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SBM mine construction waste crushing station, banknote printing machine demolition site


SBM Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully developed a mobile crushing plant equipped with a mobile brick making mobile garbage collection processing equipment known as demolition sites on the printing press. Mobile construction waste crusher in the course of their work, eat into the abandoned construction waste, spit out the market is in short supply of building materials. Has brought significant economic benefits, by the user as the demolition site printing press.
With the rapid development of Chinese cities and the integration of urban and rural areas, building rubble like hills has become a topic of concern to the public at the relocation site. The treatment of these construction waste has become a headache. Meanwhile, The piles of construction waste bring a huge disturbance to the people’s livelihood. Based on the treatment methods of urban construction waste in developed countries in Europe and the United States, SBM independently developed a special construction waste crusher. Combined with the vibration screening feeding equipment, Mobile crushing plant moving brick machine and other mobile crushing equipment, and according to yield and other relevant technical parameters combined with oh, combined with mobile construction waste resource treatment equipment, in the face of urban reconstruction and transformation of the old city to produce a large number of Construction waste, removal and disposal of these trash will consume a large amount of manpower, material and financial resources to solve all the problems in one fell swoop, construction waste recycling rate reached 98%.
Removal of construction waste by mobile construction waste recycling equipment After separation of construction waste, separation of reinforcing materials such as rebar, foam, wood, and other construction and decoration materials, after crushing construction waste to be screened, produces aggregates for road construction Stone and sand required for concrete mixing. After moving the brick machine to produce all kinds of bricks, such as paving brick, grass planting brick, Tao teeth brick, as much as possible to expand economic efficiency.

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To reduce the pollution of the city to find the construction waste crushers


The sky is so big that there is a lot of the same equipment in the world. In the construction industry building waste pulverizer is such a developing equipment. You have to ask me what role does it play in society? In fact, I can not tell, because I do not know its professional crushing technology contained in the crushing range is not familiar with, so I do not know the construction waste crusher in the end is exquisite to where. What kind of machines are in the garbage station in our life? The waste we discarded in our life is transported there and then destroyed, so this is not only the health for our factory but also for our life. As a machinery manufacturer, we have to smash the scope and technology of the construction waste crusher Is in place, it is not difficult to know from the use of its parts and life in the end there is much difference between the construction waste crusher. Let us manufacturers are very concerned about the urban environment, take a look at the recent air quality is very serious, seriously affecting our normal life, and we can do is complain that there is no other way, the most important thing is to call We should not just throw away waste, care for the environment around us, I think these trivial things to do in our city can reduce the pollution of it. construction waste crusher is my company launched for the market demand for new products. construction waste crusher is mainly for construction waste, waste treatment and so on. Because of the varying degrees of wet and dry handling of construction waste, traditional screen-equipped construction waste crushers are prone to clogging when handled. construction waste crushers are also known as construction waste crushers, and our company introduced construction shredders that are designed with no mesh or grate bottom. For the moisture content of the material without any requirements, will not block. Handling high viscosity materials will not be blocked. The emergence of construction waste crushers to save our lives, it is precisely because of such a crushing equipment, our environment has been significantly improved, life is back on track, the construction of waste crusher is a professional smash can be used for the second Of the waste, building waste shredder to play super smashing technology so that the city no longer worry about waste that our problem is really solved.

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High-performance ultra-fine powder mill features


1, high energy-saving ultrafine mill, power consumption is only one-third of the same amount of flour milling machine, saving 42 degrees per hour and the output is higher than 50%. If the whole calculation can save 63 degrees per hour. At the same time can save cooling water. Is energy saving, emission reduction ideal product.
2, there is no accumulation of dead material in the steel mill, 岀 powder quickly without the need to often open the steel mill door clean up expected.
3, milling knife gap adjustment easy to adjust the work gap can be opened repeatedly after the steel mill door, close the door does not affect the fineness of the powder.
4, small size, easy installation, convenient transportation, easy operation and maintenance, without cooling pool covers an area of small.
5, low labor intensity, no need to climb high feeding. At a distance of 90 cm from the ground, add material to the hopper.
6, continuous production, milling machine automatically complete the entire process of milling until a qualified powder.
7, the mill is fully enclosed body, no dust spread.
8, start fast, smooth operation, low noise.
9, milling machine tool can be used repeatedly grinding mill repair.

