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Crusher Manufacturers Should Pay Attention to Accident Investigation


Its well known that the Cone Crusher industry has been an important role for the whole nations economic development. However, in recent years the loose investigation and treatment problem of the security accidents happening among crusher manufacturers not only cause great damage to the employees life but also to the enterprises property. This forms a tough challenge to the crusher industry.
Therefore, in order to push the safety production forward, the Cone Crusher Spare Parts should pay more attention to the accident investigation and treatment so that the conscious activity of the crusher companies will be encouraged to realize the safety production goal. In the first place, the enterprises need to analyze the reasons causing the accidents and find out effective solution s to avoid these problems. Then we also should make much effort to improve the management system and try best to remove the tiny factors that may result to the safety accidents.
As for the new crusher industrial development, we should know that the high priced machines with too much energy consumption have been abandoned by the society because people nowadays are aware of the importance of the environment protection. To increase the technology contents, optimize the product quality and speed up the energy saving and emission reduction steps are also main solutions to realize the crusher industrys prosperity.
If the Stationary concrete batching plant want to stand out in the global market for a long time, we need not only to continuously take measures to change the accident investigation and treatment system but also adjust the current development mode to adapt to the social economic requirement.

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Development Direction Change of the Crushing Plant


Due to a lot of places pursue the rapid industrial economic growth , and continue to invest , develop the cement, gravel, coal, chemical and other industries, resulting in the sharp deterioration of the local Cone Crusher. Industrial development must foster the sustainable development philosophy, go the road of energy conservation, environment friendly , for the gravel enterprise,it is important to introduce the new, low-emission or zero emission stone production equipments.
Environmental protection should not only means the cost of inputs, but rather as the responsibility of gravel enterprises in China. The gravel enterprises should pay more and more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, insist to use the advanced Aggregate Production, and the currently most advanced new highly efficient, energy-saving crusher equipment to achieve green development. Our company’s gravel production technologies and equipments not only have the features of stable performance, Crusher Machine, uniform size and affordable, but also widely used in our sand and gravel industry by improving the quality of pre-service and post-sales support. And attaches great importance to energy saving and environmental protection, in order to effectively control the dust to escape, and reduce its impact on the operating environment to ensure a clean environment in the workshop, the height the gravel project department is designed to implement the case-based approach, from the overall program to minimize dust link, select less dust equipment; material gap between the tape machine to minimize the transport of materials, strengthen sealed to reduce dust escape.
The professional VSI5X Sand Making Machine we produced can be used to aggregate and artificial sand jobs of hard limestone, granite, basalt, river gravel and other materials, water, building materials, highway, urban construction and other industries , they are mainly used in sand production line, at the same time ,The quartz sand production line in the glass ceramic industry, broken limestone production line, chemical industry, calcium carbide, coal gangue crushing, ultra-fine crushing also widely used.
With the accelerating development of our industry, energy saving philisophy gradually became the main theme of Chinese industrial development, the country put much energy conservation pressure on the importance of bringing high energy consumption, high pollution to the gravel industry enterprises , forcing the sand and gravel industry energies to save energy, update the gravel production equipments, travel to the sand industry green development road , it is believed that we can make great achievements.

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Detailed Analysis of Working Process of Double-rotor Impact Crusher


Double-rotor impact crusher is a type of Diamond Stone Jaw Crusher Manufecture India
that is widely used in many industries and its advantages are big crushing ratio, high processing ability, high working efficiency and low energy consumption. This paper will analyze its structure and working process in detail.
The double-rotor impact crusher is mainly composed by rack, first stage rotor, first stage impacting plate, divided-chamber impacting plate, secondary stage rotor, secondary stage impacting plate, adjusting spring, first transmission part and second transmission part.
The working process of this Crusher Machine & Grinding Mill is:
The two electro motors transmit through hydraulic coupling, spring coupling and triangle belt and drive the first rotor and second-stage rotor to rotate with high speed in the same direction. The plate hammer of the first-stage rotor and the first-stage impacting plate and the divided-chamber impacting plate form the first-stage crushing chamber; the hammer plate of the second-stage rotor and the second-stage impacting plate form the second=stage crushing chamber. The materials are fed into the first crushing chamber from the chain gate of the feeding mouth of upper rack, and after bring impacted by the plate hammer rotating at a high speed, the materials will be thrown to the first-stage impacting plate and the divided-chamber impacting plate along the tangential direction, and then the materials will bounce back to the space where the plate hammer rotates and continue this process. In this way, the materials will get many times of impacts by the plate hammer and the impact plate and mutual collisions and then the materials will crush along the bedding, joint and crack. After being crushed in the first crusher plant in india, the materials will go into the second crushing chamber where the materials will be impacted and hit by the second-stage rotor plate hammer and the second-stage impacting plate until the materials are crushed to the size of below 20mm, and then the materials will be discharged out of the machine.
In addition this crusher adopts chamber separation crushing principle, and the two rotors have a 265mm of height difference, so that the second rotor will be forced to feed materials so that the linear speed of the second rotor will be improved. In this way, two rotors will undertake their own crushing functions, thus improving the crushing efficiency.

