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Impact crusher - Building sandstone main products


Construction of gravel material is a local material, large-scale projects, key projects such as the Three Gorges Project, according to their own needs, the introduction of equipment production needs of gravel material, which makes sand and gravel equipment is particularly important.
China’s construction waste crusher industry, product upgrades rely mainly on the introduction of technology, but with the gap narrowing, foreign vigilance deep in the future continue to rely on the introduction of technology to achieve product upgrades more and more difficult, urgent need to change the technical support, independent innovation , Impact crusher production technology continue to meet the needs of structural upgrading. Coupled with the current impact of broken machinery industry, many manufacturers, many small businesses competing to enter, speculation profit, did not take into account the product quality and after-sales service, no brand awareness, confuse the market. Artificial sand with gravel simple screening process, matching process adjustment process, sand fineness modulus adjustment process. Choose a good production process, processing to meet the use of standard artificial sand is an urgent need to solve the problem.

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Ore Milling Equipment in the operation of grinding head leakage material


Ore Milling Equipment in the operation of the phenomenon of grinding material leakage phenomenon: material moisture on the grinding material for the test, clay moisture at about 10%, limestone, coal, copper slag moisture exceeded the specified value.
Ventilated mill original use of natural ventilation, that is, by grinding the exhaust pipe at both ends of the natural pressure difference between the exhaust gas, because the material in the discharge pipe and feed device to stay a long time, stay large, resulting in grinding ventilation Bad, sticky ball, rick blocked, resulting in grinding head ash, there “package mill” or “ball” leakage material phenomenon.
Treatment measures: reduce the moisture into the Ore Milling Equipment material and increase the ventilation of the mill. Install the fan board on the fan manifold, adjust the air volume according to the moisture change. Material moisture content is normal, you can use natural ventilation or small ventilation fan ventilation mode; in the rainy season when the material is large, to mechanical ventilation.

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Construction Waste Crusher Description


Construction Waste Crusher reasonable bout and absolute layout, which makes the chafe amount abate efficiently
Construction Waste Crusher is composed of cavernous feeder, jaw crusher, appulse crusher, cavernous screen, sanding authoritative apparatus and beach abrasion apparatus ect. Supported by the belt agent it is a a complete crushing bulb for rock producing. Assorted kinds of abstracts can be acclimated for accumulated and bogus beach such as harder limestone, granite, basalt, river alluvium and metallurgical charcoal ect. It is applicative for hydroelectric industry, architecture material, artery and city-limits conctruction ect. HSM designs best breeze blueprint with assorted agreement of equipments to accommodated the altered requirements of customers.
Construction Waste Crusher Application:
HSM provides a complete band of charcoal Rock crushing, the achievement is broadly acclimated in road, bridge, house, top building, railway, highway, baptize activity as the blazon of architecture material, such as aggregate, foundation stone, etc.
Construction Waste Crusher desigtn:
Big admeasurement stones, charcoal are transferred to jaw altercation through cavernous agriculturalist from alembic for construction waste crusher, again the ashamed abstracts are transferred to appulse altercation through belt agent for accessory crushing. The ashamed abstracts will be transferred to the cavernous screen, and afar to altered sizes. Those accumulated with acceptable admeasurement will be transferred to the final artefact accumulation and those with clashing admeasurement will be transferred to the appulse altercation for re-crushing. This forms a bankrupt ambit assorted cycles. The sizes of final articles will be graded and afar according to customers’ requirements, and the deduster will be absorbed for the account of ambiance protection.

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SBM powder milling machine equipment processing potassium ore just right


Potassium ore in accordance with the state of existence of solid potassium and liquid potassium resources. Solid potassium is divided into water-soluble potassium (ie, potash) and non-water-soluble potassium. The latter includes alunite, kaolinite, kaolinite, kaolinite, glauconite sandstone, illite clay rock, collectively referred to as potassium rock, are silicate potassium minerals, such as Potash fertilizer needs to convert potassium silicate into water-soluble potassium, the process is complex, the production cost is high, so the current addition to alunite ore is a comprehensive development and utilization, the remaining potassium rock has not yet formal development. Liquid potassium resources include salt salt bitter halogen, rich potassium salt lake brine and sea salt bitter halogen.
Potassium is one of the three major agricultural fertilizers, the vast majority of crops have a significant effect of increasing production, experts estimate that the domestic need to fill potassium at least 70% of the cultivated land, and potassium is the raw material for the production of potash. Potash is the most scarce non-metallic mineral in China, its supply can not meet the needs of industrial and agricultural development. Ma Hongwen in the study, to Shaanxi Luonan Changling potassium feldspar as raw material, after a variety of ore extraction experiments, the successful extraction of the “potassium sulfate” and “mineral-based potassium nitrate” and other agricultural potash fertilizer products, reached the potassium Feldspar mine fully the purpose of the use of resources, and the production process energy efficient, one-time consumption of resources less, in line with clean production “green chemical” requirements. To achieve large-scale industrial production, will be able to present China’s imports of potash 50%, reduced to more than 10 percent.
So how to properly extract potassium from the potassium ore it, which requires complex and complicated extraction process, in this process, the most important is the application of ultrafine mill, SBM production of professional potassium ore powder machine is not only functional , In this extraction process greatly reduce energy consumption, improve production, and high safety and reliability, environmental clean and pollution-free, is the modern social mill equipment leading choice.