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SBM ultrafine powder mill processing calcium carbonate after a lot of use


In the paper industry, as the sizing technology in the papermaking process shifts from acid sizing to neutral sizing, there is a huge potential market for the use of calcium carbonate. The high whiteness of calcium carbonate used as filler in papermaking can greatly improve the paper performance. As a result of replacing the expensive kaolin, ultrafine mill can obtain obvious economic benefits. Ultrafine calcium carbonate is used in ink products to exhibit excellent dispersibility, transparency, excellent gloss and hiding power, as well as excellent ink absorbency and drying properties. The ultrafine calcium carbonate used in the ink must be activated and the crystal form is spherical or cubic. Superfine calcium carbonate also as a calcium source additive can be used in health food and feed industry, with high quality and cheap and easy to absorb and so on. Superfine calcium carbonate can be used as high-end cosmetics, soap, facial cleanser, toothpaste and other children’s day packing products. In the pharmaceutical industry, ultrafine calcium carbonate is an important component in the medium and a calcium source additive. It is used as a buffering agent for microbial fermentation in the production of antibiotics, and plays a certain pharmacological role in analgesics and stomach medicines.
In summary, China’s demand for ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder has more than 4 million tons, the amount of detergent on the powder more than 800,000 tons. The production of automobile friction materials based on the raw materials of fine powders has also reached 400,000 tons. The increase of industrial demand for the subdivisions is bound to drive the development of the mill. Conform to this development, SBM professional production of ultra-fine calcium carbonate powder mill efficient energy-saving, greatly improved wearing parts wear, product efficiency, and environmentally friendly pollution-free, suitable for modern production requirements.

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Domestic first-line construction waste crusher


Currently, SBM’s construction waste crusher technology has been at the leading level in China. It is equipped with dust removal equipment, computer automatic control. The whole set of construction waste crusher has advanced design, excellent performance, high production efficiency, easy maintenance and operation, economical operation cost and stable and reliable work. Compared with all kinds of stationary type crushing plants, mobile crushing plant is like a small and medium-sized crushing process that can be moved Factories, their work efficiency and operating costs are better than the same level or higher level of fixed crushing station. At present, the construction waste crusher has been successfully applied in many first-tier cities in China. The standard brick, hollow brick, grass brick and road tooth brick processed by crushed aggregate produced by the equipment not only save resources and protect the environment, but also do not emit any harmful gas during work Things. In our country, there is a certain degree of progress on various crushing plants in the construction market today. Any construction waste crusher will not dispose of these construction wastes in time, resulting in even greater damage. The majority of construction waste is used for backfilling and processing of aggregate. Processing into recycled aggregate is a social, economic benefits, the utilization rate of 95%. SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. developed the construction waste crusher crushed finished products can be used to replace sand and gravel for masonry mortar, aggregate concrete, road filling materials, etc., can also be used to make unburned brick, block, Paving brick and other green building materials. Not only save resources, beautify the environment, but also a good product sales, with high social and economic benefits. The construction waste crusher explores the reasonable operation mode for the “reduction”, “recycling”, “decontamination” and “industrialization” of the comprehensive utilization of construction waste, and helps to solve the problem of urban construction waste fundamentally , Improve the urban sanitation environment, but also solve the pollution problems of the construction waste of the government and construction industry in our country.

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Raymond mill start-up what are the precautions?


raymond mill start should be carried out in accordance with the order, first start hoist to enhance the material. Then start the crusher, start the feed can be crushed, the hopper must have material reserves. Then ride with the attack, and in accordance with product fineness required to adjust to the required speed. Next start the blower, open the air duct valve after starting. Re-start the host, in order to roll grinding ring does not produce unnecessary wear and tear, and to avoid excessive vibration equipment. The host can not run idle for more than two minutes. In order to make the occasion of the motor starting time will not be too long, when asked to restart the host does not allow too much material. Then start the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, and adjust according to the required amplitude. Adjust the air duct valve, making the feed port no dust escape, and can inhale a small amount of air.

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How to distinguish between high-pressure mill and Raymond mill


For users who are not familiar with the milling machine industry, it is generally not easy to distinguish between high-pressure milling machines and Raymond milling machines, and do not know much about their main properties and the range of applications. In the selection of products, Confused. Here to teach you how to distinguish between high-pressure milling machine and raymond mill. High pressure milling machine is developed on the basis of shell Raymond mill, initially mainly producing Raymond mill. Later, with the development of the industry and demand gradually emerged from the Raymond Mill high-pressure milling machine was born. The main features and differences between the high-pressure mill and the Raymond mill are as follows. The same point: the appearance and use of performance is roughly the same. Differences: feed particle size, particle size, finished product output is different. Feed size Raymond mill feed smaller production performance, the more stable, high processing efficiency. The feed particle size of the high pressure mill is larger than the range of the Raymond mill. Raymond mill out of grain size (30-325) head, high pressure mill (80-425) head, the high pressure spring pressure makes high-pressure milling machine finished more refined. High-pressure milling machine has the advantage of more efficient production, finished products finer, longer life, the use of high-pressure device to adjust to make it more closely grind and improve the use of product consumables to reduce the replacement of high quality finished products Pass rate is good. High pressure milling machine and Raymond machine have their own advantages, according to the specific circumstances of the product selection, want to know more about high pressure mill products can consult Henan SBM Heavy Industries, we will provide you with the greatest range of help and powerful The solution.

