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Construction waste crushing production line

In the process of urbanization, construction waste as a product of urban metabolism was once the burden of urban development, many cities in the world have a garbage siege situation. As environmental issues become more and more important, energy conservation and environmental protection become the theme of national development, and China has begun to provide industrial development opportunities for Construction waste crusher. In response to the national “energy-saving emission reduction,” the concept of environmental protection, our company’s scientific research staff devote themselves to the number of research, and finally successfully launched a complete set of Construction waste crusher equipment. The product process to vibration feeder, jaw crusher, heavy-duty third-generation sand making machine, vibrating screen and other special equipment to the construction waste for crushing, screening.
Construction waste crushing production line Description: Construction waste crushing production line mainly by the vibration feeder, jaw crusher, heavy third-generation sand making machine, vibrating screen and other special equipment. According to the construction waste construction process of construction waste in the concrete, waste bricks, stones and other processing and processing, in order to achieve resource recycling. My company for many years research and development of gravel material production line equipment, quality assurance, according to the actual situation of customers, to provide the best design.
Construction waste crushing production line operating advantages: construction waste crushing production line is improved from the old hammer crusher on the basis of the combination of two hammer crusher, a reasonable combination of a whole, construction waste crusher Looks good, practical and strong. Using the upper and lower two-stage double-rotor crushing principle. 1. Construction waste crusher without sieve and grate bottom, a wide range of crushed raw materials, moisture content for wet and dry materials without any requirements. 2. Construction waste crusher is used up and down two-stage crushing, the material after the first smash into the second after the crushing, the material in the construction of garbage crusher cavity formed a hammer powder material, the effect of powder, and then Unloaded directly from the discharge port. 3. Construction waste crusher with original two-way clearance technology, when the hammer wear, adjust the position of the hammer to ensure that the gap between the hammer and liner to ensure the effect of the material size. 4. Construction waste crusher device has a balance device, you can save 20% of electricity, also enhanced the hammer crushing power. Increased production. 5. Construction waste crusher to change the past butter mouth filling. Now improved into a centralized lubrication system, non-stop can also be oiled. 6. Construction waste crusher with hydraulic start the case, a person can easily open, maintain and check the parts quickly and easily.

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