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New Breakthrough in Construction Waste Disposal - Mobile Crushing Station


In the rapid development of society now, people’s ideas are also progress, the continuous development of science and technology so that many of the past is considered impossible to become a reality. Such as garbage, in a very long period of time, garbage has always been considered one of the greatest burden of human development, the world is not only once happened garbage siege thing. But now, it seems that, in the gradual depletion of natural resources now, can be recycled garbage will become the most potential, a steady stream of renewable resources, which is the improvement of human knowledge, but also the inevitable social development.
In the huge amount of urban waste, construction waste occupies one of the largest part of the Construction Waste Crusher is particularly important, China’s construction waste disposal industry started late, but the development is very fast, has begun to take shape. A large part of the reason is the country more and more attention to the work, in May 2012, the State Council issued the “second five” national urban solid waste treatment facilities construction planning, “planning,” second five ” Period, the national urban garbage disposal facilities, a total investment of about 263.6 billion yuan, which some interested in waste disposal business has brought confidence.
SBM mechanical production of construction waste mobile crushing station is the most suitable for China’s national conditions of the construction waste treatment equipment, is very suitable for urban area broken operations, the construction waste disposal equipment configuration flexibility, for different workplaces, different broken materials, broken The requirements can be related to the adjustment, so that production on demand, reducing production costs and improve production efficiency, and its disposal of construction waste can be used as raw materials of building materials once again put into use, really realized from the resources to the garbage and then to Resource development model.

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Do Raymond Mill maintenance and maintenance


Raymond Mill maintenance:
1, Raymond Mill in the use of the process, there should be a fixed person in charge of care, the operator must have a certain level of technology, raymond mill before the installation of the operation of the staff must be technical training to understand Raymond Mill The principle of powder machine performance, familiar with the operating procedures.
2, in order to make Raymond Mill normal work, should develop equipment “maintenance and safe operation system” in order to ensure long-term safe operation of the mill, at the same time to have the necessary maintenance tools and grease accessories.
3, Raymond Mill after a period of use, should be overhauled at the same time on the Raymond Mill grinding roller grinding ring blade and other wearing parts for repair and replacement, roller device before and after the use of connecting bolts and nuts should be To carry out a careful examination, whether there is loosening phenomenon, whether the addition of grease.
4, roller device used for more than 500 hours or so to re-replace the roller, the roller sleeve of the rolling bearing must be cleaned, the damage should be replaced, the fuel tool can be manually manual oil or grease gun.

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Policy support makes construction waste more promising


In the increasingly prosperous economy now, with the ever-increasing infrastructure and the growth of the huge number of construction waste, magnificent, spectacular, beautiful modern building to replace the old building behind the city is the accumulation of mountain construction waste The
With the continuous progress of science and technology, people gradually found that construction waste is not useless, and its resource-based rate is very high, after a certain technical treatment can be achieved after the recycling of resources, and now China’s construction waste crusher technology has been very mature , Can be large-scale use.
After treatment of construction waste is very extensive, after the construction of garbage broken through the vibration screening, you can get different types, different sizes of recycled aggregate, these materials can be processed in line with the national standard bricks of various renewable green brick, such as lawn Brick, blind brick, square brick and other municipal brick and hollow brick and other green brick.
The recycling of construction waste not only saves production costs and energy consumption, saves valuable land resources, protects our fragile natural environment, coincides with the national strategic goal of building a sustainable economic development, Policy support, development prospects are very broad.

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South and other regions should increase the construction waste disposal equipment to promote


Construction waste has been a major problem in recent years in the development of China’s economic cities, especially in the more developed regions of the South. This problem is even more pronounced. Tight land resources and fragile production environments are clearly no more The
At present, local governments have introduced policies to encourage the construction waste, especially the introduction of SBM Construction Waste Crusher equipment, construction waste disposal is no longer a problem for us, it changed the traditional landfill and open dumping these processing methods take a lot of land , Pollute the environment, and a great waste of resources, energy treatment measures, and in some pilot projects have achieved very good results, if the major cities in the promotion, will be able to change the status of China’s construction waste disposal.
According to the analysis, a ton of construction waste can be made of 0.45 tons of new wall materials, the remaining 50% can be made of new road materials, 5% made of composite materials, basically no waste, fully realized the purpose of recycling. After processing the resulting aggregate can be made square brick, sidewalk brick, grass brick and a variety of color corridor, staircase brick and other products, and has been applied.
Therefore, the South and other construction waste polluted areas should increase the construction waste disposal equipment to promote efforts to provide a more realistic basis for sustainable development.

