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Mechanism sand production line to carry out the advantages of construction waste crusher


Construction waste refers to construction waste, spoil, rejects, residual mud and other wastes generated during construction, laying or removal of various types of buildings, structures, and pipe networks by construction and construction units or individuals. Construction waste can be classified according to the source of production and composition. According to the source of production, it can be divided into engineering waste, decoration waste, demolition waste, engineering mud, etc.; it can be divided into waste soil, concrete blocks, broken stones, brick fragments, waste mortar, mud, asphalt blocks, waste plastics, Scrap metal, waste bamboo, etc. The construction waste crusher refers to the use of machine-made sand production lines and other equipment to crush the rubble of these bricks and blocks to meet the needs of turning waste into treasure.
According to the statistics of the country, the amount of construction waste in China has accounted for 30%-40% of the total amount of urban waste. Based on the standard of 500-600 tons/million square meters, by 2020, China will have a new construction area of ​​about 30 billion square meters. The newly-generated construction waste will be a shocking figure. Faced with such a large amount of garbage, we need a professional construction waste crusher method, and the mature machine sand production line is often used as a construction waste crusher production equipment. However, the actual situation is that so far, there is still a lot of construction waste without any treatment for any disposal.
Some building rubbish is randomly placed beside the construction site, some are placed on the outskirts of the country or in rural areas, and it is even more unbelievable that some of them are landfilled directly. These improper practices have greatly reduced the quality of our country’s land. We must not only waste land resources indiscriminately, but also spend a lot of money on the disposal of landfilled waste and destroyed land resources. Therefore, a reasonable and correct construction waste crusher is very important, and Shibang, as a member of the crushing equipment manufacturing industry, also has a very clear social responsibility, and it is necessary to spend more energy to produce suitable construction waste crusher equipment. For example, Simpang has already rationally reformed its existing machine-made sand production line to produce a highly efficient and portable construction waste crusher equipment.
In this way, the problem of excessive construction cost of the construction waste crusher can be avoided, and the consequences of disposing of construction waste can be eliminated, and the destruction of the land due to the improper construction crusher and the destruction of the environment can be avoided. Through practice, it has been proved that random placement, landfill, and burning of construction waste anywhere will cause the garbage to decompose some gases that are not good for the human body in a specific environment. For example, construction waste gypsum contains a large amount of sulfate ions and sulfate ions. Under anaerobic conditions, it will convert to hydrogen sulfide with rotten egg flavor. Waste paperboard and waste wood will liquefy under anaerobic conditions and release chemical gases such as lignin and tannic acid and decompose to generate volatile organic acids. Looking at the moment, the solution to environmental problems is already a huge problem. The state has been working hard for these years, advocating low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection, green travel, and the use of natural gas. These are measures to protect the environment. Construction waste is so harmful to the environment. We should naturally take some measures to deal with construction waste in a timely manner so that our environmental protection can be truly implemented.

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Limestone ultrafine mill prices and what


Many sand and gravel resources are formed through many years of roughening and tempering. Limestone is also a kind of calcium carbonate mixture. Domestic limestone reserves are abundant and valuable mineral resources. It can be used in papermaking, rubber, paint, etc. The same light, usually lime powder applied to the construction industry.
While the construction industry wants to continue its rapid development, many raw materials are indispensable. Limestone is one of the raw materials, and the milling process in the production line is an important step. The limestone ultrafine mill has a super The strong effect is deeply loved by everyone. How much does it cost to use a limestone ultrafine mill? Here’s a look.
Limestone ultrafine mill prices and what
Whether buying or selling price is a headache, if the price is set high, the seller may not be able to sell it. If the price is too low, the buyer may lose money. The buyer would like to spend less to buy a good quality equipment. There is very little accurate information on the prices of fine mills. An indispensable factor is that there are many types of limestone ultrafine mills. Everyone will have a psychological output in choosing equipment. You want to choose to meet your own requirements because Different sites, different people’s needs are not the same, manufacturers in the production of equipment designed a lot of models, different models are not only the output is not the same, the equipment into, out of material size, power, and manufacturers of manufacturing costs are different, so there is a difference in price.
With the continuous development of several years, there are more and more manufacturers of limestone superfine grinding mills. They come from different regions and each has its own advantages. Each manufacturer has different scale and strength, and the technology and raw material costs invested in production and processing There are also certain differences, equipment quality is good or bad, equipment with better quality may have higher crushing efficiency, do not need to spend a lot of time and money on maintenance, effectively reduce everyone’s investment costs, and have high quality prerequisites to invest in With many costs, the price of limestone ultra-fine mills has a close relationship with manufacturers and quality.

