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Sand making machine wearing parts should pay attention to what?


Sand making machine (sand making machine) belongs to the large-scale production equipment, and sand making machine head and rotor belong to the core components of the device, but also extremely easy to wear parts. In the process of gravel production, equipment running parts will inevitably wear, parts wear will not only affect the production efficiency of sand making machine, serious sand can even lead to unusable. In order to ensure the normal operation of equipment, should pay attention to the wearing parts of sand making machine?
First, choose a good wear resistance, high-quality accessories.
Choose accessories with good wear resistance and select high quality parts when choosing accessories, which not only can improve the production efficiency of equipment, reduce the number of replacement parts, but also save a lot of maintenance and repair costs for enterprises.
Second, the operator needs a preliminary understanding of the sand-making machine wearing parts before the specific operation of the equipment, and then pay attention to the status of the sand making machine during the operation in the field. If the abnormality is found, stop the machine in time.
Third, regular inspection and maintenance of sand making machine parts to ensure that all parts of the equipment without loosening, no damage, in good condition.
Equipment for a long time, the need for timely wear parts replacement, so as not to affect the sand production efficiency, and even lead to serious accidents. Maintenance of easily damaged parts, it is best to regularly open the observation point of the equipment to observe the internal wear and tear of the equipment, focusing on the sand saw blade wear and tear, the head and hard texture of the raw material collision can easily cause damage to the blade, Will leave a lot of small pits where the blade edge, these pits initially looks very small, but the larger number may lead to the roll up. Therefore, the operator needs to carefully observe the wear of the cutter head, and if the cutter head is found to be greatly worn or rolled up, people need to change the cutter head in time.

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Pebble sand making machine maintenance and precautions


The widespread use of pebble sand making the current artificial pebbles to be used in the modern decoration, pebbles sales continued to rise, but some companies will ignore the daily maintenance of the sand making equipment, today is a heavy lifting with everyone to understand how to Reasonable maintenance of pebble sand making machine, increase the service life of sand making equipment.
In order to extend the service life of pebble sand making machine, it is necessary to formulate the long-term system maintenance regulation. The complete maintenance of sand making machine equipment requires users to do the following:
First of all, pebble sand making machine manufacturers sand making machine equipment and sand making machine parts and components of a systematic thorough cleaning, which is directly related to sand production line of machinery and equipment of the service life and efficiency of work, cleaning During the process, pebble sand making machine manufacturers coated with some lubricants, where you need to add lubricants are generally rotating bearings, gears, bearings and so on, you can according to the instructions of the mechanical equipment.
Second, the pebble sand maker new installation of components to conduct a comprehensive inspection, pay attention to the various parts of the parts is normal, because these places prone to loosening, etc., if we do not check in time, it is easy to cause sand Machine in the course of the fault can not work properly.
Thirdly, we also need to check the wear degree of the easy-worn parts of the sand making machine and replace the worn parts in time to avoid the sand-making equipment failure and accidents in the work and ensure the normal operation of all the work. Sand is also the equipment maintenance requirements.
In the cobblestone sand machine equipment work, if the bearing temperature abnormal increase, the operator should immediately stop the machine work, check the cause of the mechanical equipment failure, find the solution to the problem, if the sand making equipment at work abnormal Noise, we also need a thorough examination of the pebble sand making machine. Pebble sand machine equipment maintenance is in every detail, we need to maintain in the daily use of the process, in order to do sand sand machine equipment maintenance work.

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Effective measures to reduce the production of sand making machine noise


We all know that machinery and equipment such as sand making machine generate a lot of noise when they are working. Noise pollution is also a kind of environmental pollution. Noise not only plagues workers in frontline production but also affects the daily life of the surrounding residents. So how to effectively reduce the production process of sand making noise problems, is to lift you from the following aspects:
1, sand production process in the high-pressure, high-speed airflow by reducing the pressure drop and reduce the flow rate, or change the shape of the airflow nozzle to indirectly reduce the noise.
2. Controlling the use of additional barriers to prevent the spread of noise in the production line of sand making use of barriers such as earth slopes, woods, bushes or tall buildings that are not afraid of noise, preventing the spread of sound. The sand production line uses the directivity of the sound source to control the noise, such as venting the exhaust towards the wilderness or sky to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment.
3, the entire production line to take sand muffler, sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration isolation, vibration and other measures to reduce the noise from the source and transmission of noise.
4, the noise of the recipient’s protection: take workers rotation homework, shorten the workers into the high noise environment working hours. Personal protection of workers, such as wearing headphones, ear plugs and other anti-noise supplies.
5, sand making daily maintenance, regularly check whether the parts are loose, aging, etc., to reduce the failure rate of sand making machine, and effectively reduce the noise due to equipment failure aging. Such as: sand work on the belt tensioning belt size should be properly adjusted so that the triangular belt force balance, dual motor drive, the triangular tape on both sides should be grouped matching, try to make the length of both sides consistent.

