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Classification of Construction Waste Crusher equipment

Construction Waste Crusher equipment has been developed so far, has been derived from a variety of different types, from the beginning of the spring Construction Waste Crusher equipment, to the medium-term composite Construction Waste Crusher equipment, and now to the multi-cylinder Construction Waste Crusher equipment, hydraulic construction waste crusher equipment , Single-cylinder Construction Waste Crusher equipment, its specifications diversified, the use of high-end.
1, spring-type: the large diameter spindle and heavy main frame, effectively enhance the stability of the equipment operation, while optimizing the cavity design, perfect speed and stroke combination to enhance the production capacity of 60%, equipment failure, low cost The
2, composite: the body part of the use of advanced cast steel structure, sealed well, can maintain a smooth operation, reduce downtime, while the design of self-protection system, equipment, stable operation, safe operation, high production efficiency, The
3, multi-cylinder: the use of new laminated crushing principle to achieve all kinds of material broken, grainy appearance, uniform size, the whole high degree of automation, remote free operation of equipment, easy to grasp the crushing situation, saving labor, time and other costs About 40%.
4, full hydraulic: scientific modular design, free to replace the broken cavity type, to achieve coarse, medium and fine flexible conversion, improve the crushing efficiency of 1.5 times, while the equipment itself is reliable, durable, efficient energy saving, Green security.
5, single-cylinder: simple structural design, intelligent control system, equipment, high output, simple operation, easy maintenance, product grain size, uniform size, excellent quality, good effect, the overall operating costs are low, is very equipment.

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