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Raymond Mill’s working technology principle process comprehensive analysis


The natural ore can not be directly put into the raymond mill to directly grind the inside, but it needs the supporting equipment to carry out the simple processing of the ore. Raymond Mill’s complete working system includes jaw crusher, blower, analysis machine (powder selector), pipeline installation, finished cyclone separator, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electronically controlled motor, etc. After the material is crushed by the jaw crusher to the required grain size, the material is sent to the storage hopper by the elevator, and then evenly quantified and continuously fed into the main grinding chamber for grinding by the vibrating feeder. The dust after the grinding is blown by the fan take away. After being classified by the analysis machine, the powder with the fineness enters the large cyclone collector along with the gas flow through the pipeline, and is separated and collected. The powder is then discharged through the powder tube as the finished powder. The air flow is sucked into the blower by the return air pipe at the upper end of the cyclone collector. The entire air flow system of the machine is closed and circulates under positive and negative pressure.
Raymond Mill mainframe consists of a frame, grinding roller, grinding ring, blade, air inlet volute, cover and motor. Through its structure, we first look at how its main machine works: Raymonds mill main work process is through the transmission device to drive the central axis rotation, the upper end of the shaft is connected to the plum shelf, the rack is equipped with a roller device and forms a swing fulcrum, grinding roller While orbiting around the grinding ring, the roller itself rotates due to friction. The lower end of the plum shelf is equipped with a blade system, and the position is at the lower end of the grinding roller. During the process of the same rotation of the blade and the grinding roller, the material shovel is thrown into the gap between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to form a mat layer, and the material layer is affected by the grinding roller. Rotation produces outward centrifugal force (ie, extrusion force) to crush the material, thereby achieving the purpose of milling.
In the grinding chamber, due to the moisture content of the material being grinded, the heat generated during grinding causes the gas in the mill chamber to evaporate and change the gas flow, and the pipes of the whole machine are not tightly connected so that the outside air is sucked in, so that the circulation air flow is increased, resulting in milling. Machine out of powder or even burst machine, in this regard, the new European version of the ladder mill has been set in the body with explosion-proof measures, you can maximize to avoid accidental damage caused by Raymond mill explosion, at the same time, The situation can also be achieved by adjusting the balance between the fan and the host to achieve airflow balance, and the excess gas into the small cyclone collector, the residual gas into the fine powder collected, and finally by the small cyclone collector upper section The exhaust pipe is discharged into the atmosphere or introduced into the dust collector to purify the exhaust gas. However, the technical requirements of the operator are relatively high, and they need to be discovered and adjusted in time.
The analysis machine (powder selector) rotates 60 blades on the turntable through a speed-regulating motor and is driven by a secondary deceleration to form a graded effect on the powder. The speed of the blade is adjusted according to the size of the finished powder. In order to obtain finer particles, it is necessary to increase the rotational speed of the blades (at the same time, the wind speed of the fan must be taken into consideration) so that the contact between the blades and the powder increases, and the undesired powder is thrown off from the center air flow by the blades. The powder falls into the grinding chamber due to the effect of gravity and is regrinded. The qualified finished powder is sucked into the large cyclone collector by the air flow through the blade. After the powder collector is separated, the air flow and the powder are separated and the powder is collected.

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Raymond Mill introduction and its scope of application


