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Archyvas: Liepa, 2016

Environmental Issues Prompt Crusher Structural Adjustment


Now, the world attaches great importance to the problems of environment and resources, climate change and energy, environmental protection and low carbon economy have become the issues causing international enterprise follow. Facing serious environmental problems, China can’t stay out. An insider points out that energy saving, environmental protection of mining machinery products are the medicine to response market risk in the future. How to take targeted research and development innovation on the Quarry Crusher and get into a stable and orderly development mode become urgent affairs for crusher enterprise development.
In order to adapt to the development trend of the society, crusher manufactures must carry out structural adjustment, transforming from traditional production-oriented development pattern to energy-saving mode, firmly follow the pace of the times, constantly improve the level of scientific research and minimize the environmental pollution throughout the life cycle so as to improve resource utilization, lower energy consumption and finally realize the harmony between economic benefits and social benefits.
With the development of mining machinery industry, Hydraulic brick making line is gradually developing to high-tech and automation, and the production capacity and automation degree have been significantly improved than before; large and super large crushing machines have become the latest direction for the development of machinery industry.
SBM Mining Machinery co., Ltd. has been superior in the field of large Stone cone crusher machine; after years of concentrated study, the company has introduced the large stone production line whose output ranks first in domestic market and second in the world.
In addition, the green environmental protection and low-carbon life have become the melody at present, the world development professionals point out that the production and development of crusher industry also needs to follow this rule. This industry also needs to pay attention to reducing the energy consumption and environmental pollution while striving for the green production and improving production efficiency to realize sustainable development.

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Disk Grain Making Machine ~ Disk Granulator


VSI Sand Making Machine Introduction:
Disk grain making machine is a cubage feeding machine. It supplies materials to the next procedure evenly and continuously. Besides, it can bear relatively higher pressure.
disk granulator Application:
As a fine material feeder, it is suitable for non-cohesive materials like coal powder, Sand Making Machine, clinker, limestone, shale, gangue and clay. Also it is suitable for feeding the powder, grainy or small pieces material such as ore, coal, cement, clinker, limestone, clutch, etc.
It is widely used in Cone crusher working principle, coal mine, chemical plant, construction and foundry for quantitative and even feeding.
This machine is suitable for conveying of materials with granularity less than 50mm, while it is not suitable for cohesive materials, easy-to-flow or hard-to-flow materials.
disk granulator Features:
Simple structure, easy-to-adjust and excellent performance.

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Energy Saving and Emission Reduction for Roller Crushers


The Complete Stone Crusher Set has made much contribution to many industries. Its time for us to put the revolution of energy saving and emission reduction of the roller crusher on the table.
Most roll crushers on the market own the disadvantages of unstable performance and high energy consumption which leads to the super high over Hydraulic brick rock crusher of the sand aggregates. Most domestic mining machinery enterprises start to make efforts to do constant research and development on the new technology of the roll crusher.
Our company has never stopped the effort to upgrade the roll crushers performance and we have made much contribution to the energy saving and emission reduction development in China. Our roll crushers have features of small size, high reduction ratio, and little noise and low energy consumption. Users can get finished materials with uniform sand aggregate by using our roll crusher and the over crushing problem will be avoided effectively.
The roll crusher made by our company has a very wide range of applications in the industries of mining, metallurgy and construction materials. All projects such as the construction of the railway, high level bridge and the skyscraping buildings in the modern cities need the Granite Crushing Equipment Manufacturer. The other projects like the further urbanization and western development will also witness the excellent performance of the roll crusher.
Peoples demand for the roller crusher will increase at high speed and there will be a wider and wider market for the roll crusher.

