, building materials, linoleum construction supplies, fireproof ceilings, and household chemicals Filling material in other products. Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, the most common of which is natural calcium carbonate. [1] Therefore, calcite is a widely distributed mineral. Calcite crystals have a variety of shapes. Their aggregates can be clusters of crystals, granular, lumpy, fibrous, bell-shaped, earthy, and so on. A lot of square fragments can be obtained by hitting calcite, hence the name calcite.
The distribution characteristics of calcite: China’s calcite is mainly distributed in Guangxi, Jiangxi, and Hunan. Guangxi calcite is famous in the domestic market for its high whiteness and low acid insoluble matter. Guizhou, on the other hand, discovered the largest two blocks of calcite in China, with a wide distribution of calcite. Calcite can often see good crystals. The most common crystals are hexagonal {1010} and rhombohedral {0112} polyhedrons, complex triangular trigonal {2131}, rhombohedral {0112}, etc., rhombohedral {1011} simplex Crystals (as with the cleaved block shapes) are rare; those that depend on (0112) for poly-sheets are common and are the result of stress; also {0001} contact twins. Aggregates are granular, dense masses, stalactites, tuberculosis, verrucous, beans, earthy (chalk) and so on.
Calcite Superfine Mill
The application of calcite processing into powder requires the use of Ore Milling Equipment. We specialize in the production of calcite ultra-fine powder mill equipment. Our company has developed a calcite ultra-fine grinding machine for each industry’s requirements for the grinding of heavy calcium carbonate. Powder machine. This equipment is ideal for grinding heavy calcium carbonate and is widely used in many heavy calcium carbonate manufacturers. Due to its high yield and easy adjustment of classifiers, it has become the preferred equipment for grinding heavy calcium carbonate.

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The construction waste disposal equipment industry has a promising future


In the process of urbanization, rubbish as a product of urban metabolism was once the burden of urban development, especially construction waste accounted for the majority of urban waste. Looking at the course of development of various countries in the world, many cities have embarrassed the situation of rubbish besieging the city. Human society will inevitably be bound by oneself at the same time. Nowadays, with the transformation of ideas and technological advances, the construction waste industry is considered to be an inexhaustible “urban mineral deposit” with development potential and a “misplaced resource”. Research shows that more than 90% of the construction waste can be used as raw materials for construction materials and reused in urbanization. This is not only the deepening and deepening of people’s understanding of construction waste, but also an inevitable requirement for urban development.
The construction waste crusher industry in China started relatively late, but through the rapid development in recent years and the increasing popularity of the country in environmental protection, China’s construction waste treatment industry has begun to take shape, and the capacity of the waste treatment market has increased significantly. The penetration rate has rapidly increased and the number of companies entering the sanitation industry has also increased rapidly. Now China’s construction waste crusher market has entered the growth period from the lead-in period and is rapidly moving towards maturity.
With the environmental protection concept deeply rooted in people’s minds, environmental issues have gradually attracted the attention of governments and people of all countries. Energy conservation and environmental protection have gradually become one of the world’s development themes. They have begun to provide a broad development opportunity for the construction waste management industry. In the world, billions of tons of garbage are produced each year, and the average annual growth rate of garbage is 8.42%. While the growth rate of garbage in China is more than 10%, it is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. It only generates nearly one billion tons of cities each year. construction rubbish. The cumulative stockpiling of municipal solid waste in China has reached 7 billion tons, of which construction waste accounts for the bulk of this. Under such a huge weight of urban waste, there is reason to believe that the waste processing industry will become the star industry in the future.

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The Importance of ultrafine Mill Sealing


For ultra-fine mills, the sealing problem is as important as its internal core components. It is one of the factors that has a major impact on production. Therefore, it is also an aspect that needs special attention when installing and using it. We are here to introduce the importance of the machine seal.
First of all, if the ultrafine mill is working, poor sealing will cause its internal dust to overflow. This phenomenon will not only cause environmental pollution problems, but also cause dust to enter the bearing gap and lubrication system if it enters. To the bearing clearance will inevitably cause the bearing wear to intensify, reduce its service life and work performance, and if you enter the lubrication system, it will cause the pollution of the lubricating oil, make the lubricating oil deteriorate, cause its lubrication effect to drop, no matter what On the one hand, it is disadvantageous for ultra-fine pulverizers, so the sealing problem needs to be taken care of all the time. If there is a problem, it needs to be processed in a timely manner;
Secondly, during the production of the ultra-fine pulverizer, the interior of the ultra-fine pulverizer is in a state of negative pressure. If there is a problem with the seal, then the pressure will change. This situation will cause changes in the internal working conditions of the machine. The performance will also change, which will change the efficiency of the equipment or the quality of the finished product. If it does not meet the requirements of production, then the benefits of the work will naturally not meet the customer’s expectations.
In addition, in the work process of ultrafine mill, sealing is only one of the aspects, there are many factors that will cause the performance of the machine to change, in order to ensure the performance of its work, in the use of the aircraft, its Perform reasonable operations and maintenance, promptly identify the existence of problems and resolve them to ensure the performance of the aircraft.
The article mainly introduces the importance analysis of the sealing problem of ultra-fine mills, mainly in the two aspects. Regarding these two aspects, the above are introduced in more detail. In view of this phenomenon, the actual work During the process, it is very important to ensure the sealability of the machine. In order to seal the bad phenomenon, it is necessary to observe it in time. If any problem can be solved in time.
The equipment provided by Shanghai SBM mainly includes equipment such as ultra-fine mill, Raymond mill, cone crusher, impact crusher, mobile crushing plant, sand making machine, and sand production line, and then for these different equipments. Or we can provide corresponding assistance in the selection, configuration and pricing of the process, or when it is used.