Raymond Mill is a kind of grinding equipment introduced from abroad. The raymond mill is widely used in non-inflammable and explosive mining, chemical, metallurgy and building materials with a Mohs hardness of less than 8 and a humidity below 6%. High-precision milling of more than 320 materials in other industries (barite, calcite, limestone, potash feldspar, dolomite, glass, gypsum, insulation materials, etc.), and the finished product particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 80-480 mesh. Fine up to 600 mesh. Viewed from the outside, it looks like a steel container standing upright, with air inlet and outlet, and a feed inlet in the middle. The appearance is similar to the MPS grinding. The Raymond Grinding Roller swivel centerline is upright, and the MPS Grinding Roller swivel centerline is approximately horizontal. The lower part of the mill has a motor to drive the internal grinding roller and the disc to rotate. The material to be ground will be ground or ground. The finished material will be blown through the air from the air inlet. The upper part of the mill has a separator, which can separate the fine powder and then pass through the mill. The wind of the aircraft is taken out by the air outlet.
The product adopts the advanced structure of similar foreign products and is updated and improved on the basis of large Raymond Mill. The equipment is more efficient than the ball mill, lower power consumption, smaller floor space, and less investment at one time. The grinding roller is tightly pressed on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, so when the grinding roller and the grinding ring are worn to a certain thickness, the production and fineness of the finished product are not affected. The long replacement cycle of the grinding roller and the grinding ring eliminates the shortcomings of short replacement cycles of the consumable parts of the centrifugal crusher.
The wind-selecting air flow of this machine is circulated and flowed in the fan-grinding shell- cyclone separator-fan, so it has less dust than the high-speed centrifugal crusher, and the operation workshop is clean and the environment is free of pollution.

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How to Extend the Service Life of Wearing Parts of Construction Waste Treatment Production Line Equipment


The equipment of construction waste crusher production line is dealing with hard stones for a long time and wear is inevitable. Therefore, the selection of wear-resistant materials and the protection of wearing parts are very important for the crusher. Before the selection of wear-resistant materials, we have already made relevant introductions. The technical personnel of Shanghai SBM Technical Department brought us the use and protection of the wearing parts of construction waste processing equipment.
Extending the service life of the wearing parts of construction waste treatment production line equipment is to prolong the service life of the crushing equipment. Hammer heads and counterattack plates and other accessories are very important in the crushing equipment and are the most easily worn parts. In order to extend the service life of the equipment wearing parts, Should be comprehensive management from multiple aspects, and a multi-pronged approach.
1, pay attention to daily operation skills
Commonly used consumables in crushing equipment include hammers, rotors and counterattack plates. For example, the consumables in construction waste disposal line equipment are mainly rotors and plate hammers. The wear parts of the sand making machine are mainly the plate hammers on the impeller. The wear parts of alloy cutter heads, liners, rotors and jaw crushers are mainly screed plates and edge guard plates. The hammers of the hammer crusher are the hammer heads, and the cone crusher consumables are barb walls. And crushing walls. The correct operation skills can effectively reduce the grinding loss efficiency of the equipment and prolong the service life of wear parts. Such as jaw crusher should always check the nuts, bolts, to prevent increased wear and tear, seesaw loose, broken, etc., thereby extending the life of the rocker, reducing costs and improve work efficiency.
2. Choose the most suitable part for different crushing equipment
The types of crushing equipment are various and the models are different. The crusher manufacturers and users should select the most suitable parts for the equipment to prolong the service life of the equipment wearing parts. For example, the choice of hammerhead is: high-chromium compound for small hammerhead, high-manganese steel for sledgehammer, and corrosive material not suitable for forging hammerhead. Different materials have different physical and chemical properties, and the wear of wear parts is also very different. For example, if the quartz rock crushing is easy to happen with the construction of the construction waste processing equipment, the cone crusher should be selected, and the wear-resistant workpiece rolling wall will not be excessively worn.
3, the purchase of construction waste processing line equipment parts selection strength of the big brand manufacturers
Many equipments or wear parts that look the same are used under the same conditions, but their life spans can sometimes differ greatly. Why is this? In fact, we often say that the quality is not good. Every manufacturer has different production scales, different technical strengths, and imperfect hardware equipment. The quality of manufactured parts is also different, and their service life is naturally different. Therefore, Shanghai SBM recommends that when choosing wear-resistant parts manufacturers, we must inspect the factory, including understanding of the plant size, equipment technology, technical personnel, etc., as well as understand the user feedback to select the wear parts.

