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Archyvas: Balandis, 2018

How to reduce the failure of Raymond Mill?


The use of Raymond Mill does not mean that you will only simply operate it. There are still many learnings in this area, such as the maintenance of the mill, the maintenance of the raymond mill, and the basic working principle of the mill. With some knowledge of all aspects, today we first talk about how to reduce Raymond Mill’s four-learning problem.
1, to ensure the normal working load, we must pay attention to not be able to work under the maximum load that the machinery can withstand, to use machinery in the best possible condition.
2, to ensure reasonable lubrication of Raymond Mill, to be a reasonable choice of lubricants, according to the type of machinery and the application of the structure of different types of suitable lubricants, according to the requirements of the machinery to select the appropriate quality level, according to the mechanical work Choose the right lubricant grade for the environment and different seasons
3, timely maintenance, in the use of the process to strengthen the regular and irregular inspection of Raymond Mill, timely understanding of the operation of the machine, on the temporary failure, we must promptly deal with, not due to small faults, does not affect the use of The delay in repairing the time leads to greater failures.
4. Take correct technical measures and organizational management measures.
Actually, some minor problems encountered by our raymond mill in the ordinary production process can be prevented. If you do regular and irregular maintenance properly and reasonably, keep the machinery clean and clean. , Regularly check the mechanical state of the machine, find abnormalities and deal with it in time, tighten and adjust loose and misaligned parts in time, and perform preventive replacement of some wearing parts. In fact, many minor problems may not occur.

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Roller crusher aggregate production and sand making


As a special machine for making artificial sand, the tooth roller crusher has been constantly undergoing technological upgrading and product improvement since the 1960s, and the aggregates produced by the tooth roller crusher have been used in various applications. Kind of construction industry engineering. High-rise buildings, high-speed railways, highways, municipal engineering, port terminals, construction of hydroelectric dams, concrete mixing plants, etc., are used in many cases by tooth roller crushers.
SBM tooth roller crusher is suitable for the crushing of brittle materials below the medium hardness. The tooth roller crusher is a double roller type. The shape of the roller surface is a staggered tooth roller. For the coarse crushing of the material, the crushing effect is particularly good.
The traditional tooth roller crusher is far from the low-carbon requirements in terms of energy consumption, carbon emissions, etc., and it cannot comply with the low-carbon wind. SBM tooth roller crusher, impact crusher and other series of crusher stone production line, with high efficiency and low consumption characteristics. The principle of crushing can be selected from two methods: stone paving stone and stone paving iron, and it can be easily adjusted according to the actual situation of broken material, which greatly improves the production capacity. Under normal circumstances, the best phenomenon we can see is that in the sand production of the tooth roller crusher, the sandstone concentrates filtration, and the dependence on the edge is very small. In this way, the smashing device, the sand making machine device and the sieving device form a closed loop and process the material into the desired finished aggregate of sand and gravel.

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SBM ultrafine powder mill assists in the desulfurization of raw coal in multiple home appliance enterprises


SBM developed an ultra-fine powder mill that draws on Sweden’s advanced milling industry technology. Aiming at the current development trend and market demand of the domestic milling industry, a new type of milling powder is developed for users of Ultrafine mill. equipment. It is mainly applied to calcite, chalk, calcium carbonate, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, talc, mica, magnesite, illite, pyrophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, and rectorite. Its performance characteristics are: First, safe and reliable, its grinding cavity without rolling bearings, no screws, there is no bearing and its seals are vulnerable problems Second, clean, environmental protection, the use of pulse dust collector and muffler to reduce dust pollution And noise, to meet the national environmental standards Third, the investment cost is low. With the same fineness, less investment is required than jet mill, the cost is low, and the recovery cycle is short. Fourth, the rate of high flour. With the same finished product fineness and power consumption, the output is 45% higher than that of jet mill and agitator mill.
SBM superfine pulverizer is a superb desulfurization technology that fully meets the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving, and is superior in performance. It is worthy of being the first choice! The country pays more and more attention to the protection of the environment. The term “environmental protection” has long run through everybody’s mind and acts as a crusher. As the leading company in milling machines, SBM Technology will continue to actively respond to national policies and bring the concept of environmental protection to the research and development of equipment to contribute to the country’s environmental protection.