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Detailed Explanation of Ore Grinding Process


In the ore grinding process, the most widely used machine is cylinder ore Vertical Roller Mill whose grinding process goes like this: materials are sent to the continuously rotating cylinder in which there are a certain amount of grinding bodies with different shapes, like balls, rods, short columns, large ores and gravels. When the barrel rotates with a certain speed, these grinding media will be pushed to produce impacting and grinding force to grind the materials. For this reason, the crushing force of cylinder grinding mill comes from the external force that are exercised to the grinding body and transmit the crushing force to the materials to be grinded.
Generally speaking, grinding is to get fine particles or super-fine products. Other than cylinder ore grinding mill which can also be called media mill, the grinding force of some machines can be directly put on the crushed materials to get products with fine granularity, so this also belongs to the grinding field, such as Dolomite powder milling machinery, colloid mill and air-flow mill. The ore grinding process directly influences the technical indexes of the ore beneficiation plant, for example, the weak single separation degree of useful minerals will reduce the grade of concentrate and the recovery rate; or over crushing or over grinding will not only increase the consumption of electricity and steel, but aggravate the beneficiation process and reduce the beneficiation index. According to the fineness differences of the final products, the ore grinding process can be divided into: 1. Clinker Grinding Ball Mill: the granularity of the final products is 0.15~3.0mm; 2. fine grinding: the granularity of the final products is 0.02~0.15mm; 3. superfine grinding: the granularity of the final products is small than 10um and even 0.05~1um.

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Development of Crusher Industry Needs Further Improvement of Technical Level


Influenced by historical context and domestic market environment, the crusher industry in our country developed very slowly and the technical level lagged far behind and had a big gap compared with foreign advanced technology. For this reason, if domestic Portable Crusher want to pursue long-term development, the main tasks are improving scientific innovation ability and independently researching and developing products whose quality is as high as that of the import products.
Crusher is the most important link in the ore crushing technology and is an important symbol for measuring the development of the mining machinery industry. At present, the main crushing equipment includes jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, sand maker and mobile crushing station.
With the fast development of technology, the upgrading and updating of crusher is accelerated. As a professional crusher producer, SBM Machinery has improved the whole technical level of our company through the adjustment of the enterprise structure, and in addition, our company gathers a group of high-tech talents to improve the core competitiveness of the crushing equipment through first class research and development means, and realizes qualitative leap in independent innovation and energy conservancy and emission reduction. Now some high-tech products produced by our company such as mobile crushing station, crawler-type mobile crushing station, Complete stone crushing plant, HCP impact crusher, SMH hydraulic cone crusher, VI new sand maker and building waste processing equipment have high popularity and good reputation in both domestic and foreign market.
The technical improvement of the 3ft simons cone crusher is a long-term task, and in the future development, SBM Machinery will give our own advantages in research and development into full pay, strive to improve the added value of the products, establish enterprise brand as well as set a good example in the crusher industry.

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Fine Crusher Greatly Increases Coal Crushing Ratio


The fine crusher is also named high efficiency tertiary Limestone crusher for sale and the third generation fine crusher. It has a wide range of uses and its performance has reached the international leading level. It is the most practical and reliable stone crushing machine, especially suitable for the fine crushing of a variety of hard and brittle materials such as abrasive material, fire-proof material, cement, quartz sand, steel grit, slag powder, copper ore, iron ore, gold ore, concrete aggregate, asphalt aggregate, etc., saving 50% energythan that of the traditional one.
Performance Characteristics:
1. Add counterweight wheels on the basis of the traditional one, saving energy, increasing the kinetic energy and production efficiency greatly improved;
2. Design an access door in the back of Crusher Companies In Uae, conducive to the maintenance and observation of the operation condition;
3. Increase a grate adjusting device in the bottom of the fine crusher, convenient to adjust the material discharging granularity and more humanization.
At present, our country’s energy sources still give priority to coal. During the process of coal mining, the utilization ratio for coal cinder is very low. At the same time, it also causes the waste of resources. Therefore, fine crusher as a specialized coal crushing machine, has brought new hope for improving the utilization rate of coal cinder. The efficiency of a fine crusher is equivalent to that of two old-type Shang hai stone crusher, with more affordable price and superior quality, greatly reducing the cost to invest and upgrade.
On condition of high quality, we combine with advanced technologies and innovation, making great improvement on reducing noise, saving power, increasing discharging fineness and promoting durability. Aimed at the fine crushing of coal cinder, our company is specialized in manufacturing fine crushers, not only increasing the coal cinder utilization and saving energy, but also protecting our environment.

