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Choose ultra-fine grinding manufacturers to see what

The development trend of modern milling tells us that the mill not only has a stable performance and high quality standards, but also a complete function, able to handle 30 mesh powder to a few thousand heads of a larger range of powder, in addition to Specified powder range of grinding ability, intelligent, able to maintain the grinding within the specified range, but also can adjust the deviation. Such as ultra-fine milling machine processing particle size between 325-3000 mesh can be freely adjusted.
So a lot of milling enterprises will purchase ultrafine mill, most of the enterprises in the first purchase of ultra-fine milling machine products, often face a lot of ultra-fine grinding manufacturers of products, I do not know which is good. Here Shanghai Shi Bang to introduce several ways.
First, choose the brand.
In general, brand-name ultra-fine grinding manufacturers relatively large scale, research and development capabilities, quality assurance conditions are relatively strong; product quality is relatively stable, the service life is relatively long, three bags of service more timely. Such as the Shanghai World Bank and other large-scale and independent research and development capabilities of the well-known ultra-fine milling machine manufacturers.
Second, see documents.
Regular ultra-fine milling machines have been tested and controlled, the product quality relative to some undocumented products are guaranteed. Certified ultra-fine milling machines are affixed with badges logo. To pay special attention to some enterprises have many models of products, there may be a product certification, other models may not have evidence.
Third, look at the note.
The main technical parameters, performance and maintenance, failure and troubleshooting must be complete. The product name, name, standard number, safety warning content, model meaning, main application scope, main technical parameters, performance and maintenance, fault and exclusion. Warning content to be highlighted; ultra-fine grinding factory address and other documents and nameplate on the same. If no address or contact phone is just a mobile phone number, such products are often informal ultra-fine milling machine manufacturers, should not purchase.
Fourth, look at the appearance.
Pay attention to observe whether the product bumps, damage, paint stripping and renovation signs; the welding parts of the weld is smooth, solid; sealing surface with or without oil leakage phenomenon; the gap is consistent. In general, the appearance of ultra-fine milling machine to a certain extent reflects the quality of the inherent quality of the product. Fifth, see the logo
The name, address, telephone number, zip code, and the factory number of the manufacturer, the manufacturer and the manufacturer of the product are listed on the nameplate, the model, the main technical parameters, the implementation of the standard number and the ultra-fine grinding machine manufacturer. Wait. Mark the warning mark for parts that may be dangerous. There must be an operating position mark on or around the operating member. Logo is complete, not only reflects the strict implementation of enterprise standards, but also user-friendly operation.
Sixth, look at the effect
Before the purchase of the first to have such a super-fine milling machine to consult, compare several brands, the saying goes, and shop around, only to understand the desire to buy ultra-fine milling machine processing performance, quality, after-sales service And so on, be able to buy a good quality ultrafine mill equipment.
Seventh, try to run.
One to start the performance check. There are engines that must be started several times in succession, check the startup performance. Second, the air run check. In the normal working speed continuous air run for more than an quarter of an hour, check the machine is running smoothly, with or without abnormal sound and so on.
After the end of the operation to check the joint surface, sealing surface with or without oil; each bearing position and transmission box is overheating. Third, check the ultra-fine grinding processing performance. The actual operation of the machine, check whether the operation is convenient, with or without deviation phenomenon. If you can not test machine, you can manually check the operation of the machine, check the rotation is flexible, with or without jamming phenomenon.
Eighth, look at protection.
Most of the mining machinery ultra-fine milling machine production line must have protective measures. To this end, the purchase must choose those who have reliable protective measures, with the lifting of the hidden and warning signs of the product. This will not only use the rest assured, but also to avoid accidents. If some of the ultra-fine grinding production line with security equipment, do not seek to save these protective equipment cheaper, to their own use hidden risks.
Nine, see service.
Regular ultra-fine grinding manufacturers have three packs of products, not only on the above instructions on the ultra-fine grinding, but also to provide ultra-fine grinding maintenance records form; to explain the three packs of maintenance period and three bags of maintenance unit contact address, Telephone and so on. Perfect three bags of service is the use of effective protection products, can lift the user’s worries.

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