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Sand making machine operation of the general knowledge


Understand sand making machine, grasp the correct operation of sand making machine, sand making machine (sand making machine) equipment operators required course below we will come to you to explain in detail your sand making machine general operation matters.
How to determine whether the sand machine is functioning properly, there are usually two ways. The first method is to check the material out of the mill, if it meets the requirements, and beating little, it proves that the mill is operating properly, the description is more appropriate, the material size, moisture are good, steel grade is also suitable.
The second approach is to listen to the sound of sand making machine, one steel bar, the sound should be loud, but there is no steel bar lining plate “steel” sound, should be issued normally “rushing” mixed with a slight impact Sound, such as the sound becomes dull, issued a “roaring” sound, the impact of sound can not hear, indicating the warehouse material too much, serious so-called full grinding phenomenon, then immediately stop feeding until the sound to normal When feeding again.
If the sand making machine loud and clear, strong impact of steel bars, indicating less material mill, should increase the feeding. In changing the amount of feeding, should not become too aggressive, should be gradually adjusted.

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Analysis of Multipurpose Use of Recycled Aggregate from Construction


With the booming development of new construction projects such as replacement of old houses and road construction in recent years, the volume of construction waste is rising at an unprecedented rate, which brings considerable pressure on the rapid development of cities. Scientific treatment of construction waste has also become a hot topic of nationals in recent years. In general, the most scientific and practical treatment method is to crush construction waste using crusher equipment and recycle it.
As early as in developed countries, the utilization rate of construction waste has reached more than 98%, but the domestic recycling of construction waste began to emerge in the recent two years. In order to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of construction waste, mining machinery enterprises continue to introduce advanced technologies in the upgrading and research and development of construction waste crusher equipment to keep abreast of developed foreign countries. For example, SBM Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. has been continuously innovating and developing efforts Construction waste crushing equipment, comprehensive utilization up to one hundred percent.
However, because of the difference of granularity of the broken materials, the scope of the recycled aggregate is different. According to the analysis, recycled materials of 0-2.5 mm can be used as the main raw material of plastering mortar or instead of river sand; recycled materials of 0-4.5 mm can be used as main raw materials for bricklaying mortar; and recycled materials of 2.5 / 4.5-10 mm The main raw material for brick making; 10-32 mm recycled material: used as road building material; recycled materials larger than 32 mm can be re-crushed into crushers or used to fill embankments and continue to serve infrastructure and other industries.
SBM has made a significant contribution to the reuse of construction waste recycled aggregates. It not only finds suitable shelter for a large amount of construction waste, but also reduces the construction industry’s exploitation of natural gravel by effective recycling so as to ease the already scarce natural resources The heavy pressure on. After the construction rubbish is processed by the special crusher equipment, its performance is more stable and reliable compared with that of the construction rubbish. It is also safer for the construction of housing roads and makes an important contribution to the environmental protection and the sustainable development of the domestic economy.

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Construction waste crusher project operation


There are many ways to utilize construction rubbish. Various types of construction rubbish are processed into permeable bricks, recycled mortar, PC prefabricated components, road water stable layer, Dry mortar, RDF clean burning rods and other environmentally friendly building materials products, which will turn waste into rubble for construction waste, and ultimately achieve ecological benefits, social benefits, economic benefits and many other win-win purposes. All of this can be achieved by building a consumer waste disposal plant. Click: Recycling of construction waste applications and related standards View details.
Construction and operation of a construction waste crusher project, usually need to consider the following aspects:
1, investment Construction waste crusher plant what concessions? 2, how to declare construction waste project project? How to connect with the government?
3, the use of construction waste to build environmental protection brick factory to invest how much? 4, start a Construction waste crusher plant which equipment are needed?
5, how the construction waste recycling products docking with the local market? 6, in the end is a fixed or mobile Construction waste crusher equipment is good?

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Elaborated efficient sand making machine structure


Efficient sand making machine is widely used in artificial aggregate building materials - gravel industry, cement industry, glass ceramics industry, steel slag processing, metal, non-metallic mineral and other materials needed to crush the industry, especially in the hard, special hard Abrasive and wet sticky material than other crushers more significant advantages. The sand making equipment mainly consists of feeding device, crushing cavity, impeller, rotor, base, transmission, bracket and so on.
(1) The impeller is the key part of the sand making machine and also one of the most vulnerable places. The impeller is composed of the impeller body, the wear-resisting cutter head, the upper and lower lining boards, the center distributing cone and the cone board. The upper part of the impeller has Feeding port, there are three emission channels in the circumferential direction. The shape of the channel is designed so that a certain material can be piled up in the impeller to form a material lining so that material passing through the impeller can pass along the material layer without contact with the metal surface. The edge of the launch point has a wear-resisting knives, the use of a very wear-resistant alloy to protect the entire impeller channel from wear and tear failure, equipped with a cone on the outer periphery of the impeller, on the one hand to protect the impeller, on the one hand broken materials.
(2) The crushing chamber of the sand making equipment is a barrel-shaped part, the upper part of the crushing chamber is connected with the feeding device, the lower part is connected with the base, the crushing chamber is provided with a counterattack plate (or not) Forming material layer), material crushing in the crushing cavity.
(3) The rotor is a vertical spindle device, the upper part is equipped with two sets of roller bearing radial force, the lower part with a set of radial and axial force bearing.

