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Analysis of the use of Construction waste crusher equipment

The demolition of the village, the transformation of the old city, such as “three to a demolition” project in depth, let us on the construction of garbage in this era of the term have a deeper understanding. With the increase in the number of construction waste straight, there have been out of construction waste around the “siege”, “up the mountain to the countryside” and a series of farce, and Shenzhen slag landslide event tragedy so that we really aware of the lack of Construction waste crusher mode. At this point, China’s construction waste recycling process in full swing.
    However, the construction waste recycling is not just talk about it, the progress of scientific and technological strength to promote the construction waste treatment equipment research and development. Only rely on relying on foreign technology support, not only need a lot of capital investment is not able to meet the current situation. After years of innovation, China’s Construction waste crusher industry finally blossom everywhere, to create an independent technical property of the PJ crusher, fixed construction waste production line, mobile construction waste crushing station.
   Among them, the mobile construction waste crusher represents the highest level of the current technical level. In the Construction waste crusher site, large pieces of concrete waste, bricks, tiles, etc. were put into the feed port, just a few minutes, the other end of the belt conveyor appeared on the screening of different specifications of the regenerated bone Material, and scrap steel, etc. are also recovered by the separator. The whole process looks simple and efficient, easy to operate, environmentally friendly and intelligent blessing has become a bright spot in the production process, much of the city Construction waste crusher welcome.
    We look at an economic account: 150 tons on a time basis, the annual output can be up to hundreds of tons, while the mobile equipment without the middle of the transport and site use costs, only a single production of recycled aggregate, Able to create millions of performance, which is the natural profit margins of self-evident. Not only that, the state given the cash subsidies and tax relief and other preferential policies, but also make customers happy. In view of this, the choice of construction waste recycling, is a stable investment projects do not lose.

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