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Raymond mill automatic feeding device adjustment method


In the Raymond mill milling operation, there is a certain error due to the manual feed method, can not guarantee the uniform uniformity of the raymond mill feed, it is easy to cause the Raymond mill host mill cavity accumulation of material accumulation blockage or intermittent idling Case. The electromagnetic vibration feeding device, instead of manual Raymond mill automatic feeding way, can achieve continuous and uniform feeding, effectively avoiding the disadvantages of manual feeding, with low power, stable operation, easy maintenance and so on . Here, we focus on the Raymond mill automatic feeder adjustment method.
When Raymond mill milling process, automatic feeding automation is achieved through the main motor and current to achieve. When the Raymond mill fan normal operation, if the host current exceeds the rated current will automatically stop the feed, the current dropped to the specified range will automatically feed. It can be said that this way of feeding is mainly through the current relay disconnect and connect the control voltage of silicon to achieve automatic feeding.
In the Raymond mill milling operation, when the automatic feeding starts, turn the main switch of the control cabinet to the automatic position and gradually increase the potentiometer R1 knob on the control cabinet to reach the rated value range and keep stable status. At the same time, according to the rated current of the host to adjust the current relay sliding wall, change the relay operating current, the rise, the normally closed contact disconnected, the current will drop immediately closed, the Raymond mill always maintain the best working condition, Will not cause air grinding or overload, to ensure the efficiency of Raymond grinding flour.
In addition, Raymond mill automatic dosing devices may also stop feeding in the event of a fan failure. DDL-12/6 overcurrent relay has two coils, when the series of its operating current can be adjusted from 1.5-3 amperes.

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How to extend the service life of wearing parts of construction waste crusher


With the introduction of the construction rubble mill, SBM made the best achievements in its business development and became one of the best crushing equipment in the industry before and after, laying a solid foundation for the development of the international market. Construction waste crusher is our production of equipment, in the market has a certain reputation. We SBM as a professional manufacturer, is to give everyone good equipment, but also to give everyone a good service, so today, we take a look at how to extend the service life of construction waste crushers.
1, each time you start the operation of construction waste crusher, should be empty load test run, and check the line for leakage or other anomalies, eliminate all risks.
2, regular wear and tear of the construction waste crusher accessories line into the oil to maintain lubrication, just need to change the butter.
3, smashing knife is the most easily damaged building waste crusher accessories, crushing operations, if there is material in the surface with iron or other impurities, it will speed up the blade damage, because the feed should be at the mouth Place to install a filter.
4, in order to extend the life of construction waste crusher wearing parts of the most effective way is to ensure that the working voltage to be stable, can not be raviced. At the same time we should try our best to avoid overloading the equipment for a long time.
Long service life of equipment, the life of each part is the key, so as long as the wearing parts of long life, the equipment is not afraid to use for a long time. So I hope these can help to everyone. If you still have what you want to know, you can pay attention to this site, you can also come to our factory, we do exchange.

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What is the method of installation and debugging of construction waste crusher?


In recent years, with the rapid development and widespread application of the construction waste crusher industry, more and more people are realizing the potential and prospects of the construction waste crushing machinery industry. More manufacturers are beginning to join the crusher industry. We have been manufacturing machinery and equipment for many years and have rich experience in production. Our construction waste crusher is also our best equipment, so today we would like to tell everyone about the installation and commissioning of the construction waste crusher.
1, the first machine leveling, firmly fixed on the cement foundation.
2, clean the oil and debris on the machine, the transmission, sports parts filling oil.
3, check the various parts of the screw is loose.
4, adjust dial, stamping and other parts of the position of the degree and clearance, after adjusting the hand-driven pulley, the operating parts should be able to operate freely.
5, the host pulley steering clockwise clockwise. Prohibited inversion, before turning off the triangle with the test motor steering, the steering wheel and motor rotation steering wheel alignment can be fitted with a test strip.
6, when the test machine first use the jog method to make the motor pulse rotation, such as no other noise, the normal operation before driving. Heavy truck is strictly prohibited to start until the machine is functioning properly before feeding production.
construction waste crusher in the market with its own strength has made some achievements, by everyone’s favorite, suitable for our customers to use.

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