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Ultra-fine powder mill insists on handling fly ash in the end


Fly ash is fine ash that is collected from coal-fired flue gas. Fly ash is the main solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plants. The main oxide composition of fly ash in thermal power plants in China is: SiO2, Al2O3, FeO, Fe2O3, CaO, TiO2 and so on. Fly ash is one of the larger industrial wastes in China. With the development of the power industry, fly ash emissions from coal-fired power plants have increased year by year. A large amount of fly ash without treatment will produce dust and pollute the atmosphere. If discharged into the water system, it will cause river silting, and the toxic chemicals in it will also cause harm to the human body and living organisms. In addition, fly ash can be used as a concrete admixture.
SBM ultrafine mill insists on handling fly ash in the end. At present, there are many types of mills for fly ash, most commonly used in Raymond Mill, over-pressure mill, and high-pressure suspension mill. Extensive, because fly ash replaced part of the cement, the workability, homogeneity, water exudation, and pumpability of the agitated concrete were improved, which reduced the amount of water used and prolonged the setting time of fresh concrete. It is beneficial to inhibit the alkali aggregate reaction. In particular, it is advantageous to reduce the heat of hydration and delay the rate of heat release so that the large-scale water industry and large-volume concrete are not cracked after pouring. However, these uses must be performed when the fly ash has a certain degree of fineness and meets the required standard, ie, graded ash. In order to solve this problem, Shanghai SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. has specially launched a vertical milling machine. This machine is developed on the basis of the design concept of integrated milling machine and combined with the actual needs of the domestic cement, coal, fly ash and other fields. . Welcome to consult and discuss.

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Half of the market for construction waste processing equipment is occupied by SBM miners


What is construction waste? Presumably, literally, everyone knows what construction waste means. Construction waste includes construction waste, waste bricks, waste tiles, waste concrete, scattered mortar and concrete, and a small amount of steel, wood, glass, plastics, and various packaging materials. With the acceleration of urbanization, the transformation of the old city and the demolition of the village in the city have caused a large amount of construction waste, which not only accounts for a large amount of land but also pollutes the environment.
The traditional construction waste crusher method is landfill. This not only encroaches on a large amount of land and roads, it also pollutes the soil and destroys the ecological balance of the environment. SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is aware of this point. After years of research, it has independently developed a construction waste disposal facility. After sorting, crushing and screening, construction waste can be reused as recycled aggregate resources. For example, recycled aggregates and recycled bricks are used as building materials that are directly applied in engineering construction and can replace existing natural sand and gravel. Common brick wall materials have significant implications for solving the shortage of building material production resources and huge energy consumption.
It is understood that in recent years, some local government, scientific research institutes, scientific research personnel of universities and colleges and some forward-thinking enterprises have gradually realized that scientific disposal and comprehensive utilization of construction waste are used to conserve resources, purify the environment and beautify the city. The importance, while realizing the potential market prospects and the profound significance to the local economic and social development, has carried out the research and application of construction waste recycling technology.
SBM mining machine construction waste crusher equipment, divided into fixed, mobile, brick production line. Has been successfully used in Beijing, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Yunnan, Hangzhou and other cities, the market has a great response, deeply concerned and appreciated by the municipal government. Not only did the government and the people solve the problem of construction waste around the city, it also protected the environment and made a contribution to beautifying the city.

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What features do the new construction waste disposal companies need?


The construction waste crusher industry has the characteristics of low return, long operating cycle, stable returns, high capital deposition, and high policy risk. It adopts a market-based franchising model and requires professional construction waste disposal companies to operate in order to make the franchise produce social benefits. Bigger. Because specialized construction waste disposal companies have the following characteristics:
1. Rich operating experience. Professional construction waste disposal companies generally have extensive experience in the management and operation of construction waste treatment facilities. These experiences include systematic day-to-day operation modes, system training for employees to become qualified practitioners, and regular maintenance rules for waste treatment facilities, etc. .
2. Professional skill level. The professional construction waste crusher company must have a certain scale, gather a large number of skilled workers and excellent technical personnel, and give complete intellectual support to the professional operation of the company. The construction waste management company must consider the issue of economic efficiency in the process of construction, operation and management of the facilities, and will certainly increase the renewal and maintenance of professional equipment. Only in this way can higher profits be obtained. By increasing the technological development and strengthening the operation management in the construction waste disposal process, equipment manufacturers and users can finally realize greater profits.
3. Advanced management methods. For investors, the profit mainly includes two parts: First, engineering construction, using a legal fixed amount to calculate investment, usually the cost will always be about 15% higher than the actual cost, and at the same time professional construction waste disposal companies Responsibility will also save some funds. Second, profits from operations, professional construction waste disposal companies, through the professionalization of the operation and the improvement of the degree of mechanization, can avoid the emergence of government-related unit construction waste disposal plant personnel complicated situation, save a lot of human resources to open up capital.

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Raymond Mill work process


After the bulk material is crushed by the jaw crusher to the required grain size, the raymond mill is used to send the material to the storage hopper, and then the vibrating feeder is evenly and quantitatively fed into the main grinding chamber for grinding, after grinding. The powder is carried away by the fan airflow.
After being graded by the analyzer, the powder with fineness enters the large cyclone collector along with the gas flow through the pipeline, and is separated and collected, and then discharged through the powder tube as finished powder. The air flow is sucked into the blower by the return air pipe at the upper end of the cyclone collector. The entire air flow system of the machine is closed and circulates under positive and negative pressure.
The above is a detailed introduction about the structure and working principle of Raymond Mill. The relevant staff can refer to it. Before the raymond mill is installed, it should be properly kept. A complete maintenance system must be established to prevent the machine from being exposed to the sun, rain or rust. In the process of using Raymond Mill, it requires a fixed number of people to look after it. It also requires the operator to have a certain level of technology, but also to understand in detail its structure and working principle, and familiar with the operating procedures.