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Sand Making Machine Manufacturers Should Create Innovative Ideas to Build Green and Environmentally Friendly Sand Making Equipment


Innovation is the root of an enterprise’s development. With the continuous development of the world economy, environmental pollution has intensified, resources are scarce, and people’s awareness of environmental protection has been strengthened. The concept of green protection is deeply rooted in all areas. The Green Prize has become the mainstream of the times. For the mining machinery and equipment sand making machine, sand blasting machine, crusher is no exception. How to realize the green environmental protection of sand making equipment has become a key development direction for major sand making machine manufacturers.
SBM Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. has researched and developed the relevant equipment for the new environmentally friendly sand making machine, VSI new sand making machine, VSI impact sand making machine, new environmental crusher sand stone production line and sand making production line. The VSI new sand making machine produced by SBM is currently the most advanced in the world, with the best sand production effect and the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment. The sand making machine equipment is a model of green sand making machine equipment. Compared with the traditional equipment under the same power, this sand making machine equipment has a large amount of processing, a high output, a 30% increase in output and stability. The product has excellent grain shape—the product has a cube shape, good grain shape, reasonable gradation, and fineness modulus. The sand making equipment works with low noise and no pollution. The unique air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of exhaust air, reduces dust, and is environmentally friendly. SBM believes that in order to further cater to the development trend of this era, every company should gradually join this rank and create a new type of green marketing concept. Sand making machine manufacturers should take responsibility for green environmental protection, and strive to create more environmentally friendly low-carbon sand making equipment.
The operation of sand making machine manufacturers must meet the challenges of the green age and must establish a green concept. SBM believes that the first is to establish a concept of social responsibility. The production of green and environmentally friendly sand making machine, sand blasting machines, and crusher equipment can not only greatly increase the crushing and sand making efficiency of the industries such as stone plants and concentrators, but also can contribute to energy saving and emission reduction in these industries and realize environmental protection. protection. In addition, it is sand making machine manufacturers who must establish sustainable development concepts. Sustainable development has become an eternal principle of contemporary mankind. It requires that social development and economic growth must be controlled within the scope of the long-term realization of the natural environment and environment. SBM’s experienced sand producer in the mining industry has always adhered to the production of green sand-making machines and adhered to scientific and technological innovation. The company produced a series of new environmentally-friendly and efficient sand making machines, crushers, sand blasting machines, and gravel production lines. Stone production line equipment, products sold at home and abroad, the majority of customers and market favor.

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Development of construction waste crusher


With the development of China’s industrialization and urbanization and the reconstruction of shanty towns in most of the provinces in recent years, there has been an increase in solid waste of construction waste. In 2015 and 2020, the total amount of construction waste generated in China will be approximately 1.55 billion yuan annually. 24 billion tons, accounting for 40% of urban waste, is expected to reach a peak in China’s construction waste generation by 2020; in 2015, China’s industrial solid waste production will reach 3.221 billion tons; by 2017, China’s industrial solid waste production will be Breaking 5 billion tons. At the two sessions last year, it was mentioned that increasing the solid waste disposal and recycling and industrialization development of construction wastes has a significant role in promoting urban environment, building livable cities, and a “two-type society”, and can bring about sustainable urban development. Great economic, social and environmental benefits.
“Building rubbish is a misplaced resource.” In fact, construction waste is not real garbage, it is an effective resource, and it is the “second resource” of the construction industry. Most of the waste in construction waste can be reused after being sorted, removed or crushed. This is a promising environmental protection industry and a low-carbon economy.
In order to meet the needs of more customers, construction waste is crushed, light material separation can be combined with the introduction of a new construction waste crusher, the set of production line out of brick speed, reasonable design and stable performance, process reliability, smooth operation, high production efficiency, Pressing bricks have high forming pressure. Because of the limited pressure, it is very difficult for general block forming machines to combine materials with relatively complex construction wastes. Therefore, the bricks produced are very effective.
At present, all parts of China are vigorously developing urban construction. The amount of construction waste derived from the transformation of shantytowns and urbanization has reached more than 40% of the total amount of existing waste. According to estimates by authoritative departments, if buildings are used compared with solid clay bricks, Waste production of 100 million standard bricks can reduce the borrowing of 160,000 cubic meters and save about 120 acres of arable land. At the same time, it can absorb more than 300,000 tons of construction waste, and save 100 acres of land to be stored. The two projects can collectively save 220 acres of land. The utilization of construction waste resources is conducive to reducing ecological pollution, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and effectively improving the urban environment. It is a real project that benefits the nation and the people.
In the construction waste temporary storage yard, the excavator sent the construction waste to the Giant Heavy Industries Mobile Crushing Plant for crushing into pellets of different sizes, which were then conveyed to the screening station through a conveyor belt. After screening, construction waste becomes a reusable aggregate for the production of prefabricated building parts and components, or replaces parts of sand and stones, which not only solves the problem of construction waste dumping, but also reduces the production cost of building materials. .