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SBM Raymond factory powder requirements of strict fineness


SBM Raymond factory is one of the earlier manufacturers engaged in Raymond Mill, SBM mill a lot of types. The process flow is also varied, the raw material without grinding through the mill or mill of the rising pipeline into a separate separator for separation, it separated from the fine powder has a narrow particle size distribution range, combined with their own advantages, Milling low motor internal grinding rods and milling machines need to grind and grind material, the thickness can be separated by powder, and then through the mill outlet wind collection. High quality ore grinding equipment requires adequate wear resistance, powder equipment to conduct a comprehensive market research will change the original basis by the user’s advice. Mine Raymond machine transmission device closed gear box and wheel, smooth transmission, grinding machine between the basic can achieve unattended operation, easy maintenance.
SBM production of important components of Raymond Mill using high-quality steel, machine wear high performance, reliable operation. The entire production line mill uses a sealed design to increase Raymond’s fineness, reduce the fan’s air volume or small host running speed, reduce the size of the control material, but if the control overdose may lead to production losses, so in practice, we Be cautious.
Operation Raymond Mill before, we must carefully read the use of Raymond Mill instructions, equipment to have a certain maintenance methods, Raymond Mill development has a good development prospects, will directly promote the recovery of slag resources. The use of environmental protection and other high-tech, mechanical and electrical integration, comprehensive processing technology research and development of new scrap steel, the formation of a new environmental protection and high-tech industries and new economic growth point.

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Application of SBM Machine Dry Sand in Sand Production Line


There are many kinds of production methods of sand production line, in which dry sand is our company SBM Machine Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. launched a series of environmentally friendly energy-saving sand making machine. Dry sand is the artificial production of sand when the production line does not need to use water to remove the artificial sand inside the mud powder, but through the use of sand making machine powder way to remove the mud inside the sand, reduce the artificial sand inside Of the powder content, so as to get a better sand, to ensure the quality and taste of sand.
Dry sand production line compared with the traditional wet production line has the following advantages:
1, free from water and environmental restrictions. In the absence of water resources can also be artificial sand, and the traditional wet production line selection of sand production line site must be rich in water resources, and in the winter in the north is generally unable to produce, because the production of sand no Sufficient water cleaning, sand inside the mud powder and stone powder too much, will seriously affect the grading of sand.
2, reducing the cost of production. Traditional wet production lines require a large amount of water to be sandwiched while producing sand, while dry production lines do not require investment in water resources, to a certain extent reduce capital investment.
3, more conducive to environmental protection. Wet sand production line in the production process requires a lot of water to clean the sand, resulting in a waste of water resources, and in the production process of the stone powder is also a waste of mineral resources. Dry production line does not require water for cleaning, the production process can also be a reasonable use of stone powder, thus saving water resources and mineral resources, more environmentally friendly.
SBM machine can provide users with a full set of perfect sand production line design, equipped with high-performance jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, etc., to solve the user aggregate production of all relevant technical problems.