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SBM contractors operating construction and construction of waste disposal market experience


In recent years, construction of waste disposal market has been repeatedly mentioned, the construction waste unified and orderly storage, recycling has become the inevitable trend of development of the industry. High-tech SBM construction waste crusher market covers an area of 200 acres, by the SBM is responsible for construction and operation of high-tech SBM construction waste collection and handling, to achieve construction waste “turning waste into treasure.”
It is reported that the consumer market building construction waste crushing production line 6, recycled concrete block production line 3, sludge and spoil soil synergistic preparation of a brick production line, the annual construction waste can be processed 1.5 million cubic meters, of which 1.2 million cubic meters The meter is used for road cushion and 300,000 cubic meters for brick making, so as to recycle the construction rubbish for reuse and achieve the win-win goal of ecological benefits, social benefits and economic benefits.
Since 2004, SBM has started to pay attention to the utilization of construction waste. From the early construction waste crusher to the disposal of 1.5 million tons of construction waste green circular economy industrial park this year, SBM construction waste recycling technology continues to improve, Provide quality and advanced services.

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Counterattack mobile crusher crusher


Crusher market is not very booming now, the main reason is because our products are not new enough, not innovative. China’s economy has always relied on exports, investment and consumption, especially investment, counterattacking the disintegration of construction waste crusher. Therefore, China’s economy has been slowly facing a downturn. Foreign markets are getting bigger and bigger. First of all, we should actively respond to the development needs of our products and have a follow-up service to society and the market. This is also the future development of the crusher in the future. And then, our fine crusher manufacturers should unite as one, eliminate the outsourcing of products, give full play to their own advantages and conditions, and properly manufacture and manufacture all the crusher. Let our economy grow stronger. Now our crusher market is big but not strong. Find the cause should be completely radical. In the future development.
Fine work with the hardness of the material, let our country grow stronger economy, such as artificial sand, raw materials of quartz glass raw materials processing, stone stone cement clinker production and other various mines, gravel plants, construction waste crusher, Metallurgical powder is not, the new building materials, refractory materials used in various sectors of the stone hardness.
Material or powder material, can be adjusted according to the fineness of the material’s use, especially in a variety of not!
And recommended for many years of research and development of new machines for domestic and foreign customers with a series of new and highly efficient performance. And in the relevant production and delivery staff arrangements,
Energy-saving sand making equipment, using efficient advanced counterattack-style principle, the material processing processed into particles below 5mm!

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Ultrafine mill machine - an example of the application of powder products industry


Since entering the 21st century, strong demand for mining machinery market, the relevant data show that the growth rate of China’s mineral powder products stabilized at between 35% -46%. While the market demand drives the economic growth of the mining machinery manufacturing industry, it directly promotes the technological development of the entire industry and the emergence of batch after batch of large-scale advanced products with independent intellectual property rights. SBM ultrafine grinding machine is one of the industry application model equipment.
According to the needs of the modern market, large-scale high-tech equipment is one of the development trends of mining machinery. The expansion of the domestic mining development scale requires large-sized equipment specifications. The smallest model of the ultrafine mill is the HGM80 with a volume of about 13.9×4x6.2 (meters) and the largest model number is the HGM1680 with a footprint of 26.3 * 7.5 * 11.9 (meters). The successful realization of large-scale production equipment requirements.
One of the requirements of the user purchasing equipment is resource-saving technology and equipment, including energy efficiency, consumption of equipment wear-resistant materials indicators, water consumption and electricity processing equipment indicators. These requirements not only reduce production costs, but also the requirements of the state for large-scale modern mechanized production. In the ultra-fine grinding machine research and development, the use of pulsed dust collector Colliec to capture dust, muffler to reduce noise, with environmental protection, clean features. In the finished product fineness and motor power under the same circumstances, than the jet mill, mixing mill, ball mill production more than doubled. Grinding chamber roller, grinding ring made of special materials forged, generally up to more than one year, processing calcium carbonate, calcite, the service life of up to 2-5 years.
According to the needs of customers in recent years, customers in the processing equipment and personalized demand gradually emerged. Superfine grinding machine has a new second-order staggered processing technology, the main shaft through the upper and lower turntable turntable; turntable and lower turntable through the upper and lower rollers roll pin, respectively, driven by the upper roller and The lower roller, in the upper ring and the lower ring ring made gyratory rotary motion. New second-order staggered ultra-fine grinding machine reasonable distribution of energy, improve production efficiency, more energy-efficient; proved that the fineness of the finished product distribution more evenly.