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Construction waste crusher development


At this stage, when we deal with construction waste, we mainly apply the construction waste in the grassroots and foundation packing after it is recycled and the production of concrete bricks and concrete blocks. Therefore, we need to introduce more effective construction waste crusher, and effective application.
1, towards the development of lightweight and reduction
Current screening machines and crushers all have certain processing capabilities. However, the basic requirements of a mobile crusher are hardly satisfied because of the bulky equipment and the large overall size, which make it difficult to integrate into one platform. Therefore, should be lightweight, small size of the equipment developed to ensure that more convenient and flexible treatment of construction waste.
2, toward the direction of automation
When dealing with construction waste, because of the loud noise and harsh environment, a large amount of powder layer appears in the air and the safety of workers at high speed is threatened by the equipment. When dealing with construction waste, minimizing worker participation and improving the automation of the equipment will become an important equipment for handling construction waste.
3, Towards a diversified mission
In order to be able to better recovery of construction waste, we will be more stringent recovery technology, especially those recycled aggregate materials. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a more suitable construction waste treatment equipment, with the ability to screen and crush construction waste to ensure better treatment of these recycled aggregates, thereby continuously improving the performance of recycled aggregates.

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Raymond mill feed and out of common knowledge to explain


Raymond mill in the production process feed and discharge constitute the entire production process, before the feed to the Raymond mill is a relatively slow problem, and the uneven feed to Raymond mill use efficiency greatly hit A discount, with the continuous development of technology, Raymond Mill has achieved an automated feeding process, automatic feeding by the host current and fan current in the control, which is the application of electromagnetic vibrating feeder equipment.
Its working principle is that when the fan is in normal operation, the host current will stop feeding when it exceeds the limited current, and the supply will be restored when the current drops. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the current causes the electrical work to be disconnected and connected On the control cabinet control voltage reached the feed and stop. In the operation of Raymond automatic feeding, staff first switch the main switch on the control cabinet door to an automatic position, and gradually increase the potentiometer on the R1 button, the current reaches a limited current and stable, according to the host The upper limit of the current to change the current on the relay, when the current hungry, can make the normally closed contact disconnect, this design principle to ensure that the Raymond mill normal operation at work, no gambling occurs or Is the lack of material problems.

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Ultrafine mill production line configuration, processes and quotes


Ultrafine mill production line for the processing of ultrafine powder prerequisites, this processing technology in today’s mineral industry is the most common. So for ultrafine mill production line configuration, process and quote what we should do to understand it? Shanghai SBM intends to serve more customers, the specific analysis is as follows:
Ultrafine mill production line configuration of the main part of the host, reducer, analysis machine, fan, bypass powder collector, maintenance platform and control cabinet composition. Auxiliary parts by the jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, storage silos and other components.
By combining the functionalities of the components, ultrafine processing of medium and low hardness, Mohs hardness ≤ 6 grades of non-flammable and explosive brittle materials such as calcite, chalk, limestone, dolomite, carbon black, Kaolin, bentonite, talc and other more than 100 kinds of materials, fineness of finished products in 325-3000 mesh between the arbitrary regulation, the output of up to 0.4-4.5 tons per hour.
Ultrafine mill production line process:
The main motor drives the spindle and the turntable to rotate through the reducer. Roller pins on the edge of the turntable drive dozens of rollers to roll in the grinding ring raceways. Large pieces of material through the jaw crusher to break, broken into small particles of about 1cm size by the elevator into the storage silo, and then through the vibrating feeder and the inclined feeding tube, the material evenly to the turntable On the top of the bulk tray.
The processing of materials in the role of centrifugal force scattered to the circumference, and fall into the raceway ring roller ring roll impact, rolling, grinding, processing through the three layers of the ring into a powder, the high-pressure blower by suction will be The external air is sucked into the machine, and the crushed material is brought into the ultrafine mill separator.
Pulverizer rotating impeller coarse material back down and regaining, meet the requirements of the fine powder is with the air into the cyclone powder collection device by the lower part of the discharge valve is the finished product, and with a small amount of fine dust flow is passed Pulsed dust purifier discharge through the fan and muffler
Ultrafine mill production line Quote:
Due to the different requirements of customers’ requirements, the types of equipment and the differences of the selection sizes of ultrafine mill production lines are different. In addition, different manufacturers in different regions differentiate the development cost of ultrafine mill production lines. Therefore, Customers for ultra-fine milling machine purchase price will be very different. Shanghai SBM ultrafine mill production line offer is how much? You are welcome to call our hotline, technical staff will be based on your needs, the allocation of production programs to give you a reasonable offer.