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How much electricity is consumed by a sand making machine to produce a ton of sand?


Different sand making equipment power is different, the equipment power consumption is also different, the sand washing machine equipped with different water consumption is also different. The sand making machine price of different production sizes and different fineness have different models. The particle size of the sand making machine equipment can be adjusted according to the production conditions to meet the customer’s production requirements for coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand and other different particle sizes. The power consumption also needs to be determined according to the size of the machine sand equipment and the production conditions.
In general, the electricity consumed for producing and processing 1 ton of machined sand is 0.7-1 degrees, and the water consumed for producing 1 ton of machined sand is about 2 tons.
Here we take the 300t/h machined sand production line as an example to explain the cost calculation of machined sand in detail. Taking a production line of limestone sand with a production capacity of 300 tons as an example, the production cost per ton of limestone is 56.28 yuan, and the current market price is 80 yuan per ton, that is, 23.72 yuan per ton of gross profit. The daily production of 10 hours, the output is 3,000 tons, calculated every 10 months, the annual output is 300 days × 3,000 tons = 900,000 tons, annual production is 900,000 tons, annual gross profit is 900,000 tons × 23.72 yuan / Ton = 21.348 million yuan (excluding taxes, etc.), removal of about 10 million Artificial Sand Making Machine, generally within six months will be able to recover the full cost of investment.

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Internal problems of jaw construction waste crusher


For the Construction waste crushing production line, according to its different types, it can be divided into jaw crusher equipment, cone crusher equipment and impact crusher equipment. Among these different types of equipment, the jaw crusher plays a rough The role of smashing, in the process of building waste disposal, is generally at the forefront, smashing large pieces of waste, processing it into particles that can be accepted by subsequent production equipment, and then performing subsequent production. From this description can It can be seen that the construction of the garbage crusher plays an important role. Without the participation of the aircraft, it may take more cost to complete the construction waste disposal. However, when the aircraft is working, problems will arise. Common parts Damage, lubricating oil pollution, etc. will all affect the production process. In fact, when it is working, there will be internal problems. This is the same as the damage of the parts. One of them is the deviation of the board and even the body. The phenomenon of friction and collision occurs on the side. This phenomenon is extremely serious for the work and even the service life of the construction waste crusher. Lee is the need to promptly resolve, here to tell us about the internal problems, how to solve.
First of all, when this problem occurs, it should be stopped first and then repaired. The repair process is as follows: Loosen the spring rod screw to a suitable degree and place a 5t or 10t on the back wall slant of the body. Hydraulic jack, the top start E to the appropriate position, it is necessary to prevent the elbow plate off, but also to ease the back of the hitting elbow, and then use the top of the iron braze to the elbow, with a sledgehammer to hit the iron jaw construction crane crusher After brazing, the elbow plate is reset. After reset, a steel plate is welded at the end surface of the elbow pad groove on one side of the deviation. Generally, both ends are welded to prevent deviation of the elbow plate. This method of treatment can be restored. The working performance of the equipment.
In addition, in the production of construction waste crusher, it is important to repair equipment failures, but more importantly, during production, maintenance and operation of various parts of the equipment can reduce the occurrence frequency of failures and reduce maintenance costs. At the same time, it can also increase the production efficiency of the equipment.
The article mainly introduces the internal problems of the construction waste crusher for Hubei construction. It is mainly the phenomenon of friction and collision between the eccentricity of the jaw plate and the side of the body. Then it analyzes the solution to this phenomenon and introduces the maintenance in production. The importance of the maintenance of the time, there are many details of the problem, we need to patiently operate.