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It is more suitable for processing cement powder


Limestone, marble, dolomite, clay and some cement raw materials after mining, the first use of crusher rough grinding and then ratio, and then fine grinding mixed into raw materials, Shanghai SBM Heavy Industries production of professional cement mill, type Raymond Mill and the European version of the mill, grinding fineness in 325 mesh, coupled with our company’s professional ultrafine mill, cement for the field to provide a comprehensive production line of flour program.
Cement raw material grinding according to a certain ratio after mixing to go through the cement kiln calcination, burning to the internal material chemical reaction to become the main component of the silicate cement material. The quality of the cement plays an important role in the mechanical structure of the building. The main reason for the emergence of the rubbish project is the failure of the cement quality, leading to the stress of the silicate colloids in the required environment, the quality of the cement Mainly by the specific surface area, the surface area determined by the fineness of the particles, so choose a good mill on the impact of cement quality can not be ignored.
After the calcined after the material to be through the cement mill for the second grinding, the need to join the gypsum, mixed with admixture or admixture after the common known as cement, a word that the cement production process is two grinding a burning, my company Production of cement mill, the use of a unique design of multi-level multi-level sealed seal, good sealing performance, stable operation of small noise, cement production industry is the best partner. Shanghai SBM specializing in the production of ultra-fine milling machine, high-pressure milling machine. Raymond Mill. Grinding machine.

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The harm of Portable Crusher Plant


When we use the Portable Crusher Plant, we must check it from many aspects, do a good job in advance to prevent the work in order to greatly improve its efficiency.
Move the crusher overload will mean that the machine itself is a serious injury, this is a warning, to remind us to always check it and maintenance, the load situation, the timely processing, do not drag, drag the longer the problem Will be more serious, for the equipment itself will have a great impact, then we come to understand the next, it can not load the reason.
The basic characteristics of the moving crusher load are uneven impact loads. In the case of belt drives, the impact load also has a significant effect on the motor, pulley and pulley, resulting in motor overcurrent, heat, belt and pulley wear The Its overload on the one hand will increase the cost of equipment accessories increased, but also increase the equipment failure time, reduce equipment life, which for large equipment, the loss is huge.
Therefore, it is necessary to overload the motor of the moving crusher, and we can add a hydraulic coupler between the motor and the pulley of the crusher, which has a strong overload protection capability.

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How does building crushing station stay away from dust pollution?


Construction waste crushing station is the integration of Construction Waste Crusher, one-time completion of crushing and screening operations, reduce equipment, is the user to minimize investment costs, its strong performance and high-tech configuration makes it in the construction waste industry Widely used. In order to make the production environment bid farewell to the “dust era”, the equipment for high-tech design, the following describes the construction of garbage crusher how to stay away from dust pollution:
1, dust reduction measures - at the source
The first measure is mainly to take the dust reduction program, should be the main defense, through the entire construction waste mobile crushing production line optimization design and sealing to strengthen and reduce the generation of dust, from the source to reduce the spread of dust, The transport of materials to minimize the material gap, to strengthen the closed measures, this approach can reduce the mobile construction waste crushing station may lead to the amount of dust is about 60-75%, is conducive to follow-up to reduce the dust load.
2, dust reduction measures - operations
In the construction of garbage crushing station operations, but also can take a good dust reduction measures, mainly in the material handling, transport and materials, such as open-air yard to consider the water humidification, reduce dust, you can use efficient spray device will be suspended dust As soon as possible down to reduce pollution, to ensure that the water atomization effect, this approach can be reduced by about 20-30% of the amount of dust, effectively curbed the dusty weather in the wind, so that equipment can also reduce the production of dust The
3, dust removal measures - after work
After the construction waste crushing station on the construction waste crushing, the final tail work also need to carry out dust, it is recommended to use efficient bag filter or cyclone dust, etc. to carry out dust collection work, the implementation of such measures can generally make Dust particles to reduce the emissions of not more than 40mg / NM3. To reach the national standard, to stay away from the haze weather.

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The emergence of construction waste treatment equipment to promote the industrial chain reform


In today’s development, construction waste disposal equipment is no longer just rely on policy support and individual departments to promote, but gradually accepted by everyone, it is because people’s awareness of environmental protection is gradually improving, awareness of their own production environment is also deepening , We have been farther and farther away from the era of landfill waste.
Construction Waste Crusher equipment on the treatment of concrete from the particularity of construction waste, in order to understand the principle must be clear its composition, steel, wood and so do not have to say, after sorting can be directly recycled, the work as early as the number of Ten years ago we have already done, the real core process is the treatment of concrete blocks, waste masonry.
Through prolonged perseverance, it is common for people to understand that the concrete blocks can be used to produce recycled concrete after crushing, making color tiles, hollow bricks, etc., to replace ordinary masonry for roads Laying, but do not know why it can be recycled. The strength of the concrete mainly comes from the internal force of the particles and the internal friction, which determines the strength of the main factors have changed, but after the break, we can add other components to promote the role of recovery strength. Therefore, the standard of recycled aggregate aggregate can produce high quality concrete and a variety of building tiles.

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