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The Quarry Machine is Important to Mining Industry


The demand for quarried aggregates is enormous. Quarries plays one important role in the rapid development of mining machinery that can impact the whole progress of national construction. Stone is an essential component used in the construction of homes, factories, schools, hospitals and shopping centers. The demanding for the quarries is increasing, which can be applied in the industries of road, railways, airport and port construction, and the basic construction will consume large volumes of aggregates in every form, which even can impact the rural development.
Commonly Used Quarry Crusher Machine
1. Mining sieve
It is made of high-quality steel plate, side plates and beams. Vibrators installed in the sieve box side are driven by the motor through the coupling rotation. Screen angle of the mining sieve can be adjusted by changing the spring seat position. Mining sieves with unique and highly efficient separating mechanism are widely used. It is designed to separate ore from stone. The Mining sieve has super performance in sieving a variety of ores. The mining sieve has wide application for manufacturing and mineral processes.
2. Ore Elevator Machine
It also can be used in many fields, such as mining industry, water infrastructure and VSI Sand Making Machine. In order to make sure that the ore elevator machine can operate continuously and safely, and it is necessary to realize the daily maintenance and repairing on the mining machines in order to decrease the possibility of breakdown. Preventive maintenance is a kind of inspection, maintenance and repairing according to the characteristics of bucket elevator, which consists of various types of maintenance cycles, content, quality standards and so on. The operator should be involved in the planned maintenance and overhaul work after finishing the daily maintenance and repairing.
An Introduction to Quarry Crusher South Africa
Quarry equipment also can be called stone crusher or rock crusher used in quarry plants and quarry industry, which include the mining machines such as jaw quarry crusher, cone quarry crusher, impact quarry crusher, mobile quarry crusher. SBM quarry equipment can be widely used in Brazil mining industries such as talc mining Brazil, Kaolin mining Brazil, iron ore mining in Brazil, bauxite mining Brazil, gold mining industry, aggregate processing plants, concrete crushing plants, stone quarry etc.

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Compound Crusher Pays Attention to Every Detail of Product


Compound crusher is also called PE Jaw Crusher, which is one of the general-purpose equipment in sand making production line and stone production line. With energy conservation as the goal, this compound type crusher is a kind of new fine crushing and coarse grinding productthat optimizes the main technical parameters and design, which adopts international and domestic advanced crushing technology.
After many years of development, the production technology of domestic mining machinery industry continuously updates. All kind of mining machinery equipment also develop rapidly, especially the development of compound crusher. Currently, the fast development of equipment appearance and some design concept of domestic mining machines can compare favorably with world’s top products. Hongxing compound crusher always keeps abreast of the development of mining industry, which pays attention to every detail of product so as to timely detect and solve problems to better adapt to market demand and customer requirements.
As the saying goes, ‘A little leak will sink a great ship.’ A small screw can make the Used crushers for sale break down. Any small part may produce a large error and the damage of any part will influence the operation of compound crusher. As a professional manufacturer of mining machinery equipment, Hongxing Machinery always emphasizes the importance of details, which focuses on every small part and detail of stone breaking machines.
The main performance characteristics of stone crusher
1. Simple and reasonable structure, low operational cost, small abrasion
2. Big reduction ratio and energy-efficient
3. Equipped with fine crushing and coarse grinding functions
4. Little affected by material moisture content
5. Suitable for crushing medium hard and especially hard materials
6. Cubic shape of finished products, little iron pollution
7. Easy maintenance and little abrasion
The crushing equipment has small gaps in overall performance. However, when selecting crushers, the customers should choose the most reasonable crushing equipment according to specific circumstance. Hongxing Machinery reminds customers to pay attention to daily maintenance of mechanical equipment in using process so as to ensure stable operation of production lines and avoid damage.