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Sand making machine manufacturers to tell you the efficiency of the three key


As a large-scale joint-stock enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales, SBM is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise that mainly produces heavy-duty mining machinery. SBM sand making machine manufacturer covers an area of ​​100,000 square meters and has 60,000 square meters of standardized heavy industrial plants, Medium-sized gold processing, Mao Han, assembly equipment more than 200 Taiwan, more than 1,300 employees, of whom have senior titles in management cadres and engineering and technical personnel more than 120 people, etc. Therefore, the production strength and staffing terms, SBM sand making machine The strength of manufacturers is definitely underestimated, trustworthy.
First, the first configuration sand production line we have to choose according to the material viscosity and humidity, the sand making machine, and some materials at high temperature viscosity becomes larger, not only affect the rate of sand production, and will cause damage to the sand making machine . Second, the hardness and fineness of the material in the entire sand production line is also very important, the hardness of the material and the fineness of the material directly affect the selection of the entire sand making equipment. Third, in the process of sand production process, the operator to carry out the correct operation, it is best to arrange professional training of staff internships.
Suggest that the user in the purchase of sand making equipment model, must be based on the sand stone itself hardness, size and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, choose a reasonable sand making machine model, the only way to maximize the sand making efficiency ; Pay attention to routine maintenance: Sand production machine in operation for some time, its corresponding parts are likely to wear, aging problems, so you need to do a day-to-day maintenance, the only way to ensure maximum sand production sand machine Production and more.

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Limestone milling preferred ultrafine mill


Limestone, a high calcium carbonate mineral resource, is an important participant in building materials and industrial raw materials. It has become a powerful aid in the construction of modernized industry in our country. As a senior mining limestone processing machinery and equipment manufacturers, Shanghai SBM for your recommendation: limestone powder preferred ultrafine mill. Why say so, look at the details decomposition.
In order to ensure energy efficient limestone powder production process, we must first of all strict control of the product’s moisture content. Some characteristics of limestone to conduct a comprehensive analysis, and then combine its production to control the water content, so as to enhance the overall production efficiency and ensure efficient yield.
Today’s ultra-fine mill for limestone production process and the traditional technology compared to many aspects of the advanced level, this production technology combines the characteristics of limestone into powder, according to the broken mill R & D based on the principle of design, so that the finished product quality to meet the different needs of users. At the same time, the overall cost of limestone ultrafine mill production process is much lower than before, which can reduce costs and reduce overall energy consumption for users.
The new ultra-fine mill production line to join the dehydration process, based on the traditional operation of the production line more efficient. Dehydration process can help limestone grinding equipment for drying, and then can effectively reduce energy consumption. For how to save energy and environmental protection, how to respond to the call of modern green production, are constantly discussed, so that we can make the production line continuous innovation breakthrough.
ultrafine mill production process In order to achieve the goal of saving energy, we can start from many aspects to deal with. These links are described in detail above, I hope all the production staff are able to pay attention to the efficient operation of the production line, while achieving energy saving and environmental protection, but also can make the production process of limestone ultra-fine flourish improvement and innovation, to the modern Efficient production brings greater help. Therefore limestone powder preferred ultrafine mill.

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The importance of determining material quality in sand making machine production


Many machinery and equipment eventually become a non-standard products, in fact, not our processing does not meet the requirements, but our selection of raw materials problems. For example, many sand making machine now is the case, many companies in the purchase of materials due to their own do not pay attention.
Ultimately, the purchase of materials in terms of thickness is not enough, in terms of strength are not enough, eventually resulting in changes in equipment performance and parameters. In fact, in this case, if we can not meet the requirements in terms of structural components, even if we are really very good in terms of power and power, we are all really futile.
In the material we use now, if the designer is required to go through a special accounting, when used are GB materials, our sand material inspection personnel must be strictly in accordance with GB to be tested. To ensure that the material is the national standard materials, in fact, the national standard and non-standard material differences, on the one hand is the appearance of a great difference. For example, the size and thickness of the material, followed by the internal structure in fact, there will be some differences.
After seeing a lot of sand making products nowadays, in fact, many people feel that brand products will be relatively better in terms of performance and profitability. Here, we also suggest that we try our best to choose brand products so that the quality of brand products will bring us better Benefit.

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