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Comparison of Mineral ultrafine mill Processes

Ore and other materials are more crushed, you can make production more efficient, can save a lot of cost, and can make tailings recycling processing becomes simple. The fineness of the grinding material discussed here refers to the P80 particle size of 20μm and 7μm, the need for energy costs and low-cost mill production line production. If you want to achieve this fineness, in the choice of production line equipment, the choice of ultrafine mill as the main milling equipment, ore particles dissociation of the required energy consumption of about 70% of the total cost of the concentrator, in the application of conventional Of the milling equipment to the mineral size of grinding to 20 20μm below the traditional ultrafine grinding in the grinding of the cost of grinding with the fineness of the decline in exponential function increased.
Two problems with fine grinding of minerals by conventional grinding machines are their relatively low rotational speeds because when the mill speed is higher than the critical speed, the grinding media is subjected to centrifugal force to rotate with the cylinder, and the power of the low-speed mill is relatively Low, in the fine grinding, low-power strength mill can not meet the mineral industry required by the high grinding capacity, must increase the equipment Caixing, which in turn increased production Chen, in order to effectively solve these problems, the traditional mill needs The use of larger than 20mm diameter ball, and such a large ball gap is very large, for the fineness of less than 2020μm particles is too large, the magic ball of the impact and grinding pressure can not be smaller on the material to form a crushing effect, But increase the wear rate of the magic ball, making the production line to produce a large number of substandard products. So the traditional mill in the high demand for production requirements in front of more and more unable to produce the contradictions of production is also an urgent need to solve.
Based on this, the new ultrafine grinding of the birth of ultrafine ore for the material to bring the dawn of light, which has two fixed grinding chamber, the application of small grinding media, in the mill with two sets of high-speed rotating mixer operation, Mixing mill relies on high-intensity agitation to effectively drive small grinding media for high-speed rotation, forming a lot of compressed rotating media layer, the media layer can produce many surface pressure and torsion, etc., making the material crushed to the appropriate size. The test and the actual operation, the effect is very significant, is a new type of grinding equipment for the classic.

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