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Techniques and Characteristics of Artificial Sand Production


In China, artificial sand technologies have experienced 40 years of development and has achieved the advanced world level, from the step-by-step grope to continuous innovation and application. Compared with the natural sand, artificial sand has a variety of advantages in the aspects of system construction cycle, product quality, economical efficiency and impact on the environment. In the near future, Sand Making Machine will be bound to replace natural sand and truly become the granary of our engineering construction.
Artificial Sand Production Process:
1. The prospect of artificial sand replacing natural sand.
Currently the construction sand in domestic mainly comes from exploiting the natural river sand. But the natural sand is a kind of regional and non-renewable resource within short time. In recent years, the large-scale infrastructure construction driven by the high-speed economic development in our country has consumed a large amount of natural sand resources. Natural sand resources decrease rapidly in many areas of China. In many peri-urban areas and regions of some large and medium-sized cities such as Beijing and Tianjin, the natural sand resources has been nearly dried up so far. The exploitation and excavation of natural sand has a tremendous destruction to the riverway as well as a certain adverse effect on the natural ecology.
Nowadays, the progress in the fast-changing processing equipment for VSI Sand Making Machine and the development of theories such as self-impact crushing provide a solid technical foundation for artificial sand taking the place of natural sand. In the hydropower industry, artificial sand has nearly replaced natural sand in all uses, becoming the main ingredient of concrete. Various departments have started to study and promote the applications of artificial sand in more fields.
2. The production technique and equipment of artificial sand.
Artificial sand production process: Feeding system (feeder) — coarse crushing system (jaw crusher)– fine crushing system (cone crusher)– sand making system (sand maker/ rod mill)– aggregate washing system (sand washer)– sand screening system (vibrating screen)– finished product stockyard.
3. The Characteristics of artificial sand production technique.
To coordinate the development of artificial sand, we have studied the all-dry, semi-dry and wet-process sand production techniques. In the long-term production practice and constant research, we have worked out a major mode of sand production process according to the aggregate sources and quality requirements, that is, three-stage crushing(coarse, secondary or fine crushing) pluses the vertical shaft crusher.
4. Its main characteristics are as following:
1. Substitute crushing for grinding and combine crushing with grinding, more crushing than grinding;
2. Add coarse sand shaping and Sand making machine in the dry-process sand production to control the fineness of sand and rock powder content, etc.
3. Adopt computer-centralized control and video surveillance, conductive to less people on duty and system automation;
4. Pay attention to environmental protection and create a “green granary”, and choose different measures to control dust in different production stages, such as water spray, air draft and local sealing and etc.;
5. Recycle the production wastewater through the precipitating and circulating system.

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Some Correction Knowledge of Sand Impeller Removal


Sand Making Machine is a new kind of machine, it can break different types of rock, sand and gravel, river gravel into various particle size, and also the size is uniform, it is more better than the natural sand and the sand that the ordinary sand maker produced, it more better met the requirements of artificial sand. Next, we will introduce some knowledge about the demolition, replacement of wearing parts, and assembly of VSI sand maker impeller.
1. Impeller part removal of the VSI sand maker: Loosen and remove the screws of the impeller guard mouth circle, lift the impeller guard mouth circle (if badly worn, replace it with a new one), clean the impeller chamber, unload and rive off the cone fixed screw of the Vsi Sand Making Machine, lift the riving cone (if badly worn, timely replace it), do a diameter 30mm gasket less than the thickness of the spindle diameter, place it in the spindle, and then place a 50T mechanical gasket on the gasket, do a gantry with diameter greater than the impeller diameter to hook blow the lower end of the impeller, start the 50T mechanical top and remove the impeller.
2. Replacement of sand impeller wearing parts: after cleaning the impeller internal and runner chamber, you should relieve the fixed wear blocks, wearable pieces, loose the screws of the fixed wear plate and remove the grinding plate, use the working hand Sand Making Machine to hit the direction of the impeller center on the upstream channel board, remove the upstream channel plate from the wheel, and so is the downstream channel plate.
3. Impellers correction and balance: Before you correct, you should remove all the assembly wearing parts of the impeller, do a specially level axis to stick into the center hole of the impeller shaft, and then place the impeller with leveling axis on a horizontal bracket, at both ends of the leveler shaft are bearings and shaft box can make it flexible. Under normal circumstances, correct the impeller for twice, you can randomly and repeatedly rotate it until the impeller stops in the different location at a time, at that time, the correction work is end.

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Solutions of Some Uncommon Problems of Sand Dryer