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Development of Cone Crusher Is Inseparable from High Tech


Crusher is a kind of large and heavy machinery equipment. Higher yield means larger weight and size of Cone crusher in germany. The body weight of domestic crusher machinery is commonly higher than those of foreign countries. The most important reasons are materials and manufacturing technologies. But other reasons are also worth researching. In order to improve production capacity, reduce consumption and save energy, SBM Machinery puts forward laminated crushing theory and has launched rock cone crusher which has advantages of high working efficiency, low steel consumption, easy maintenance, which is the ideal crushing equipment of cement plants, ore dressing plants, road construction and so on.
China stone crusher machine can be divided into large, medium and small types according to specifications. With the rapid growth of crushers machinery industry, cone crusher plays an increasingly important role in economic development, thus increasing market demands. In order to meet large market demands, cone crusher manufacturers in China are gradually increasing, which can see the severity of competition. This competitiveness is mainly embodies in domestic market, because domestic mining machinery manufacturers start late and develop fairly, which is difficult for companies to always keep the leading position. In order to be outstanding, SBM Machinery as one of the best stone crusher manufacturers in China comprehensively improves product quality and improves technical content. Because the development of Rock Crushing Plant for Sale especially cone crushers is inseparable from high tech.
After decades of efforts and progresses, the current PY Cone Crusher with the advantages of itself has entered both domestic and international market. High quality and high tech are the main labels of cone crusher. Stone crusher in China has began to take the road of full automation, intelligence, energy conservation and environmental protection since the emergence of cone crusher. The Chinese cone crushers has adopted new technologies, which makers cone crusher industry get further development and become a required part of our life, which is needed in world mining equipment industry.

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Advantages of vertical mill compared with ball mill in cement production line


Advantages of Vertical Roller Mill compared with ball mill in cement production line is provided by SBM,And it’s widely used in many practical fields. SBM is a professional production Stone grinding plant(Advantages of vertical mill compared with ball mill in cement production line) manufacturers,We have a wealth of experience and the most advanced technology. If you need any crushing, grinding, process equipment, you can contact us by free online consultation or leave us a message by the following form.
SBM vertical mill is integrated with tertiary crushing, drying, grinding, powder separation and conveying and is the best choice for processing slag and cement. Then compared with ball mill, what are the advantages of vertical mill.
1. High powder grinding efficiency.
Vertical mill adopts material bed grinding principle to grind the materials, so that the grinding efficiency is improved by 30% than that of ball mill.
2. The technical process is simple and saves infrastructure investment.
Vertical Roller Mill has a separating machine, and uses hot smoke to convey the materials, so that no powder separating machine and elevating machine are needed. The gas containing dust will directly go into the powder collector for collection, so that the grinding system is simple, the failure rate is low, running rate is high.
3. Strong drying capacity.
Vertical mill adopts hot air to convey materials, and when grinding materials with high water content, the inlet air temperature can be controlled to make sure that the products will reach the final water content. Vertical mill can dry the materials with the water content 12-15%.
4. Small abrasion of the metal.
In the running process of vertical mill, no metal materials directly contact with each other, so that the abrasion is small, and the unit abrasion consumption for limestone is generally 4-6 g/t.
5. Low noise and little powder dust.
In the working process of vertical mill, the grinding sound is soft, often about 80 db. The grinding roll and the grinding disk does not contact with each other. Vertical mill adopts integrated sealing, and the system works under negative pressure, so the powder dust is little.
6. Even final products.
The qualified products inside the LUM Vertical Roller Mill can be timely discharged, thus avoiding over grinding and the product granularity is even.
Grinding is an important technical link in the production of cement, as it not only determines the unit electricity consumption of cement production, but has great influences on the performance of cement. For a long time, cement grinding is completed inside ball mill as it has the features of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance and management, strong adaptability for the materials, continuous production, big production capacity, big grinding ratio and easy control of the fineness of the final products. However, the effective energy availability is only 2%-5%, and the majority of the rest energy is changed into heat energy, and the economic benefits are not optimal. In recent years, traditional grinding mill is improved and updated, and new type of powder separation closed-circuit system is adopted and the cement grinding technology is developing rapidly. Especially the application of vertical mill greatly reduces the energy consumption of grinding slag cement and improves the grinding efficiency.

