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How to solve the problem of deoxidation during stainless steel casting?

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1. In the Stainless steel casting smelting reduction stage, firstly manganese (electrolytic manganese sheet 99.7, national standard) and DNA ferrosilicon, the early DNA can reach 65% - 80% of the oxygen in most molten steel.
2. For those stubborn oxygen, the initial deoxygenation process is already weak, and the temperature and deoxidation capacity determine that the initial deoxidizer has completed the task. So who will kill the remaining oxygen?
The answer is: the final deoxygenation process! The final deoxidizer is generally a composite deoxidizer with two or more components. A lot of practice shows that when the composite deoxidizer contains various elements in molten steel, not only the operation and responsibility, but also The important thing is that they are also crowded, rather than single-handedly, which can significantly improve the deoxidation efficiency itself. Therefore, the composite deoxidizer product is designed, how to think about 1 + 1 = 3 is a very important design element, composite deoxidizer, and of course There are other important indicators that seem insignificant but are essential. For example, the theory of aluminum deoxidation is particularly good, but the problem is that aluminum has a small proportion of severe combustion losses, what should we do? Now we know that the maximum deoxidation efficiency can be achieved by adding bulk aluminum in a large container, in a caisson Aluminum is added and a feed wire is added to the aluminum wire. The deoxidizing capacity of aluminum itself is undisputed, and the insertion of liquid steel bottom becomes a key issue. Of course, aluminum deoxidation of Stainless steel casting will also bring alumina insoluble particles. In addition, the deoxidation aging time of aluminum is very short, so stainless steel is highly decontaminated with aluminum during casting.

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