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4r Raymond Mill to be equipped with the number of kilowatts motor

4r Raymond Mill to be equipped with the number of kilowatts motor? Whether the milling production line or broken production, the motor is a necessary supporting equipment, the size of the motor crushing equipment affect the operation and the power consumption of enterprises, for the production enterprises, the purchase of equipment at the beginning, in addition to consider grinding Machine quality prices, another important issue is the size of the device motor.
Why is the customer concerned about the size of the mill machine?
First of all, we all know that the cost of production, including the cost of the machine, the cost of running two blocks, the greater the motor power consumption costs the greater the cost of the more, so investors on the production run the cost of the problem will have a certain plan to see Whether to meet the standard of their initial budget.
Second, the size of the motor is different from different manufacturers inexpensive standards, to meet the same yield, finished product quality under the premise of the more natural the better energy.
Finally, the environmental protection and energy conservation is the topic of hot hot, not only mine milling equipment, even if the small appliances are also very focused on energy-saving performance, how to overcome technical bottlenecks, the development of new energy efficient milling machine is also a high priority as a manufacturer problem.
4r raymond mill motor power is how much? 4r Raymond motor consists of six parts, the host, the analysis machine, hoist, blower, jaw crusher, electromagnetic vibration feeder, the following one to look at one by one.
Host motor: Link mill main engine rotation parts, grinding roller grinding ring to achieve the grinding process power, 4r mine mill host power is about 90KW, the host motor milling production line necessary.
Analysis of machine motor: analysis machine and the host is equally important, the former to achieve grinding and grinding, the latter screening powder, the motor kinetic energy without the size of the host, as long as the analyzer to meet the blade drive can be, so the power size of 18.5KW.
Hoisting machine motor: hoist link silo and jaw crusher home, is the main transmission equipment, the same power is about 3KW in size, and the hoist dispensable, so the motor does not belong to the milling process necessary equipment.
Blower motor: Blower soft connection with the host volute mouth, from the air inlet into a lot of wind, and then into the grinding room, then take the grinding material to the analyzer at the screening, and then the screening of qualified materials through the pipeline To the silo to complete the entire material transport and screening process, and thus the energy loss is large, the corresponding motor power is high, 4R mill fan power of about 110KW.
Jaw crusher motor: E broken reason in the grinding line is due to the larger raw material particles, the need for pre-crushing treatment, so if the fineness can be directly suitable for mill grinding conditions do not need to be equipped with E broken Machine, agree that the motor is also optional, usually equipped with power 15KW small E broken can be.
Electromagnetic vibration feeder motor: SBM here to remind you that the electromagnetic feeder is not a machine necessary machine, but it is recommended that you are best equipped, because the uniform impact of the mill operation, finished product quality, yield and many other issues , Artificial feeding is difficult to control, whether small mill or large ore mill are best equipped with this automatic feeding device, electromagnetic vibration feeder power is about 150KW.

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