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Construction waste crusher component introduction


The construction waste crusher consists of three parts: a rack, a counterattack device and a rotor. The basic components of the rack-mounted machine are all mounted on the frame. It is divided into two parts, the upper part and the lower part. The inner walls of the two ends of the rotor are equipped with manganese steel liners, and the top and the left side walls and the two end walls of the racks constitute a semi-open top cover that can be turned over. It is opened and closed by means of a screw rod or a hydraulic top, which facilitates Replace consumables and other work.
The counterattack device of the construction waste crusher is composed of a counterattack board and a suspension device. The inner wall of the counterattack is provided with a serrated liner made of a highly wear-resistant material. One end of the counterattack board is hinged on the cover of the rack, and the middle part is suspended on the rack cover by means of a tension spring suspension device. The use of suspension devices to adjust the size of the discharge opening can provide protection when there is material that cannot be broken. The rotor is composed of a spindle, a turntable, a plate hammer and a plate hammer. The main shaft is installed in the rolling bearings on the outer sides of the two ends of the frame. The turntable is a welded structure. It is not connected to the main shaft by a key, but is firmly connected to the main shaft by locking.
Many equipments or wear parts that look the same are used under the same conditions, but their life spans can sometimes differ greatly. Why is this? In fact, we often say that the quality is not good. Every manufacturer has different production scales, different technical strengths, and imperfect hardware equipment. The quality of manufactured parts is also different, and their service life is naturally different. Therefore, Shanghai SBM recommends that the construction waste crusher must be inspected for the factory, including the understanding of the scale of the plant, the technical level of the equipment, the technical personnel, etc., as well as understanding the user feedback to select the wear parts.
The above is the advice provided by Shanghai SBM on the issue of “how to prolong the service life of construction waste crusher wearing parts”. Shanghai SBM is a professional construction waste crusher manufacturer. It has a high reputation in the industry and is known as the industry. With rich experience, it is your choice to purchase construction waste crusher. Shanghai SBM will use the equipment and the most complete after-sales service to return your trust. If you still have questions about the construction waste crusher, you are welcome to consult our online technicians and we will be happy to help you.

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60 tons of construction waste mobile crushing plant contributes to green environmental protection project


In the 21st century, we enjoy the convenience brought by science and technology. As the population continues to increase, in order to solve the problem of housing shortage, the construction of the city has also become more rapid, resulting in the development of urban architecture will inevitably lead to a lot of construction Garbage, due to the imperfect supervision and management system for construction waste, the phenomenon of tearing down is very common, directly affecting the appearance of the city and the living environment of the people.
Construction waste is difficult to handle. If it is directly filled and buried, it will not only waste land resources, but it will even cause serious pollution to groundwater. It will indirectly affect the quality of air. It will do us no harm, and how these construction wastes should be treated.
Seeing the deteriorating environment, SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of construction waste treatment equipment in Henan Province, learns from domestic and foreign mobile crushing station design specialization concepts and mature experiences, surpasses the performance parameters of its commonly used series of products, and configures professional The light material processing system adopts standardized, modularized, serialized, and combined design to become a product of construction waste crusher that can effectively treat light substances such as wood and plastic on the market.
The mobile construction waste crushing station manufactured by SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. uses the core crusher to process and utilize the construction waste. 500,000 tons of construction waste can produce 100,000 cubic meters of energy-saving bricks, save more than 300 acres of arable land, realize social benefits and The unity of economic benefits and high utilization of abandoned resources.
Construction waste refers to construction wastes, concrete blocks and other waste generated during the construction, laying, or demolition of various types of buildings, structures, and pipe networks by construction and construction companies, or individuals, and waste construction waste is transported to trucks by trucks. The station is then loaded into a crusher by a forklift. The crusher is first recycled to crush the construction waste into three aggregates of different sizes. The recycled aggregate aggregate is equivalent to the sand particle size and can be used as concrete mortar. It can also replace natural sand raw material products; recycled No. 2 aggregate can replace gravel raw materials, but also can be made into concrete; Recycled No. 3 aggregate particles are coarse, and can be used as concrete aggregates, road bed cushions, and widely used in permeable Brick products. This not only realizes the goal of turning construction waste into resources and recycling, but also solves the problem of urban construction waste pollution. It uses construction waste to make various building materials, and also provides concrete resources for many communities in Yuncheng, avoiding bricks. The way that manufacturers of construction materials such as factories ask for raw materials to rivers and rivers, etc. effectively reduces environmental damage and waste of resources. With the aim of low-carbon environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, it is made for green water, blue sky and green environmental protection projects in Yuncheng. Contributed.

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How to properly handle the construction waste disposal equipment?