In the previous articles, we have talked about some common problems of sand dryer. But how can we handle some uncommon problems of it? Many people who don’t have rich experience will feel puzzled. Fote Machinery, as a XSD Sand Washer which has rich experience in the dryer field, will analyze and give you some solutions of uncommon malfunctions.
1. The Leakage and Deviation Problems of Transmission Device and Their Solutions:
Faced with this problem, we should regulate and tension the screw rod. In the actual production, the operator of sand dryer should stop the machine and remove some sand from one side of transmission device or add some sand on the other side of it according to the sand storage in the tail of transmission device. Thus the leakage and deviation problems will be solved.
2. The Influence of Weather to Spiral Classifier’s Yield:
We had better operate sand dryer during fine days, in order to avoid the influences to its yield brought by rainy days. During the rainy days, we can arrange some maintenance work. In the sand yard, we should keep rain flowing out of it smoothly and avoid deposition. After rain, we should dry the sand with lower moisture content first to save energy and improve drying efficiency. At the same time, we should formulate a reasonable operating system for Sand making machine and strengthen training and evaluation of operators.
3. The Crack and Deformation of Inspection Door and Their Solutions:
The inspection door cannot be closed tightly once cracked or deformed. The best solution of it is to make a new type inspection door which is made up of common steel plate with a thickness of 4mm. the contact surface between the inspection door and fire is welded with riveting firmware and poured with water featured castable to avoid direct roasting from fire.

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The Sand Maker Is an All-rounder for Mining


The sand makers or the impact crushers made by our company have been the best sellers in the domestic market for many years and our sand making production line can be arranged specifically according to materials specifications and quantity as well as the different applications of the sand.
As the professional Sand Making Machine, crusher and screener manufacturer in China, our company is also regarded as the international export enterprise for the famous sand maker and powder making equipment.
Our experts have taken many years to develop the new sand maker which absorbs the foreign advanced technology and combines perfectly the professional crushing technology with the mechanical manufacturing process. In modern times, our VSI Sand Making Machine has been the most essential equipment to make qualified artificial sand. Usually, the mining machinery manufacturers will adopt the dry and wet producing method considering the environment protection and water saving factors.
The new mobile impact crushing station of the sand making production line with the light weight and small volume is suitable for the narrow operation field. Its track structure makes the crusher run on the road without damaging the road surface. There are also multi-functional accessories with a wide range of applications combining the receiving, crushing and transferring devices.
Our M Sand Manufacturing Machine can be applied to make artificial sand aggregate and our technicians will provide customers with complete services like pre-sales, selling after sale services. Users can select the most economic production line from the various configuration flows at the spot. We will continue to provide world class machines to the market.

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Construction Waste Crusher Eliminate Worries for You


Construction waste is redundant construction waste material production directly or by the construction industry, includes building materials, such as insulation, nails, wire, bars, and waste materials, such as dredge from plough stumps and may contain lead the rubble, building waste, asbestos, or other harmful substances.
Along with extension and rebuild of the city, the administrator would have to face the construction wasted which is an intractable problem and an important link that affect civilization of the city. How to process the construction wastes? Is there new machinery or new craft to utilize the construction wastes?
Construction Waste Crusher
SBM Mining Machinery offer the greatest quality of surface 3ft simons cone crusher, supplying a comprehensive selection of digging up, crushing, grinding, screening, construction waste. Coping with clients to find the best equipment to meet your needs, SBM Mining Machinery speeds up your productivity minimizing the cost per lot of your mining procedures. Additionally, you can expect technology upgrades for mining equipment’s breakthrough innovation and design solutions to optimize your machine performance.
Given the above situation, SBM Corporation, after several years at study slumping over a desk, successfully launched a new craft of utilizing the construction wastes. Using the special machinery, the construction wasted is crushed and screened, then is widely used in cement brick, pavement and construction. This new craft has truly reused the construction wasted, will benefit the state and the people. And it provides a brand new development idea for the urban development got onto the track of sound development.
Construction waste recycling may be the separation and recycling of recoverable waste materials generated during Quarry Crusher. Packaging, new material scraps and old materials and debris all constitute potentially recoverable materials. In renovation, appliances, masonry materials, windows and doors are recyclable.
Urban Construction Waste Management Regulations of the ministry of construction was performed last June 1st. It requires that every company or individual mustn’t dump, throw or pile construction waste reclycling process flow. The waste earth and materials produced by the construction, installation, removal, or repair of the construction company or individual will pollute the environment severely, and affect the city life. Residents should collect the construction waste and life garbage generated by decorating house respectively, pile them to the designated locations, and the set of construction waste transfer station should provide convenience for residents. The company or individual who doesn’t deal with the construction waste according to the regulations should be punished heavily, so that the urban construction waste management can be reinforced, and the city environmental sanitation can be ensured.
The flow of stone crushing plant
First, raw materials are sent to the vibrating feeder through hopper, they are fed into rock Stone cone crusher machine evenly and continuously. After crushed by jaw crusher plant, materials are then sent into rock impact crusher where it will be through secondary crush which makes cubical shaped product. After second crushing, materials are sent to vibrating screen which will separate different products according to your requirements. While those particles haven’t attained the required fineness will be returned to impact crusher for tertiary crushing. According to different techniques requirements, deploy with suitable model equipment, and develop its optimum behavior.

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