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Sand making machine is widely used in the re-election process of antimony ore


There are many methods for the beneficiation of ores, such as flotation, re-election, and hand-selection. No matter which kind of ore dressing technology is adopted, thorium ores need to be crushed and ground. The new type of sand making machine produced by our SBM is the best equipment for crushing ore.
Tantalum is a mineral that contains metal strontium. The use of antimony ore is mainly used to produce antimony products. The use of lanthanum as a component of other alloys can increase its hardness and strength. Such as battery plates, bearing alloys, printed alloys (type letters), solders, cable sheaths and bullets contain helium. Lead-tin-bismuth alloy can be used as sheet metal stamping die. High-purity germanium is a doping element of semiconductor silicon and germanium. One of the main uses of bismuth is bismuth white (bismuth trioxide), which is an important raw material for enamel, paint white pigments and flame retardants. Strontium sulfide (bisulfur pentasulfide) is a rubber red pigment. Raw oysters (bisulfur trisulfide) are used to produce matches and smoke agents.
We took the method of re-election of the Yankuang ore beneficiation process as an example to explain in detail the extensive application of the SBM new sand making equipment in iron ore beneficiation.
Re-election is suitable for most beryllium ore beneficiation because of the high-density, coarse-grained minerals that are easily separated by using re-election and gangue. In short, whether it is a single yttrium sulfide or sulfide-oxidation mixed yttrium ore, it has better re-election conditions. With low re-election costs, a large number of qualified coarse-grained concentrates can be selected within a relatively coarse-grained range, and a large amount of waste rock is discarded. Therefore, the re-election method is still a method that the ore benefactors are willing to adopt. Tantalum re-equipping equipment mainly refers to the jig, and sometimes it also uses a shaker.
Before the re-election of cesium ore, it needs to go through many processes such as crushing and grinding. SBM’s new sand making machine equipment can effectively crush finely divided iron ore, improve the production efficiency of the whole clinker ore crushing process, and then increase the overall benefit of the entire Jelly ore beneficiation production line. From the production efficiency and cost of thorium ore, the adoption of SBM’s new sand making machine (sand blasting machine) can effectively reduce production costs. Because the new type of sand making machine can provide smaller product size, from the overall process, using the stone paving principle to complete the main crushing task of iron ore is the most economical production method. SBM’s new sand making machine has a simple structure, low cost, stable operation, and high efficiency and energy saving. The working noise is less than 75 decibels and less dust pollution. Widely used in iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, wood ore, lead and zinc ore, tungsten ore, manganese ore and other special hard, medium hard and abrasive materials, fine crushing and coarse grinding operations. It is an ideal crushing equipment that is indispensable for major mineral processing production lines.

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Ultrafine grinding machine vibration phenomena never tire


When an ultrafine mill is in operation, any factors that will affect the production process of the equipment are worth our constant exploration and resolution. What we need to analyze here are some problems related to the vibration phenomenon, mainly caused by it. The reason, and the corresponding solution.
1. The loosening of bolts will cause the phenomenon of vibration of the equipment. If during production, the phenomenon of ultrafine mill vibration caused by the loosening of the bolts is indeed a phenomenon that occurs during the production, it is necessary to stop first, and then tighten, and the shutdown is to ensure safety. This is a point that cannot be ignored;
2. Irrational feeding may also cause vibration. When the ultra-fine mills of different types are in operation, the processing capacity is limited, so the nature of the materials that can be processed is also determined. If it exceeds the defined range, then It will lead to the occurrence of vibration phenomenon. Therefore, in actual production, we must ensure that all aspects of the equipment’s feeding properties are in line with the equipment’s production requirements, and then the amount of material input also needs to meet the equipment requirements. Generally, it is necessary to ensure continuous and uniform Feeding requirements, these aspects meet the requirements of the equipment, can ensure the smooth progress of production;
3. In the production of ultra-fine pulverizer, if the grinding roller and the grinding ring are worn out, it will cause the pulverizing operation to not be performed well. This process will also cause the vibration phenomenon to occur. The method is to replace the grinding roller or grinding ring to solve this vibration phenomenon;
4. If the material is too fine in the production of the ultrafine mill, there will be direct friction between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and a sufficient thickness of the material layer will not be formed. This phenomenon will also cause the occurrence of vibration. The method is to control by adjusting the vibrating feeder to prevent the occurrence of excessive material phenomenon;
The article mainly introduces the phenomena of vibration of ultra-fine pulverizers, because the phenomenon of vibration will affect the production process of the equipment, resulting in a drop in efficiency and even a change in the life of the equipment. Therefore, it is more urgent to solve this phenomenon. , Here is a case for this situation. We have analyzed several reasons and introduced the solutions. We hope to help everyone.

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