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Archyvas: Kovas, 2017

The Development of Ball Mill has Impact on the Heavy Machinery Industry


The development of Ball mill roller mill is closely related to the human technology progress, modern science and technology, and the overall industrial level, especially to the development of mechanical engineering science and mining subject. Modern science and technology has obvious time-domain, field and dynamic characteristics. Information science, materials science, life science, nanoscience, management science and manufacturing science are the mainstream science that will change the 21st century. The high-tech industry will change the world.
Because of the economic crisis, our country take a series of measures to promote the development of the economic, especially the construction of Beijing-Shanghai express railway. This brings the good developing opportunity to the cement ball mill and ball mill equipment. Ball mill machine in nigeria is the indispensable equipment to the cement industry. It also has a wide application in the road and mining industry.
The ball mill equipment is developing with the new era. Its emergence will be able to drive the development of new industrial chain. With the combination of new technology in domestic and the development of infrastructure construction, it will appear a new phenomenon that the ball mill will continuously promote the development of the whole machinery industry. We believe that in the near future, on the road of promoting the economic development and the whole machinery industry, the Ball Mill Transmission Technology will have a greater leap!

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How Can Improve Crushing Capacity of Multi-cylinder Compound Crusher?


After many years of development, the production technology of domestic mining machinery industry is continuously improved and upgraded. The development of compound crusher is especially rapid. Various new products have been launched on market. Multi-cylinder compound crusher is one of these new kinds. Multi-cylinder compound crusher is a new type of effective crusher machine, which is particularly suitable for Single toggle jaw crusher Nigeria. Nowadays, the multi-cylinder compound crusher has replaced traditional compound crusher and becomes new favorite of crusher market. For improving crushing capacity of multi-cylinder compound crusher, Hongxing Machinery, the famous compound cone crusher manufacturer, has effective methods.
1. Equip with buffer silo equipment
Because PF Series Impact Crusher adopts laminating crushing principle, so, it needs a large inventory. Therefore, when installing and using this machine, the customers should equip with buffer silo to ensure continuous feeding. Supply of equipment should be accurate, adjustable and controllable.
2. Install frequency conversion feeding equipment
The frequency conversion feeding equipment can ensure stable and all room feeding.
3. Install central feeding device
The feeding and discharging of compound crusher is very important, which can even affect its crushing efficiency and service life. The customers can equip with a central feeding equipment to ensure the central feeding. The discharging equipment should be kept smooth.
4. Install iron removal device.
The iron removal device can effectively prevent damage to equipment.
When debugging machines, it’s important to ensure that the VSI Sand Making Machine is in proper position. because the discharging port of compound crusher cannot determine the granularity of finished products. Only by all of these above can we trully improve the crushing capacity of multi-cylinder compound crusher.

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Grinding Production Line


1. Summary of the Grinding Production Line
Grinding plant mainly consists of mainframe, speed reducer, powder separator, blower, bag filter, pipes, cyclone, motor, and other devices. The peripheral equipment is jaw crusher, bucket elevator, feeder, hopper, electric control panel, and so on. The SBM Ball Mill Development Prospect Nigeria can grind all kinds of non-flammable and non-explosive minerals with the Mohs hardness is lower than 9 and the humidity is less than 6%, and now it is widely used in metallurgy, construction of building materials, chemical industry, mining industry, etc.
2. Working Principle of the Grinding Production Line
Large materials are crushed to the needed sizes by Jaw crusher firstly, then the materials are elevated to the storage hopper by bucket elevator, thirdly, the materials are fed into the grinding chamber for grinding by vibrating feeder evenly and continuously. The powder after grinding goes upwards together with the airflow, after separated by powder separator, the powder which can meet the fineness requirement enters into the cyclone powder collector through pipe together with the airflow, and then is discharged from the discharge valve as final product. The airflow is sucked into centrifugal blower through wind recycling pipe at the upper part of cyclone powder collector. The mainframe is driven by the speed reducer through the central axis in the mill. The quincunx stand connects with the upper part of central axis, at the quincunx stand, rollers are set and by which the vibrating pivot formed. Below the quincunx stand and rollers is shovel system. Materials are fed into the space between turning rollers and shovels, and then are grinded by the pressure produced by turning rollers, thus powder is made.
3. Features of the Dolomite Powder Milling Machinery
1. Because of VSI Series Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher crushing principle, the shape of manufactured sand is in cubic.
2. The rank of manufactured sand is reasonable, and fineness modulus is adjustable.
3. Index of manufactured VSI Sand Making Machine is according to the standard of country, and the high quality of concrete aggregate.

