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Physical phenomena during the working of the ball mill

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From the physical phenomena and geometrical characteristics of ore crushing and ball mill grinding process, grinding is the continuation of crushing ore, which is a process of reducing the size of a nugget or ore. However, from the thermodynamic point of view, grinding is a process of internal energy increase. The grinding machine works on the ore block and overcomes the cohesion of the ore block to break it. Therefore, grinding is a process of mutual transformation. The electric energy input by the power grid is converted into mechanical energy by the electric motor, and the mechanical energy works on the grinding machine and the medium through the transmission system, and becomes the mechanical energy of the grinding medium of the ball mill. When the grinding medium falls or rolls down, it works on the ore. The work of the medium becomes the deformation internal energy of the ore, which causes the ore to deform and break. After the ore is broken, it becomes the new surface energy of the ore.
The work of deforming and breaking ore is active, and it includes deformation work and separation work. Most of the work done by the medium on the ore is lost to the surrounding medium space during the crushing process. This part is called the fracture loss force. It includes the ore and the mechanical parts and the friction work between the ore and the ore. The crushing force repeatedly acts as a loss of heat energy loss, loss of sound energy, light energy and radiant energy. A certain energy loss occurs every time an energy conversion occurs. SBM Machinery is mainly engaged in the production and sales of ball mill series equipment, steel slag ball mill, round hammer ball mill, beneficiation ball mill, lattice ball mill and other different ball mill types, can provide you with the ball mill model for your satisfaction.

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