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History of Gold Ore crusher Production Process


Modern crushing machinery is in the steam engine and motor and other power machinery after the gradual improvement and promotion have been created after. In 1856, the United States developed a crusher crushing machine with continuous crushing action in 1878, and its production efficiency was higher than that of the crusher Intermittent crushing action of gold ore crusher production process; in 1895, the United States William invented lower energy consumption impact crusher.
A Brief Introduction to the Structure of Crushed Crushed Gold Ore crusher Production Process
The machine mainly by the rack, moving jaw, eccentric shaft, jaw plate, brackets and other components. The motor moves the eccentric shaft through the V-belt, allowing the movable jaw to move in accordance with the adjusted track, thereby breaking the material in the crusher cavity.
The frame is made of steel plate welded structure, and the front wall of the frame is fitted with a fixed jaw plate with fastening bolts. A side panel is provided on the inner side wall of the rack around the gold ore crusher to protect the inner wall of the rack.
The movable jaw is a molded steel piece with a movable jaw plate on its front and its upper part is suspended from the frame by the eccentric shaft and the roller bearing. The lower part is supported on the bracket and rolling in the brackets. There are flywheels and sheaves.
The other end of the bracket is supported on the adjustment beam and in its rolling contact. In addition to supporting the action of the elbow in the outer jaw, in the external can not be crusher foreign body, into the crushing chamber, the machine load in the case of sudden increase from the insurance role, that is, their rapid fracture, so as to protect other parts from damage.
Adjust the crossbar and the rack side wall wall welded steel connection, when the discharge port is small, first relax the rod spring and tighten the screw, and then use the wrench to rotate the set screw, is the starting screw up the gasket, The newly added gasket, until the required discharge port size, first return the stop screw, so that the gasket by the moving jaw parts weight, tighten the tightening screw and tighten the fixed. The last appropriate tightening the rod spring, and vice versa from small to large (out of the gasket)

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Extend the cobblestone sand making machine life of the key


SBM pebble sand making machine in the market is an efficient sand making equipment, one of its principles is the use of the impact of the material to achieve the purpose of sand making machine, compared with other sand making equipment, in the same Time, cobblestone sand making machine than the proportion of other equipment crushing, and will simplify the entire process of crushing, so that in the same final product, the mechanical equipment, there are cubic products, we produce the equipment content The higher proportion.
1, scheduled to open the door to see the door to see the cobblestone sanding machine internal wear conditions, the middle of the feed tube, cone cap, impeller, under the low lining, round guard, wear the level of wear, wear should be changed in real time or repair,. Do not break the task in the process of opening the door to see the internal task situation, so as to avoid the risk. Found that the wheel body wear should be changed immediately or find the manufacturer repair.
2, pebble sanding machine 400 hours per task to participate in excessive grease, the task of 2000 hours to open the spindle assembly to clean the bearing, the general task of 7200 hours, change the new bearings. Spindle assembly of the upper end of the bearing for the swimming end, the lower end of the bearing for the fixed end, after assembly with a hand pull the pulley should be sensitive.
3, transmission triangle tape tension should be adjusted to ensure that the triangular tape force evenly, double motor drive, both sides of the triangle tape should be grouped, so that each group length to be consistent.

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Construction waste crusher equipment for the development of circular economy to provide power


Recycling economy, as the name suggests is able to achieve a complete cycle of consumption of transport output, a steady stream of development momentum, in order to achieve the rapid development of circular economy needs from the discharge of waste to resources between the changes, especially the huge emissions of construction waste. In this regard, the emergence of new mobile building waste disposal equipment to bring a better solution, a new approach, close to the work, more than Jiucheng recycling rate, which gave Construction waste crusher equipment Bringing a broader development prospects.
In the development of circular economy, building a resource-saving society, the goal of sustainable development of society under the promotion of China’s construction waste in recent years, the rapid progress of new Construction waste crusher equipment has gradually gained more recognition, in particular, Zhengzhou Sail machinery pp series of mobile building waste disposal equipment, in terms of equipment performance even better. Construction waste crusher equipment due to technical and other aspects of progress, which will handle the work from a simple investment into a investment, with the economic benefits significantly longer, which gave Construction waste crusher equipment in the short term to provide a prerequisite for rapid development.
In the current social development, long-term development is what we pursue, and the development of circular economy is able to long-term stable development of the protection, so the Construction waste crusher equipment will be in the circular economy in the important role in the future industrial development More attention.

