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About construction waste crusher

Relying on external forces (manpower, mechanical force, electricity) to overcome the internal strength of solid materials and large pieces into small pieces of the process is called crusher. Disposal of construction waste is one of the important ancillary operations in the construction waste crusher process. The main purpose of the crushing operation is to reduce the particle size of the building waste and increase the uniformity of its shape so that the subsequent treatment process can proceed.
For example, crushing operations can make the size of construction waste even filial piety, the gap between the waste material decreases, the capacity increases, so that construction waste can save space when stored, transport can increase the amount of traffic; When the construction waste is uniform and the mobility is increased, the efficiency and quality of the sorting can be greatly improved. The construction waste after crushing is also beneficial to the high density of the construction waste. Landfill disposal.
The basic way of crushing the construction waste and the type of crusher, the construction waste crushing method has two kinds of mechanical crushing and physical crushing. Mechanical crushing is the use of a variety of crushing machinery for solid waste crusher. Construction Crusher Crusher The main crushing machinery is jaw crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher and shear crusher. Crusher crushing the basic principles of construction waste is the use of crushers to produce the role of concrete in the building on the strong external force to force the garbage block crusher, crusher into a smaller volume of the block. According to the characteristics of the material of the crusher material, the material can be crusher into the impact, shear, extrusion, grinding, tearing and other categories.

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