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SBM Jaw Crusher always Sticks to the Crushing Front


Jaw crusher machine is known to a crushing machine with early invention and such advantages as simple structure, reliable working condition, convenient and easy maintenance and examination and low construction cost, so that it has been widely used in the mining machinery industry and is well received by customers.
SBM Application of jaw crusher Nigeria adopts world-class manufacture technology and is made of high-end manufacture materials. The movable jaw and fixed jaw of SBM jaw breaker is more durable, and this crushing plant is mainly used for the medium granularity crushing of various ores and large materials in such industries as mine, metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemistry.
The working manner of PEX series of Jaw Crusher In Kenya is dynamic extrusion type, and its working principle goes like this: the electro motor drives the belt and belt wheel to make the movable jaw to move up and down through the eccentric shaft, and then movable jaw goes up, the angle between the toggle pate and the movable jaw is bigger, thus pushing the movable jaw to get close to the fixed jaw, and at the same time, the materials are crushed or smashed, thus reaching the goal of crushing; when the movable jaw goes down, the angle between the toggle pate and the movable jaw is smaller, under the effect of the draw bar and the spring, the movable jaw moves always from the fixed jaw, and then the crushed materials will be discharged out from the lower mouth of the crushing chamber. With the continuous rotation of the electro motor, the movable jaw of the crusher will do periodic motion to crush and discharge the materials, thus realizing mass production.
China jaw crusher is always sticking to the front of Complete stone crushing plant, and it never gives up but has a brave and firm and persistent heart. As SBM aggregate jaw crusher has such outstanding features such as big crushing ratio, even product granularity, simple structure, reliable working condition, simple and convenient maintenance and economical running cost, our company enthusiastically welcome customers to come to our company for visit and purchase and we will provide you with the most comprehensive and considerate service.

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SBM Energy Saving Ball Mill has Elegant Quality


Energy saving Ball Mill is a kind of high efficiency equipment, which can produce materials with up to 40-60UM fineness and less than 3% residuals. Under special circumstances, the fineness is up to 10UM. The energy saving ball mill is the key equipment to smash the materials after the crushing process, which is widely used in cement, silicate products, new construction materials, refractory, chemical fertilizer, black and non-ferrous metals, glass chinaware and other production industries. It can conduct dry or wet grinding for many kinds of ores and other materials which can be grinded. The quality of SBM energy saving ball mill is always reliable, which can achieve excellent effect.
With the advent of new Ball Mill materials, its technology has also been constantly changed. For example, the emergence of self-dry stretch film, which has put wrapping, shrinking and bundling together, makes operation simple and quick. This kind of integrated processing reduces a lot of unnecessary trouble, and it directly borrows the working principle of ball mill to achieve integration so that the ball mill is more and more potential and effective. Energy saving ball mill is the important equipment of SBM Machinery. Over the past 10 years, SBM Machinery always adheres to the business philosophy of ‘realistic and innovative, pioneering and enterprising’, which focus on the development of new products.
SBM Machinery is the large-scale joint-stock enterprise which produces Ball Mill, rotary kiln, rotary dryer, and other large mining equipment. The ore dressing equipment manufactured by SBM Machinery has trustworthy quality, excellent performance and reasonable price. Welcome to contact us!

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The Artificial Sand Making Production Line Springs up like Mushrooms


At present, part of the Sand Making Machine manufacturing companies in our country are good in technology and quality, and these companies also provide before-production training and after-sales services for the investment companies, for this reason, these companies represent the production level of the sand making production line in China. With the successful research and development of large-sized, highly efficient and durable sand stone crushing equipment and the great improvement of the crushing technology, the production cost of the artificial sand and stone aggregates is close or lower than that of the natural aggregates, and more than 80% of the engineering projects in our country use artificial sand and stone materials.
The surface shape of the artificial sand is mainly determined by the sand making production line equipment. Seen from the industrial point of view, the artificial sand production lines spring like mushrooms in China. Most of the practitioners do not have the professional knowledge, and some VSI Sand Making Machine manufacturing companies only pay attention to their own profits, for this reason, there are large amount of bad-quality and immature sand making equipment in the market, which brings bad influences to the healthy development of the artificial sand making industry. SBM Machinery thinks that the production efficiency of the sand making equipment manufactured by those companies is very low, and the production cost is very high.
From the above analysis, we can see the artificial sand and stone material production industry in our country has bright development future, but the production of Sand Making Machine and stone materials has close connection to the mechanical crushing equipment because good stone crushing machines not only ensures the quality of the sand and stone materials, but avoid the technical problems in the production process, thus improving the production efficiency and gaining more benefits.

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