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Future crushing equipment will maintain a rapid growth momentum


With the development of highway construction planning, road building and other infrastructure construction of cement, will certainly stimulate domestic demand broken equipment. Since the Hydraulic brick rock crusher also used in water conservancy and chemical industry, the future growth of broken equipment will maintain a rapid growth.
Today, the rapid development of technology crushing equipment, crushing equipment replacement trend will also bring opportunities for development, but also gave us a wake-up call. Improve crusher process, improve the service life will have a direct impact on the future development of crushing equipment industry.
Improve crushing equipment and technology also need the actual market situation closely. Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, it is headquartered in the Chinese capital Beijing, the main ore crushing equipment, construction sand making equipment, Complete stone crushing plant and screening equipment and construction waste disposal equipment. Company’s products have been used, such as the airport expansion, the National Grand Theater in a large number of national key projects, Xiangjiaba hydropower station, Jin’anqiao hydropower, Hydropower Station, Baoquan Pumped Storage Power Station, boat Hydropower Station, Gansu Jiudianxia Hydro Project Engineering, Shenyang-Dalian, Nanjing-Hangzhou high-speed expansion Chongqing, Chengde and the like.
Since its establishment, after several innovation, the use of modern management concepts and business model, enterprise development has brought strong momentum. Shanghai Shibang Machinery Company in a timely manner to adjust and optimize the product mix, stronger characteristics of products, to avoid the homogenization of competition, but also to service-oriented business transformation, focusing on the technical requirements of downstream users, to provide users with technical services and products, meanwhile, on its own mechanism reform efforts in product quality and cost explore potential to further strengthen the Concrete Crushers For Hire, cost management and product marketing.
After continuous efforts up and down the company, the company’s market scope has covered more than 130 countries and regions in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and South America, we have many loyal long-term partner, which are a symbol of strength of the company.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Perfect Crushers


Whether to use Automatic Stone Crusher Plant or impact crusher is up to the abrasiveness of the materials that need crushing. When the magnesian content in the limestone exceeds 4%, it shows that the limestone has very strong corrosive effect. The corrosivity of the loose stones will obviously become stronger as the sand quantity increases.
There lies no fixed relation between the abrasiveness and compressive strength of the materials, and there is no clear and direct relation between the quartz content and corrosivity. On the contrary, the particle size and distribution of the quartz of the limestone will have great effect on the abrasiveness. Lime stones with little abrasiveness consist of very tiny quartz particles that are scattered loosely which be observed through the optical microscope. Instead, among those high abrasiveness lime stones, the quartz granule has the size of 0.1-0.05mm.
When choosing the ideal crushers for the machinery industry, we should consider the following factors:
1.To select perfect crushing machine means to perform a series of material performance testing. For example, when there exists too much fracture soil and hill-skin soil mixed in the lime stones, we should first consider using the Hydraulic brick rock crusher, namely the mobile impact plate type which can work as the wet clay crusher. When dealing with the high moisture coal bulks, we shall not apply the hammer crusher and its grid section will work as the superfine crusher.
2.For the same type of lime stones, different compressive strength and contents of SiO2銆丮gO will result in the application of Complete stone crushing plant.
3.When manufacturers design the crushing equipment, they should not only consider the differences lying in the performance and structures of the same materials, but also think about the feed particle size and reduction ratio.

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