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Recommended China’s best and most advanced construction waste crusher equipment


The type of construction waste crusher, the type of construction waste disposal equipment, these equipment are based on what technology equipment and equipment to build what? What is the difference between the four types of equipment? Why in the current market, customers can remember the crusher so little? In fact, the requirements of customers are now particularly low, as long as the equipment of good quality, equipment production capacity is high, it is enough, may be so many requirements, and now manufacturers are not up, I would like to ask, now the manufacturing industry is not The reflection of their own, and why their business is not good business, do we blame customers are too picky?
The reason why construction waste crusher can stand out in the crushing sector is not only because of the quality of construction waste crusher, but also the construction waste mill manufacturing technology is also a great effort to manufacturers from the introduction of foreign So, the name of the construction waste crusher is not accidental, but the makers are expected to do things. Magnificent construction waste crusher equipment has been enough to become the number one in the crushing sector, and now there are more than the construction of garbage crusher cone crusher manufacturers better crater crusher style? Extensive use of construction waste crusher Of the industry are: coal industry, in fact, these three types of crusher is based on the requirements of the coal industry and the special type of crusher, equipment in the end is good, only the customer’s own clear, where the best building garbage crusher? Look at the sails to know the answer.

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The mobile crushing station has been perfectly used in construction waste disposal projects


The mobile crushing station has been perfectly used in Construction Waste Crusher projects, which are the top-ranked machines in construction waste disposal equipment. It uses crushing equipment and sand making unit integrated system, can achieve mobile crushing station equipment for flexible movement, and directly to the site operations, which in the construction waste and mobile sand production line has a great advantage.
Mobile crushing station prospects: construction waste is facing a problem can not be solved, of course, in this particular situation and demand, the professional construction waste disposal equipment - mobile crushing station came into being. Mobile crushing station in the past few decades in the crusher production and research and development on the basis of the introduction and continuous reference from foreign advanced technology, developed by SBM engineers for many years, and developed a modern situation in line with the new mobile crushing equipment The
At present, the mobile crushing station has been perfectly applied to the construction waste in the treatment, after the mobile crushing station sieving, through the sand machine treated waste concrete blocks, can be reused for the construction of the urgent need for materials - concrete aggregate The The inconvenience of this form can lead to the mitigation of the aggregate used in housing construction. The advantage of doing so is to avoid the accumulation of construction waste (such as environmental problems), but also to promote the construction Garbage and recycled materials (recycled building environmental protection materials) recycling work.
Construction waste disposal equipment is mainly used for building materials and other materials often need to relocate the operation, mobile crushing station has been perfectly used in construction waste disposal projects, especially for the operation of liquid stone, the user can be processed according to the type of material, size And the different requirements are in a variety of configurations. To sum up, construction waste disposal equipment has greatly saved the waste of resources, and in one fell swoop, so we all said that the prospect of investment in construction waste disposal equipment is relatively clear.

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Coarse grinding, Raymond Mill and ultra-fine grinding


Grinding equipment from the fineness of the fineness of 40-80 mesh known as the coarse powder mill, 80-325 head is usually called Raymond Mill, 100-2500 mesh is called ultra-fine milling machine, today stressed Under the coarse milling machine, coarse grinding is combined with the needs of customers in the traditional mill on the basis of the design of the grinding powder equipment, coarse powder mill to solve the user fineness of the finished product below 3 mm mixed A demand for material.
In the processing technology on the coarse grinding instead of [url=]raymond mill[/url], grinder, ball mill and other traditional milling equipment can only be processed fine powder granular material of a new high-tech products to meet the requirements of coarse powder processing customers, it is widely applicable In the quartz sand, silica sand, casting sand, abrasive abrasive sand and other fine sand industry, a highly efficient ideal equipment supporting the formation of closed-circuit production line, can produce a variety of particle size products, the use of more extensive, better results. Coarse milling machine into the market after the industry is very popular with customers, but also make up for other mechanical processing can only be fine powder. It should be noted that the coarse powder mill is improved from the Raymond Mill, the general can grind 1 mm of coarse powder, like 20 mesh -80 mesh fine powder can be easily processed to meet the rough Powder market users demand, especially for highways, refractories, building materials, water conservancy and hydropower in the field of some coarse powder mixture market, especially applicable. Coarse milling machine is characterized by the scope of fineness can not be adjusted, after the manufacturers set, this range is no longer possible to change, compared to Raymond Mill, the reduction of a link, so greatly increased production. It has the advantages of high production capacity, high crushing ratio, low power consumption, coarse product size, simple structure, convenient operation, small investment cost and so on. It is the coarse powder mill which is rare in the current coarse powder market. In the metallurgical, mining, chemical, cement, coal dry stone, construction, sand making, refractory materials and ceramics and other industrial and mining enterprises, engaged in material powder operation, the main suitable crushing strength is not higher than 320MPa (MPa) Soft and hard ore. At the same time, the motor rotates through the roller hanger through the triangular pulley and the central shaft, and the roller is mounted on the roller hanger by the bearing and the crossbar shaft. At the same time, Rolling along the inner ring. Add the material into the hopper through the three materials Pan, three-shaped powder cone, even along the circumference into the grinding ring and roller between the roller was crushed and crushed from the lower discharge discharge. Dust blower is the mill’s import and export of negative pressure, no dust pollution, while the heat inside the machine.

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