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Construction waste crusher to solve the problem of construction waste disposal

For the management and disposal of construction waste, most of the developed countries in Europe to implement the source of construction waste reduction strategy, that is, before the formation of construction waste through scientific management and effective control of its reduction. For the production of garbage is the use of scientific means, so that it has the function of renewable resources. And before in China’s construction waste have been landfill treatment, not only a waste of available resources, but also pollute the environment, more harm than good. SBM machine production of construction waste crusher is the most advanced mobile crushing station, can easily solve the problem of construction waste disposal.
In recent years, China has also begun to pay attention to the development of resources, put forward policies such as energy conservation and emission reduction, and carry out a large number of feasibility studies, such as the traditional zero garbage recycling, waste masonry materials in the application of garden roads and other practices. Prices are cheaper than other conventional building materials and are popular with the market. In order to effectively solve the urban construction waste, local government departments through the use of construction waste disposal equipment to deal with construction waste decision, the implementation of construction waste recycling, inspection on the market construction waste disposal equipment applications, by the SBM machine production of construction waste Special equipment - construction waste mobile gravel station, the daily handling of the amount of construction waste in about 3,000 tons, half of all by the brick business as a brick-free materials, the rest of the concrete aggregate as a municipal road water stabilization material.
As the construction of garbage is relatively concentrated, the venue is relatively limited, and the traffic is not very convenient, you can use mobile building garbage crusher on a variety of large pieces of material for multi-level crusher. Equipment covers an area of ​​small, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; to the scene of the material can be crusher without the material from the scene and then crusher, thereby greatly reducing the cost of transport of materials. construction waste crusher can also be based on the actual site design changes, very suitable for construction waste crusher.

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