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Ultra-fine grinding improves the production efficiency of ore in the milling process


There are many materials that can be processed by ultrafine mill, and the fineness of the finished ore processed with ultra-fine micro-grinding is the most concern for customers and manufacturers. Most customers have certain requirements for the fineness of finished products. Therefore, For some of the ore materials that appear on the market, the requirements on the fineness of materials for processing are very strict. What are the most important factors affecting the fineness of ore materials in ultra-fine mills?
The fineness of the ultrafine mill is influenced by many factors in the processing. To increase the fineness of the mill, it is first necessary to understand the main factors affecting the ultra-fine mill, and then to solve the problem from the source. The problem is the hardness of the ore itself, the size of the crushing size, the size of the ore, the size of the grid sieve, the selection of the ultrafine microplate, the selection of the ultrafine grinding model, the wear of the classifier blade, and other aspects. The degree of wear, the speed of ultra-fine grinding, the height of the main shaft of the ultra-fine mill, the size of the ultra-fine grinding water, and the amount of flushing water in the discharge port will have a certain influence on the ultra-fine grinding.
In order to increase the production of ultra-fine grinding, the most important thing is to further analyze the problems of ultra-fine grinding in processing, so as to understand the main factors affecting the fineness of processing, so that it can be more than one in the future production and processing. Grasp the floor to increase production efficiency in the production process to ensure the smooth production of the mill.
Ultra-fine grinding ensures the fineness and yield of the mill. At the same time, it guarantees the quality of the product. Therefore, in the production process of milling, it is more important to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the ultra-fine grinding. Fine grinding has a better performance in production. Therefore, users must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance while using ultra-fine micro-grinding to achieve better development of micro-grinding.
In the production, the fineness of finished products and the quality of finished products for ultra-fine grinding are mainly the above factors. I hope to provide better help to customers and manufacturers. Shanghai Collierc offers various types of mills, crushers and Hoist.

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What factors need to be considered when investing in a construction waste recycling and recycling production line?


What are the factors that need to be considered when investing in a construction waste recycling and recycling production line? With the support of the current favorable policies for the construction of resource-based construction waste, investment in the Construction Waste Crusher industry is clearly more advantageous. In order to help more small and medium-sized investors to complete the task of environmental protection development as soon as possible, SBM Machinery provides a full range of feasibility report, resource-based production line configuration, local actual situation investigation and other aspects.
In April of this year, SBM Machinery received an inquiry hotline from an Anhui customer. Because it was the first time to contact the Construction Waste Crusher industry, customers were not particularly familiar with the specific processes and reprocessing modes, and he hoped SBM mechanical energy could Provide more detailed video and picture information. Through numerous communication with customers, SBM Machinery successfully completed the signing of this Hefei customer.
According to the actual situation of resource disposal of construction waste in Anhui Province, SBM Machinery has recommended the disposal of large-scale construction waste processing equipment with an annual processing capacity of 800,000 tons. Whether it is concrete waste or brick tiles, the solid waste recycling production line can all be “eaten”, and after a short time of “digestion” operations, it has completed the transformation work to a variety of recycled building materials.
From the perspective of the entire production line, its core is still on the mobile crushing plant. SBM Machinery has obtained the national patented technology approved crushing equipment, which has both efficiency and environmental protection issues. If you are also interested in the construction waste recycling project of SBM Machinery, you are welcome to communicate directly with our online customer service staff.

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Raymond Mill grinding system new advantages


Raymond Mill is a kind of grinding equipment that we commonly use in industrial ultrafine mill. It is suitable for limestone, calcite, marble, talc, gypsum, barite, fluorite, zeolite, manganese ore, ilmenite, phosphorus Minerals, bentonite, starch, kaolin and other stones with a hardness of less than Mohs 7 are ground and used in a wide range of applications, all of which are inextricably linked to its new grinding system. So what technology is applied to the grinding system used by Raymond Mill?
1. The new technology adopts a new vertical roll device. The grinding roller and the grinding ring are always in balance during the grinding process to form a uniform line contact grinding zone. The height of the grinding roller and grinding ring is increased from the original 160 mm to 200 mm, which increases the grinding contact area to a greater extent.
2. The classifier adopts a forced turbine classifier to extend the granularity of the finished product from the original 80-325 mesh range to the 80-800 mesh range.
3. The wind transport and finished product collection system was updated to have a negative pressure, secondary dust collection and high efficiency dust collector, so that the finished product can be collected more thoroughly.

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