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Construction waste recycling space is huge

China is currently engaged in the construction of waste recycling only dozens of enterprises, located in the Central Plains region SBM Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was undoubtedly the field of construction waste resource benchmarking enterprises. The national construction waste recycling rate is only about 5%, according to 2020, China’s new construction waste 5 billion tons estimated that these construction waste if it can be converted into ecological building materials, to create the value of up to 1 trillion yuan, the market prospects.
According to the person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of SBM Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., according to the characteristics of construction waste in China, the recycling rate can reach more than 95%. The use of professional Construction Waste Crusher, according to government requirements or business needs, directly in the large-scale demolition of the site site for construction waste disposal and finished product production. After the Construction Waste Crusher siege, you can crush the construction waste, the processing of a variety of first-class renewable products, such as stone brick, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and concrete recycled materials. This is the next step in processing renewable products such as hollow bricks and other pre-essential raw materials.
In order to build recycled bricks with construction waste, according to Hunan, a large-scale enterprise with the use of construction waste to transform eco-building materials, the company is currently designing annual production of new wall material folding tile 360 ​​million, annual handling of urban construction waste 1.2 million tons The To the same production of 360 million standard brick, for example, compared with the previous production of clay brick, the annual savings of 57 million cubic meters of land, saving 430 acres of cultivated land, saving construction landfill covers an area of ​​380 acres, Gray 96,000 tons, saving 36,000 tons of standard coal, reducing emissions to the air 860 tons of sulfur dioxide, economic benefits, social benefits considerable. The project has solved a lot of social problems such as how to scientifically deal with construction waste, completely solve the social problems caused by construction waste, pollute the water, encroach on land and affect the city, and find a successful and effective way, supported by the local government.
In addition to brick, in the field of road construction can be used to replace the natural waste sand aggregate, for road stability layer (roadbed and subgrade), pure concrete concrete recycled aggregate, can also be used for asphalt pavement The lower layer and the middle layer.

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