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How to extend the service life of ultrafine mill


The ultrafine mill has become one of the most commonly used equipment in the industry. Because of its wide applicability, many hard and soft materials are capable of being processed and milled. For many materials with fineness criteria, micronized Appeared on the development of the industry has brought great help, so the micro-grinding in a very short period of time has gained great attention, then in order to extend the quality of machinery used to make the necessary protection is necessary, and today Let’s take a look at some of the usual protection needs of workers to achieve the bit.
In order to be able to extend the operating life of micronized ultrafine mill and improve the quality of production, the repair of internal components is necessary on a regular basis, such as grinding Kun high wear parts, the need for timely participation in industrial lubricants or replacement, the corresponding The best parts is the use of original accessories, this gesture with the original industrial equipment also more fit.
Grinding ring or grinding Kun In the use of more than 500 hours after thinking about replacement from scratch, then the best bearing can use the corresponding grease, this attitude can improve the quality of bearing operations, if the process of micro-grinding operations anomalies occurred The appearance of fever, the operator must promptly intercept the power after cleaning the bearing or bearing room. Accurate mechanical protection can greatly reduce the loss in the use of the process, it can extend the service life of the equipment, of course, the best repair method is still the best to come to professionals to come to ensure that role.

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Mobile crusher features


Mobile crusher, also known as mobile crushing station, is driven by its own way, so that each component of the mobile crusher fixed in a whole rack, attached to the following tire or track to form a removable sand production line, mobile It is widely used in the industries of railway, highway, building, water conservancy and metallurgy, especially for the liquid materials such as expressways, railways and construction waste disposal. It is a new production with stable output and higher efficiency The new environmental protection crusher.
Characteristic Analysis of Mobile Crusher
First, the integration of the entire unit, reducing the material, working hours
Second, the site can be broken, reducing material transport costs
Third, the flexibility of mobility for the overall fragmentation process provides a more flexible space and a reasonable layout
Fourth, flexible adaptability Configuration can stand-alone stand-alone operations, but also can be flexibly configured system configuration unit joint operation
Fifth, the role of direct and effective operation, to maximize the cost reduction
Six, mobile crusher reliable performance and easy maintenance

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Prevention of construction waste crusher rust effective measures


Rusting is a phenomenon that occurs with every piece of equipment, and usually occurs on the surface of steel. Rust is created when there is water and oxygen on the steel surface. Rusty damage has led to the heavy spending of some industries every year. Rusting of construction waste crusher may result in downtime, production cuts, waste of production, heavy maintenance costs, premature replacement of equipment and even personal safety. In order to rust the crusher, take some protective measures:
I. During the storage of the construction waste shredder and during the seasonal shutdown, the shredder needs to be run every other month for five minutes to ensure that the bearing remains lubricated. If the crusher can not be operated during storage, it is necessary to manually rotate the crusher flywheel three times to ensure that the bearing is properly lubricated. If you need to add grease to the bearings, you need to remove the associated equipment.
Second, if the flywheel is removed from the eccentric shaft, the contact surface between the flywheel and the shaft needs to be coated with a preservative.
Third, if the body is removed from the rack body, in order to prevent other debris into the bearing, the seal needs to be coated with enough grease. The housing contact surfaces, the lining contact surfaces and lining seat contact surfaces, as well as the tie rod holes, should be coated with a preservative.
Fourth, the construction of garbage crusher parts to be removed need to be stored in a solid support to prevent direct contact with the ground.
Five, when the device is removed from the storage, you need to check the paint, and repair according to the actual situation. Before installing the crusher, remove all contact surface preservatives.

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Construction waste crushing station where the application value?


Nowadays, the process of urbanization in our country has entered a stage of rapid development. The massive renovation of urban villages has also prompted more and more high-rise buildings in the city to rise up. China’s construction industry can be described as thriving, but the same day is the city facing the huge amount of construction waste generated every day.
According to reliable statistics, the construction rubbish completely conforms to the product of recycling green economy, which can be effectively reflected by the professional crushing equipment, its recovery and economic and social double values. This specialized crushing plant, the mobile crushing plant for SBM machinery, can effectively crush construction waste. So what’s wrong with these building rubbish crushing station after the treatment of construction waste, what is the recovery value?
The brunt of the construction waste recycled aggregate, which is reflected in the value of construction waste recycling one. As in the new round of construction, aggregate, concrete are all the necessary building materials. However, there is a shortage of these infrastructure materials in the market. The aggregates produced by the construction waste crusher can solve the raw materials needed in the new construction.
In addition, construction waste recycled brick, concrete, and some building high value-added products (such as thermal insulation materials, wall insulation around the wall, dry mortar), is also the main embodiment of the value of the construction waste recycling.
The construction rubbish crusher station disposes the construction rubbish not only to the rubbish pollutes the environment, takes up the vacant land to carry on the effective eradication, but also contributes to the new round of project construction on the market to supply the insufficient basic raw material, therefore the mobile crushing plant produces the economic value, the social benefit , Have had a great positive effect on the development of local cities.

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