How to properly handle construction waste crusher equipment is a skill that skilled workers must master. First of all, it is necessary to meet the requirements that all inspections should be carried out before the construction waste treatment equipment is started up, and the following requirements can be met before the construction waste treatment equipment can be started.
(1) Whether the bolts in all places are firmly tightened.
(2) Each lubrication and cooling system should comply with the design requirements and relevant documents, each pipeline valve should be flexible and reliable, no leakage phenomenon, the oil level of each lubrication station reaches the specified elevation, if the winter, the lubricant should be heated To 20 ~ 25 °C, check the oil, gas, water flow and pressure;
(3) The safety contact signals and safety protection devices in various places should be flexible and reliable, normal interlocking, and correct meter display;
(4) Check whether the auxiliary equipment is installed and whether it can operate normally, and ensure that the materials are unblocked after the start of the mill;
(5) Clean up the site and eliminate obstructions that affect the operation of construction waste treatment equipment. Do not stand on both sides of the construction waste disposal equipment.
(6) Check whether the slow-drive clutch is flexible and reliable. When not in use, it should be in the disengaged position and be reliably fixed;
(7) The rotation direction of the motor must meet the requirements of the drawing (should be checked by rotation of the motor).
In addition, when the construction waste treatment equipment is first started, it must use the following method:
(1) Slowly rotate the construction waste treatment equipment by 1-2 revolutions with a slow drive to check the conditions of each department.
(2) Motor idle (without construction waste disposal equipment and air clutch), continuous operation for 4 hours.
(3) Drive the construction waste treatment equipment to run continuously for 24 hours (without steel balls and materials).

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Construction Garbage Counterattack Breaks Peacetime Maintenance Suggestions


construction waste crusher is mainly composed of construction wastes, counter-attack and broken boxes, rotors, hammers, counterattack linings, and sieve plates. It can crush and shape the materials once, simplify the processing technology, and reduce the total cost of the users in the operation. The market is very popular. During the use of construction waste, we need to carry out frequent maintenance and repairs. In this way, we can ensure that the equipment creates higher value for us. The following is the construction waste of Shibang Industrial Technology Group that breaks daily maintenance routines. Some of the suggestions put forward hope to help the user’s production.
1, before the job
Check all the bolts that have been destroyed by construction wastes to see if there is any looseness. Check if there is any debris in the crushing chamber. If any debris is to be removed in time, check whether the belt of the transmission and the motor is broken and lifted. Phenomenon; see the motor junction box and its grounding device is not connected, to ensure that the transmission protection is complete; after all the above checks, make sure that all parts of the counter-attack break can be turned on.
2, in operation
If the construction waste refuses to break down during the operation, it will stop suddenly. If the real cause of the stoppage is not detected, the equipment cannot be forced to start. If the counterattack breaks in the process of running, if there is abnormal knocking or vibration, it is necessary to stop. Work, to investigate the causes of the above phenomenon, in the process of troubleshooting, to avoid boot, so as to avoid accidents.
3, after work
After the completion of the construction waste recycling operation, the debris in the crushing chamber is cleaned to reduce the wear and tear on the equipment. After the operation, the lubrication oil must be cleaned and the bearings should be cleaned regularly to ensure the flexibility of the bearing. Sex, improve equipment efficiency, increase production.

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Mobile construction waste crusher saves operating costs


Before understanding the price of a mobile construction waste crusher, what is the material to be processed? How large is the particle size of the discharge? What is the specified output per hour? Is it necessary to transport, screen, and other auxiliary production equipment? After understanding these, professional manufacturers can configure suitable mobile construction waste crusher in combination with various aspects of the user’s needs.
About quotation, need to know the following points, to understand these, to facilitate the user to buy affordable, relatively good quality mobile construction waste crusher.
1, what factors will affect the aircraft offer? The cost of technology, process, and labor that are used in the production of mobile construction waste crusher, and the costs of publicity and sales generated in sales. External factors include brand awareness, market supply, regional price, and national policies.
2, through which channels to obtain equipment quotes? Get the mobile construction waste crusher quotation through the official website of the manufacturer free consultation online customer service, call the toll-free hotline, visit the factory to obtain face-to-face quote details.
3, which areas in the country offer low levels? As the area and price are important factors influencing the mobile construction waste crusher quotations, the affordable mobile construction waste crusher can be used to select crusher manufacturers in lower price regions, such as Henan and Henan, where manufacturers are more developed than Shanghai. City quotes are generally low, in order to ensure quality, you can choose some of the well-known manufacturers with good reputation, like the World Industrial Technology Group, not only reliable quality, affordable and affordable.

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